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Introduction to Work Scheduling App
Features + Examples + Tips to Choose The Best Scheduling App in 2020

Creating a complete employee schedule planner is not as easy as it sounds. Every business owner knows how difficult and time-consuming the process is. This task is especially difficult when you are stuck in the traditional process of scheduling tasks and work using pen & paper, excel sheets, and an email address.

When it comes to assigning work to different employees and team members, there are a lot of things that need to be considered such as requests for time off, overtime, giving training to new employees, and getting the right people working the right open shifts.

Fortunately, advanced technology offers different ways to automate the whole process and make it streamlined. Whether you are managing a work schedule of 10 employees or 100 employees, work scheduling app has automated the whole process of time scheduling and dispatching work, replacing Google calendar that small business companies are using.

Herein in this blog, we have discussed almost everything related to online work scheduling software solutions or we can say online job scheduling software solution that helps small and mid-sized businesses to manage staff scheduling app business. However, if you are looking for a particular section, check out the content sections by clicking on the (More) button for the index.

Introduction to Work Scheduling Apps

A work schedule app is one such app that is mainly designed and developed for small and mid-sized companies to manage and streamline the start scheduling process. Using such a solution, the businesses can prevent double scheduling employees for the same shift or time scheduling them for the task that they are not supposed to do.

Further, the staffing schedule app also helps business owners to ensure that they have scheduled the right number of staff members for the particular task, position, and shift. From simple changes to adding notes in the schedules, the businesses can easily make the required modifications in the schedules of the employees.

Along with this, there are many other things that scheduling solutions that help businesses with things like distributing the schedule, notifying employees about the new schedule, tracking all schedules, generating weekly/yearly reports on schedules, and a lot of other things. Moving ahead, let’s check out the key features of scheduling apps that are also job scheduling software for small business to organizations. Shall we get started?

Key Features of Work Schedule App

Features of Work Schedule App

#1 Profile Your Employees

One of the key features is to create a profile of your employees, including basic details like name, experience, department, etc. Right from adding their basic details to adding their service contract details and employee qualifications, this employee schedule app software makes your life easier.

#2 Create Tasks

Create a new task so that you can schedule employees or assign them as per the requirement. Every work or job that comes to you, it needs to be added to the staff scheduler system to know the available jobs on the job sites. With this schedule planner solution, you can mention the work type, urgency level, and the expertise level needed, and labor costs which will make employee scheduling and assigning easy for you.

#3 Schedule the Work

Generally, there are two types of tasks that need to be done. The first one that needs to be completed on an immediate basis and another one that is not so urgent to complete.  You can segment the task type and ensure that those task lists are segregated too. This will help schedule employees and their job to employees across the year and ensure quicker completion.

#4 Assign the Work

Your team is a mixed bag. You run a company or enterprise of any category, but you must deliver the task on time. Using this app solution, you can assign the task to your employees, giving the deadline, urgency type, time-off requests, shift trades, shift swapping, and managing the work environment more. You can easily assign the job to the specialist on the day they are available at the remote job sites schedule.

#5 Track the Work Status

Want to utilize all your resources properly? Then tracking status is important. The admin needs to know how much work has been done, what's the status of it, and how much time they will take to complete it. Using the solution,  the admin can check when the task was started, how many minutes or hours it took to complete the job, and when the job was completed at the job sites and other task-related details like time-off request. It becomes easy to trace the work as well as the specialist with their total labor costs.

#6 Reports

Get a complete view of the jobs, from the ones completed to the ones that are in process. Know which ones have been paid, and which ones are yet to be paid. Track the works and stay aware of all your employees and the jobs you have created. It helps improve the operations, customer service, manage open shifts, time clock, and know what you lack to meet your business needs.

#7 Integrations

The solution for a mobile device can be easily integrated with your existing software solutions such as the CRM software and mailing software. This helps keep up with workflow automation, time-off requests, shift scheduling conflicts, shift trades, shift swapping, employee requests, customer service, ensure smoother operations, and labor reports.

