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8 Best Scheduling App Solutions for Employees

Managing a business is not easy. There are a lot of employees that need to be managed. Each department has its own teams and roles which requires them to have different schedules. A business owner has to manage a lot of things on his own even if he has people placed for the roles, the final approval comes from him. With manual work, there is a chance of things going wrong and schedules getting mixed up. It all depends on the kind of attention being paid to it in a limited amount of time. And if something goes wrong it costs you both time and money which makes you want to have a scheduling app for employees to ease your problems.

You always look for ways to improve work efficiency in a cost-effective way. And making schedules the old-school way takes a lot of time as spreadsheets, whiteboards, Google calendar, and other options are just not enough to get it done quickly. It also requires you to update them every now and then. Plus, informing each and every employee about the schedule takes a bunch of time. Changing and editing the schedule according to individual employee needs would make it nearly impossible to manage things perfectly.

But there is a simple solution to this problem which is employee scheduling software. There are various scheduling apps for employees which can be used to minimize labor cost, and save a lot of time and money. It makes it easy to schedule your team members. If you think about it, it saves you a lot per employee by allowing you to make and edit schedules quickly and easily. It can help you take into account the business hours, roles, and other factors with a few clicks while making the schedule.

With people choosing to work as freelancers and companies hiring freelancers to get work done without having to buy huge offices and saving a considerable amount of money on employee benefits, apps for scheduling employees have become a necessity. Even in such testing times as Covid-19, where all operations have to be carried out from home, apps for employee scheduling have made it easier to manage the staff and keep track of them.

Basics of Scheduling App for Employees

Although apps for employee scheduling vary from each other, there are features that the best apps for work schedules need to have. It is important that the schedules and other requirements are met which includes a lot of things such as employee self-service, integration, analytic tools, and others. Here are the basic features that are a must for such apps.

Basic Features to Consider in Scheduling App Solutions

Employee Management

There needs to be a central platform that stores all the information about your employees and company structure to help manage them. It will help in shift management for various departments and help organize the scheduling system. It will allow you to check all the information related to the scheduling in one place.

It allows you to check the list of departments and employees available in each department. It helps in cross-referencing the lists and managing them accordingly. It is highly useful where the staff is in large numbers.

Schedule Management

It is perhaps one of the most crucial features of any employee scheduling software. It is a combination of various features that lead to the creation of schedules. Using the software is more than just putting names on the Google calendar, the software considers all relevant factors before coming up with a final schedule. There is no guesswork involved here as factors such as employee preferences, budget, and other relevant aspects are taken into consideration.

Some apps even have an auto-scheduler feature which creates the schedule based on these factors. The software becomes a central system that helps you manage everything whether you have a small business or a large enterprise. Each employee's information can be viewed anytime and on what as well where they are working can be checked. The entire company’s operations can be managed easily as everything is systemically created and categorized.

Shift Management

Most of the companies work around the clock nowadays and managing their shifts is not easy. 2-3 shifts need to be made and managed. Employees can be managed according to the shifts and if there is a rotational shift system at the organization, this can be really helpful. By using the tools, it becomes really easy to view shifts and adjust employees based on it. There are advanced tools available where employees are selected based on skills and tasks are assigned based on their abilities. It can also help avoid scheduling conflicts as you get notified of such issues.

Time Management

This feature is necessary as it helps ensure that employees report on time. There are other options such as attendance sheets and bio-metrics which are not so accurate which makes scheduling software the perfect way to track the employees' non-traditional work and workforce management. The advanced time clock features help track project time, overtime, breaks, etc.

Absence Management

The main function of an app for scheduling employees is to keep a check on the time spent at work by them and time-off requests. Managing the time-off requests is important as there should always be enough staff available to get the job done. The system would allow you to compile their information and let you know how many employees are going to be available. It would also ensure that you can track their leaves while making their payslips. Sometimes the employees make long time-off requests which can be responded to easily by checking the projects and having a word with the managers.

Track Payroll Expenses and Budget

Employee scheduling, payroll, and budget go hand in hand. As the employee work time directly affects his compensation, it is important that the software has financial features in the app. It can be in the form of simple payroll data such as time and attendance or a full-service option. It can help with the budget in a huge way and keep track of the financials.

Scheduling Effectiveness and Tracking

This feature is a sort of analytical function which allows you to determine the process of scheduling. Schedule tracking is important to incorporate it effectively. It also helps ensure that all the regulations are in place while making the schedule. It helps create a schedule that is best suited for the employees and adheres to the company's needs. The highly advanced effectiveness tools can analyze and predict the best schedules for the future as well.

It takes note of the trends and creates a schedule based on it which is satisfactory to both parties. The software can update the schedule on its own as well if features are available and permissions are granted. It can help keep employee morale high as he won’t be under a lot of stress. It can help track the shifts and forecast for the future which makes it a low-cost option for scheduling.

Employee Self-Service

The software needs to have a feature that makes it accessible to employees. It can help them manage their own schedules, apply for leaves, and check out their upcoming tasks and schedules. It also includes them checking in and out on their own. The employees can look for other shifts that are open and select them accordingly. It calculates their work hours as well.

Reporting and Business Intelligence

Understanding the outcome of processes put in place is important. Getting an in-depth idea of how things are functioning what changes can be and how they can be implemented is necessary. Reporting and business intelligence helps analyze the real-costs, employee data, and evaluate the overall plan in motion. This can help identify if the plans are successfully working or not and make decisions based on it.

If the software has the report creation feature, it can be viewed and shared directly with users. It is easy to understand as simple methods are used to show it and the updates are available in real-time as well. This can come in really handy when you are planning to provide the data to stakeholders. It can also be shared in any format such as PDF, Ms-excel, or other.


