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Why You Should Develop Scheduling App For iPhone Users?

Are you planning to start your own business, where you might have to create schedules, workflows, and work schedules for your team members? It doesn’t matter if you are planning to start a business or already have one, managing schedules and handling team members is quite a time-consuming process that takes your maximum time and efforts. Instead of planning and creating schedules manually and handling the entire team using an excel sheet, you can develop your own scheduling app for iPhone and Android, allowing all your team members to instantly get access to the timetable, work schedules, and workflows.

A mobile-based scheduling application is a great way to improve the admin’s efficiency and overall work. Using mobile apps, the entrepreneurs can instantly prepare the work schedule using calendar apps and share it with all the members in real-time, getting extra time to plan the strategies to expand the business. However, not all the scheduling apps are as good as they claim; therefore, it is better to develop your own custom scheduling solution that especially meets your business requirements and employee’s needs.

Herein we are going to tell why you should develop the best iPhone calendar app solution for your business and allow both customers and employees to have an amazing experience. We will also answer some general questions that you might have in your mind. To read any specific section, you just need to click on that section in the given content table.

Basic of Scheduling App Solution For iPhone Users

When it comes to talking about the scheduling app solution, it is a must that you develop the solution for both the platforms, including iPhone and Android, allowing users to get access to the application. The scheduling application will make it easy for you to create, manage, keep track, and handle the entire work schedule, team members, progress report, payments, invoices, and bills.

From creating schedules to assigning work to technicians, tracking job progress to communicating with customers, feedback to payments, and updating upcoming events, scheduling solutions are considered as the great option. It will automate the whole process, making it streamline so that you as an owner of the field service business or any company do not face the problem of scheduling.

However, it is essential that your scheduling software runs on both the platforms so that app users don’t have to make use of the specific device to use the application. Moreover, scheduling mobile applications is also known for improving business productivity and overall employee engagement.

If you are still wondering why to develop scheduling applications for iPhone and Android platforms, then here are the 5 exclusive reasons to develop your own scheduling software to run your business smoothly.

5 Reasons to Develop Scheduling Apps for iPhone

5 Reasons to Develop Scheduling Apps for iPhone Users

1. Makes Work Scheduling, Planning, and Tracking Easier

The main reason to develop your own scheduling application for iPhone and Android device users is, to make work scheduling, planning, and tracking easier than ever. The application will handle the headache of scheduling employees, work, tasks, and calendar planners for all the employees.

Whether it is about scheduling work, employees, or technicians, the scheduling apps are known for handling everything smoothly. You can easily create, share, and track schedules and their real-time updates so that you can stay updated throughout the month or week.

In fact, work schedule apps are eradicating the manual work of the admin, allowing them to handle all the things automatically. The schedule will be created with just a few clicks and can be assigned to the right technician with a single click. So, this is the main reason why one should invest in the application for their business.

2. Reduction in Errors and Mistakes

If any businessman, owner, or the admin of the company creates schedules and workflows manually using pen & paper, excel sheets, Google Calendar, then the chances are high that businesses will make errors and mistakes while creating schedules. The manual way of handling work increases the chances of errors that can create a big problem in the coming time.

Therefore, it is a must that businesses of different industries should invest in the scheduling application solution in order to decrease the overall queries and efforts. It will automate the entire process of creating work schedules, assign work, check the progress of the assigned work, customers’ insight, and profit and loss.

Scheduling mistakes are not only irritating to customers; however, they are also costly to afford. It is mainly true if they are spending time and money, traveling some distance for a schedule or work schedule appointment as they can’t have due to an error. Online scheduling software puts an end to such issues, allowing you to manage daily work timetables of employees and the management team.

3. Easy and Instant Access to Schedules and Timesheets

Another main reason to invest in the scheduling application with iPhone and Android supports is to get easy and instant access to schedules, timesheets, and work schedules. With just a few clicks on the mobile app, you can have complete access to schedules and calendar anytime and from anywhere.

Whether you have a morning shift, evening shift, or night shift, you can get instant access to schedules, task list, event creation, and assignments so that you have to wait to get your work and start. In fact, instant access from anywhere is considered as the main feature to include in the scheduling solution as it makes scheduling links convenient whenever they are away from the work.

In addition to this, the employees of the company can use almost any iOS and Android device to set appointments, events, and they can respond to client’s emails, text messages while on the go, office canteen, and from the holidays. In fact, some calendar app for iPhone allows customers to easily add schedules and appointments directly to a calendar of their choosing.