Benefits of Scheduling Solution for Businesses

  • The main benefit that businesses will get is, saving time and money by reducing the extra manpower, which is in the company to do small tasks of allocation. The solution automates the schedule, staff schedule, shift replacements, shift reminders, and more. It replaces extra members to perform tasks.
  • The time clock app allows you to focus on other important aspects of the business such as marketing, sales department, customer care team jobs, and a lot of other tasks. A smarter solution will make start scheduling easier and quicker for businesses, giving them free time to improve other areas. This employee time tracking software ensures that you have scheduled the right number of members for each position, shift, and time clock.
  • Real time updates and push notifications when you get notified for any updates or news feed related to jobs or tasks from employees or get a new job to assign. You can also notify about distribution reports to your users.
  • Replacing old school techniques like maintaining Google calendar, spreadsheets, and schedule planner in sheets, providing new and modern ways to schedule jobs, schedule planner, plans shifts, shift changes, sick leave, trade shifts, break management, shift management, shift coverage, and update timesheets.

Examples of Work Scheduling Solutions

1. WorkTime

WorkTime is a simple and easy-to-use online job scheduling solution for small business needs to schedule tasks and daily operations as per the availability of the employees. The app provides schedule alerts to remind users about their employee shifts that are coming up and the rights reserved that they have. One of the most useful features of this free mobile app is hours calculator that allows businesses to add end times to open shifts, unlimited tasks and the hours worked along with wages.

2. When I Work

When I Work is the best job scheduling software for small businesses in the United Kingdom to schedule and communicate with their hourly employees. With the work schedule apps solution, you can put the schedule and time in everyone’s pocket as this solution comes with various schedule templates and break management solutions.

In addition to this, businesses can save their time and money with this simple per online employee scheduling app and the main thing is, it is free for up to 75 employees. Moreover, this job scheduling app allows users to create the schedule in just a few minutes and share it with their team members. Along with creating a schedule, the admin can also track employees' performance, hours, task progress, and employee breaks.

3. Sling

Sling is also an easy-to-use schedule app in the United States and the United Kingdom that allows businesses to schedule and communicate with their employees in just a few minutes. Using this time clock app solution, businesses can save countless hours each week by an auto scheduling process and their employees’ work and reducing labor costs. Just streamline internal or we can say team communication and create a collaborative environment irrespective of the location of your employees. Moreover, using the Sling solution, you can create a labor forecasting plan, including labor budget, tracking track attendance, fantasy league, and send overtime alerts.

4. Jobber

No matter whether you have 10 members or over 50 members in your team, managing the schedule becomes a lot easier using Jobber software. This schedule app helps businesses to schedule jobs in real time, track time, track jobs, time clock tracking, optimize routes, alert and communicate with clients through email address, shift changes, shift coverage, reduce labor costs (labor budget), group chats, break management, and team communication features.

This app solution is designed to make businesses’ jobs easier when it comes to organizing teams, communicating with them, and growing their business. Overall, this scalable work scheduler maker is the best per employee time tracking scheduling app store when it comes to work schedule changes management that helps business owners to backend enhancements, training sessions for the employees, and more.

5. FindmyShift

FindmyShift is an employee schedule app that allows businesses to create a work schedule, manage shift requests, track labor costs, time clock tracking, and communicate with their employees. This employee schedule solution is a reliable option to start scheduling time tracking software for all types of businesses no matter how big or small. It allows you to track the total hour's employees are working, helping you to compare them against their assigned schedule. In short, managing your employees and their schedule changes is easily possible from anywhere, so you can track their night classes and shifts and manage accordingly.

6. Homebase

Homebase is the best scheduling software that has made it easy for small-sized businesses to view the team schedule by role or per employee performance and working hours. Using online employee scheduling apps, the owner of the business can publish work changes and modifications from anywhere and anytime with just one click. In this cloud-based work schedule app, you can set-up a time to save time and keep a constant eye on all the data sync seamlessly.

7. ZoomShift

ZoomShift is one of the top work schedule apps that is mainly designed for small businesses to manage work schedules of hourly employees. Using this employee scheduling app solution, businesses can build their work schedules in just a few minutes, reduce payroll costs through payroll providers, and have confidence your team will show up on request time. Moreover, this work schedule app has normalized the regular need to adjust start times, stop times, shift planning, work assignments, labor targets, shift collaboration, overall business data, and employee attendance.

8. Calendly

Calendly is the most powerful yet simple automated schedule app that is known for employee scheduling process features and tracking the work of employees. Currently, millions of users are benefiting from this employee scheduling app solution as they can schedule tasks on the go and give more attention to top priority tasks. It provides flexibility to business owners to allocate work to a particular employee to decrease employee no-show by searching him/her from several employees, provide schedule updates through an email address and text, payment with no credit card.

