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How to Choose the Best Scheduling Software For Service Business in 2020?

Irrespective of the size of your service business, it is necessary that you manage your entire team, their work schedules, customers’ requests, and data. But how would you manage all these things manually? Being an owner of the business, you might decide to go with the scheduling software for a service business to automate all the tasks. Tasks like managing your employees, tracking their work hours, daily job schedule, checking the progress of the assigned tasks, customer’s needs, and their feedback for the service professionals.

From one single platform, you can manage your entire company, team members, engineers, customers, and their requirements. Herein we will discuss the basics of scheduling software for a service business, a checklist to choose the best FSM systems for your company, general FAQs, and conclusion. You can select the specific section of this blog from the given content table.

Basics of Scheduling Software

As we all know that the scheduling solution for small businesses and enterprises plays a very important role as it automates the entire process of managing team and scheduling work. Not only this but the solution helps managers and the admin of the company to create, maintain and track schedules of all the employees, staff members, and the entire team.

No matter the industry your company belongs to, you can make use of the online scheduling solution to boost the productivity of your technicians, workforce optimization, overall performance, extra time and effort that is spent on work assignments. The scheduler will eliminate the use of paper form, Google calendars, a pile of files, email, spreadsheets, and excel sheets.

Being an owner of the company, if you have decided to adopt field service scheduling software, then it is a must to consider this checklist to select the service scheduling software for your company to smooth the daily processes.

Checklist to Consider While Selecting the Best Scheduling Software For Small Business

Checklist to Choose the Best Scheduling Software Solution

1. Automated Scheduling Solution With Desktop & Mobile Device Support

The first checklist point that you as an owner of the service company should consider is, selecting an automated app solution that not only claims but also automates your company, making everything automated.

The solution must help you to automate and manage field operations from job assignments to jobs creation, creating schedules to customer requests, customer information to inventory management, contract management to generating invoices, and payment options to sales support.

If the mobile app is based in the cloud, then your field technician will get a lot of flexibility when checking schedule jobs and updating. To make the utmost use of your solution, ensure that it comes with automated, real-time updates and notifications. It is necessary that the selected solution instantly analyzes Google calendar, allowing clients to select the soonest available time spot.

2. It Must Be Flexible Enough For You

Another important point is flexibility or we can say the tractability of the solution. It must be flexible enough to perform your service company tasks and work orders in a stipulated time.

As you know that the flexibility of solution or architecture is important to adapt to changes in both environment and usability requirements without encompassing structured changes. Moreover, flexibility also indicates whether the solution is easy to change as per the requirements or not.

However, the selected solution must be flexible enough, allowing you to make the required changes in the schedules, task list, total working hours, shift swapping, shift trading, trade contractors, invoicing, customers’ data, and support services.

Thus, you need to choose one such field service management solution that offers all this, giving you the flexibility to shape it the way you need it. Service businesses that provide their customers with convenience are more likely to get work requests from customers of different areas and business needs.

3. It Must Offer Multiple Points of Access

When you are selecting field service scheduling software, make sure that you check the access points that it offers. It is necessary that the selected solution allows you to access it from different points like mobile application, tablet device, laptop, or the computer.

Do you know various mobile solutions offer to embed code, which can be easily integrated into your service website? But what if you don’t have a website? How will you manage your customers, who want to book service through social media platforms, websites, and applications?

Therefore, this is the reason to go with a service solution that has multiple points of access. It must provide you and your customers to access the solution from different platforms, taking advantage in many ways.

4. Offers Streamlined Booking and Scheduling Features

If the solution is not offering streamlined booking and appointment features for your company, then don’t select it as your app. It is a must that the solution offers a unique set of features and functionalities, including booking appointments, scheduling jobs, maintaining work orders of employees, tracking job progress, real-time updates and notifications, invoicing and billing, payments management, and enterprise resource planning.

In case, if the selecting field service solution doesn’t provide the required features and functionalities, then it’s high time to look for another work schedule app that fulfills all your requirements and gives effectiveness. In case, if you are still wondering about the menu features of the solution, you can refer to this blog on scheduling software features + benefits.

5. More Than The Creation of Schedules

Today, the schedule app has simplified the way we make schedules and work orders for our employees. Using the technologically advanced solution, you can easily set a weekly employee schedule template for the week and carry it on. With one single click, you can recycle it into the following week, saving time and effort.

A feature-rich and fully customizable solution should offer more than the creation of work schedules and workflows, allowing you to generate group tasks, shift planning, work orders, managing customers with their needs, and taking care of customer satisfaction. In just a few clicks, you can create a work order for thousands of employees and get their work reports in real-time from anywhere and anytime.

6. It Must Provide Real-Time Updates and Alerts

The best software will provide real-time updates, alerts, and notifications to your employees and field workers about their upcoming schedules, jobs, and other important alerts about the schedules. All the employees will get updates in real-time no matter whether it is any change in the shift timing, planning, or shift trading.

In case, if any information related to schedule or customer’s request has been updated, you can notify your employees of that change and what is going on in the company. Now, there will be no chance that your service teams will miss important updates about shift change, availability of overtime, a work order, and need extra hours of any employee. In addition to this, you can also update or alert any particular employee about the job request and any special requirement if there are any from the customers.

So, this is the most important checklist that you should consider when you are selecting the service business scheduling software. However, you might have questions related to scheduling software for field service that we have tried to answer here in this blog.

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Who Should Be Using Field Service Management Software?


01. What is service scheduling?

Answer: In a simple language, a service schedule is a process that allows service companies and businesses to create and manage the work schedules of all the employees. The service schedule not only manages the employees, but it will also help you to make the utmost use of your resources in the best manner.

02. What is the best software for scheduling?

Answer: As of now there are several mobile applications for scheduling, but when it comes to choosing the best job app that simplifies the scheduling dispatch, HouseCall Pro, FieldAware, Jobber, ServiceMax and Servicetitan are known for their exclusive range of features. These solutions have automated the way small businesses manage the scheduling costs of employees.

03. Does QuickBooks have job scheduling?

Answer: Yes, QuickBooks’s scheduling management software for service businesses and organizations allows scheduling, invoicing, CRM, and marketing for the company. It also provides mobile access to all users, making it easier for them to access the solution from smartphones, tablets, or laptops.

04. How much does the smart service cost?

Answer: Smart Service is one of the field service solutions for QuickBooks, allowing service-based companies to add schedules, dispatching, tracking in real-time with accuracy, and customer support. The solution is available for a one-time price of $1599.99. However, the additional users and mobile application users can be added at a discounted rate for small business companies.

05. What are some of the best features of field service management software?

Answer: Here are some of the best and must-have features of service scheduling software that all the businesses should check while selecting one. Let's explore the list:

  • Job Creation and Management
  • Tracking Employees and Dispatchers
  • Scheduling Decisions
  • Communication With Technician and Team Members
  • Routes Planning Ability
  • Invoice Generating and Revenue Management
  • Dispatcher and Schedulers Recommendations
  • Free Trial and Demo
  • Company Resources
  • Field Service and Maintenance

On a Concluding Note

The checklist that we have listed in this blog post has been explored and mainly tailored for service companies, allowing them to choose the best solution. However, there are some other points that service calls companies can consider, including the cost of the solution, features & functionality, equipment tracking, phone number support for field technicians and more.

However, these are the basic points that you as a businessman can consider, but the listed points help you to choose the best solution that meets your requirements. We hope the listed business management methods and points help you to select one such top field service software that not only automates the operations but also helps you to boost productivity and overall sales.

In any case, if you have any problem or query related to fieldwork schedule software, you can get in touch with us through our contact us page. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


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