4. Allow to Analyze Business and Reports

Another reason to develop your own calendar app or we can say planner app is that it allows businesses and companies to analyze the overall business, its information, and get reports on the schedules. With easy access and information in hands, the admin and the owner of the company get instant access to business details that can be helpful for making useful decisions.

Not only this but scheduling solutions are also helpful in generating meaningful reports that can be generated from the systems to track the most profitable clients and their services. This type of data and information can be useful in strategizing future marketing efforts and increase overall business profit.

5. Save Time, Operational Cost, and Additional Efforts

Last but not least reason in the list is saving time, operational cost, and additional efforts. Adopting scheduling application benefits in many ways and the main benefits are saving time, operational cost, and additional efforts while creating, managing, tracking, and sharing schedules with team members.

Now, no more pen and papers, paper-based forms for scheduling, task assigning, and efforts to maintain all such things manually as a scheduling application will automate all the things, allowing team members to save time, cost and efforts that can be spent on other tasks of the business.

So, these are some of the reasons why businesses and field service companies need scheduling applications to manage the entire business. Moving ahead, let’s check out the top features that one needs to include in the scheduling app for iPhone and Android users.

Exclusive Features of Scheduling Application For iPhone & Android Users

Features of Scheduling Application

  1. Drag and drop Scheduling: With just a single click, you can add, edit, move, and reallocate schedules, timesheets, and work schedules of the employees and team members. Just drag and drop and you are done with updating schedules, saving hours of time that you might be spending while manually handling.
  2. Reports and Statistical Analysis: Instantly get reports on any of your resources, technicians, and workers. Get fully customizable reports for time-sheets, bookings, job requests, and more. It is a must-have feature to include in the scheduling application that allows checking reports online and exports them to other tools like Excel and business calendar.
  3. Real-time Tracking: This is also one of the essential features to consider when developing a scheduling solution as it helps admin and managers of the company to track the technicians, reports, and updates in real-time. It will track everything from login to logout, lunch breaks to overtime. It will show how productive and engaging team members are.
  4. Updates and Notifications: Getting updates, alerts, and reminders for a day planner in real-time is something that every businessman wants. One can get notifications on both the mobile app and email because it is something that is really helpful. It helps to take instant action and keeps employees updated through Google Calendar.
  5. Cloud Accessibility: Another essential feature that one needs to consider is the cloud accessibility that most of the scheduling apps have. It allows one to get access to the application and the entire data from anywhere and anytime without any hassle. They don’t need to download the files, data, and information as it allows one to access it easily.

You just went through some of the top features of scheduling apps that one should consider while developing the application. These features will make your application stand-out from other apps, making things easier for you. In case, if you have general queries related to it, then we have answered some of the frequently asked questions that might be useful for you. Let’s get started.


1. How do you make a schedule on the iPhone?

To make a schedule on the iPhone, just follow these steps:

  • From the scheduling application, you need to tap more in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Now, click on the awesome calendar sync to manage the schedule planner.
  • Now, you can tap on the schedule that you want to sync to your calendar application.
  • Click on the subscribe so that you can add the calendar views and schedule to your calendar app.
  • Click to view the schedules or events to go to the calendar app store or done to finish in the natural language.

2. What is the best calendar app for the iPhone?

One of the best calendar apps or we can say scheduling apps for iPhone is 24me that is one of the solutions for keeping your schedules, tasks, and notes together in the natural language. This planner app is available for a free trial, so users can install this app purchases and give it a try to create new day week schedules. Apart from these, Calendars 5, Fantastical 2, Meeting birds, and Timetree are also popular for their capabilities, features, and functionality. However, Calendars 5 and Fantastical 2 are competing with each other in terms of features.

3. What are the benefits of using a scheduling application for the business?

There are many benefits of using scheduling application for your field service business and company. Here’s the complete list of the benefits:

  • Gives instant access to tv schedules anytime and from anywhere, providing compatibility with Google Calendar and other tools
  • Helps you to manage category timeline, shifts planning, shifts schedule, and notebooks of todoist
  • Manage customers’ demands and employees engagement
  • Reduce communication gap between team members
  • Boost employee’s productivity


We went through the basic information about the best calendar apps for iPhone (supporting Apple Watch) and Android platforms, mentioned major reasons why to develop scheduling application for your business, and main features to include in the scheduling solution. We have also answered some basic questions that many businesses and companies might have about the scheduling and calendar app for iPhone.

So, if you have any feedback or comments related to this blog post, all you can do is share it with us through our contact us page. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Till then, you can subscribe to our newsletter and get such interesting and informative blog posts directly into your inbox.


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