9. Shiftboard

Shiftboard is one of the best hourly work scheduling software solutions in the United States. It makes it easy for businesses to transform their business with just a few clicks on the screen. The employee scheduling apps solution is a highly configurable platform, which builds smart schedules in real time, helping top managers to run operations smoothly. This time tracking clock app delivers the required information to do their jobs successfully with its drag-and-drop interface. You can check its demo open menu to know this solution better.

10. Connecteam

Connecteam is an employee schedule app, allowing businesses to communicate, operate, and train their non-desk employees. Using this easy-to-use application, businesses of different sizes can simplify employee communication and take employee management and employee engagement to the next level. Tracking and managing employee work hours on jobs, projects, customers, or anything they need to become a lot simpler using this free application.

So, these are examples of top scheduling mobile apps to get started. These apps like I Work Inc, employee management software, have their own features and functionalities to offer small businesses, allowing them to grow and expand their business worldwide. Being an owner of the business, you must be thinking about how to choose the best employee scheduling software solution for your small business to decrease employee no-shows. Right? Let’s read how to choose the one from these apps that meets your business requirements.

Tips to Choose The Best Work Schedule App in 2020
Tips to Choose Work Schedule App in 2020

1. Best Features and Functionalities You Need

At the time of selecting the best and free scheduling app for your small business, it is most important that you list out all your needs, features & functionalities that you need. With these things in hand, it will be easier to filter out the best time scheduling solutions from the complete list. You can check all the solutions and features they offer and choose one accordingly.

2. Solution That Serves the Purpose

The two main purposes that the employee scheduling software solution serves are – creating work schedules and booking technicians or employees for tasks. Make sure that the software provides these two things as main services and other advanced features tracking, reporting, notifications, fantasy league, work schedule management, employee time tracking, shift coverage, managing team members without making use of Google calendar view, and Google docs.

3. Web or Mobile based App

After listing down the features & functionalities and clearing the purpose, it is must that you decide whether you want to go with a web-based solution, mobile phone application, or both. You can decide as per your business’ requirements and make a decision to manage work life balance. However, make sure you select one such team scheduling app or mobile app solution that makes work schedule, schedule shifts, team messaging, and trading schedule shifts management easier, helping you to ditch old school techniques like Google calendar, update timesheets, and spreadsheets.

4. Cost-effective

The last factor that will make it easier for you to choose the best solution is labor costs. Decide the cost that you can afford to pay. There are many employee scheduling app solutions that recur on a monthly or yearly basis. So, according to this, you can decide and choose the solution that fits your decided budget. Get started with these solutions like I Work Inc and know your benefits.


How Do You Do Employee Scheduling?

To schedule a task for the employees in the right manner, it is a must that you follow some right steps. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Step1: Check the available time and the total tasks to do
  • Step2: Segregate the priority tasks and work schedule to do and handle drop shifts
  • Step3: After segregating tasks as per the priority, schedule them
  • Step4: Schedule contingency time clock and phone calls with experts

Is there an app for work schedules?

Yes, there are various employee scheduling app solutions or we can mention them as apps for work scheduling that allow businesses to schedule task as per their priority. In fact, these work schedule app solutions allow you to employee schedules, keep track of total tasks, closing shifts of the members, and generate a report on it.

Which is the best work schedule app?

As said, there are many work schedule app solutions or we can say work scheduling software solutions available on the web, but when it comes to mentioning the best one place that has a maximum number of features and functionalities, WorkTime, When I Work, and Jobber are the best mobile app solutions. These solutions are the best for small and mid-sized businesses to schedule work, employees, keep track of daily tasks, shift trades, shift notes, shift swapping, and time tracking.

What are scheduling tools?

Scheduling tools are such tools that help businesses to manage appointments or reservations. Let’s take an example of appointment schedule software, this mobile phone supported scheduling tool allows businesses to accept appointments online from their customers and clients, track time of them. It not only schedules work and trade shifts, but time tracking tools will also help in managing sales data, employee accountability, overlapping shifts, no-shows, change requests in a schedule maker.


To conclude our talk about the bottom line of this blog, you have just checked the top online job scheduling apps and tools along with its features, pros, and cons, you can select any of these solutions for your small business to manage and streamline its process. We have selected these scheduling apps on the basis of features, functionalities, and popularity that they have on the web. Being an owner of the service business or enterprise, if you have any confusion related to how to grow your business through advanced solutions or software, you can connect with us and we will cover your question in our next post.

In any case, if you want to get more information on the employee scheduling solution like types, how it benefits your business and some of the top examples of such software solutions, you can refer to our blog email on employee scheduling software, where we have covered almost everything that you might want to know.


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