The process needs to be deployed in the right manner in order for it to be successful. It involves proper evaluation and infrastructure to implement it. Employee schedule on-premises deploying is best for the system in-house. It can benefit even more if you use the cloud as it provides better security and access. Whether to make it available on mobile or not is completely up to the company. Having that option available is what people want but it can be misused if there is no GPS tracking. The mobile features ensure quick response and updates.


The employee schedule software needs to be connected with other systems in order to make optimum use of it. It needs to be connected with the HRM system, Payroll tools, attendance software, Business intelligence software, and other tools. Getting it streamlined is the key and it can be done through API and embedded data processing tools. Data API, accounting, and third-party integration are most important for the software to ease everything and make a central system.

List of Top Worker Scheduling Apps With Features, Pros, and Cons


It is a cutting-edge software that has a lot of features and shortcuts that can help get the work done quickly. The automated scheduling feature is an awesome function that eases the process immensely. The software shows reports and forecasts for the future to make the right decisions. It has a mobile responsive website which is always an added bonus. The software is known for providing quality support. There are options for direct integration with the HRM system and POS. It is one of the best employee scheduling software solutions and has been premium priced.

  • User-friendly
  • Tons of features
  • Direct Integration
  • Priced a bit high
  • Large enterprise-focused features

When I Work

It is a feature-rich software that provides flexible options to the user. It looks very modern and has a great interface. It allows people to share data with integrated systems and other programs. It is an attractive solution to employee scheduling as it offers numerous templates that can speed up the process. Managers and employees can easily access their data and make changes if they want to trade shift, ask or grant leave, etc.

  • Mobile-friendly
  • Great user-interface
  • Data sharing
  • Lacks in Business Intelligence
  • Low priced plans not so great

Snap Schedule

This is a great software that is fully customizable to your business needs. It is capable of providing all the reports and has features that take care of all your employee scheduling and payroll-related tasks. It has a friendly interface that is easy on the eyes and covers the necessary functions. It is an amazing scheduling tool that gets the job done in a smooth manner.

  • Customizable
  • Reports and Business Intelligence
  • User-friendly
  • High pricing
  • Complex calendar


It is a simple-looking software that has a great number of functions. It is mobile-friendly and performs all the functions smoothly on it as well. There are simple but very useful features provided such as push notifications, group notification and messaging, etc. It can be integrated with other systems which is another positive. It is an affordable option compared to other software solutions and a perfect match for small businesses. It is compatible with both small and large scale businesses.

  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for small and large businesses
  • Great features
  • Low-end plans not so good
  • No API
  • Limited support


It is probably the best and most sophisticated looking software available in the market. It is priced reasonably and is worth every single penny spent. It is not completely auto though and requires certain things to be done manually. It is perfect for any kind of business and the features offered are enough to ease the process.

  • Amazing UI
  • Affordable
  • For all businesses
  • Lacks few features
  • Not completely customizable
  • Not completely auto


This is another software that has a great interface and amazing features to ease the work scheduling process. The software offers various features at low-priced plans which is beneficial for small businesses. It has a feature called the applicant tracking section which can be helpful if your company hires frequently. It might not be perfect for everyone but it offers some great features. If you are looking for employee scheduling and staffing software this is a great option.

  • Attractive UI
  • Amazing low-end plans
  • Staffing features
  • Support
  • Complex calendar


It is one of the best app for employee scheduling available for people who love to get the work done on their mobile phones. It is a top-notch app filled with numerous features that make scheduling employees seem really easy. It is probably the only app that provides integrated reports for labor budget and labor cost. It is great for all kinds of business. It is best suited for restaurants that require real-time metrics and have to use mobile phones a lot. It does have a complex user-interface which can take some time in getting used to.

  • Mobile-friendly
  • Perfect for small business
  • Great features and add-on software
  • Complex
  • No free trial


It is a user-friendly interface and is focused on providing mobile features. They provide great customer support and are available 24/7. It is totally customizable which is great and offers you to open shifts and swap shifts. The software is offered at a reasonable price and is one of the best scheduling tools available and has a free trial option. It is a worker scheduling app highly focused on scheduling and doesn’t have many features for other aspects.

  • Easy to use
  • Customizable
  • Affordable
  • HRM tool not up to the mark
  • Single language offered


Which is the best employee scheduling app?

There is various apps for work scheduling available and to name the best one is really difficult as it depends on your company’s requirements. But the app that offers the best features is Humanity. It is a perfect app for the scheduling of employees. It helps in tracking labor costs, shift planning software, managing work schedules, time-tracking, employee availability, clock in and out, shift reminders, collecting business data, avoiding scheduling conflict, etc. The app helps manage work-life balance and achieve labor targets. It also helps in implementing processes and payroll processing.

Is there an app for scheduling employees?

There are numerous apps available for employee scheduling. Each employee scheduling app has its own specialty and features. The goal of these apps is the same which is to provide the best software which can help a company create and implement best employee scheduling and management processes. It would ensure that the labor costs stay in control and there is employee satisfaction. Most of the apps are easy to use and makeshift planning systematic so there is no overlapping shift collaboration problem. It helps create a great work environment, improves workplace communication features, and makes schedule changes seem easy.

How do I create a work schedule for my employees?

The thing with a scheduling app is that you don’t need to create a schedule for the employees as it does it on its own. You just have to put in the data and let the software create the work schedules. Google calendar can be used to mark the dates for employee schedules. You can send a push notification if there is shift swapping or no shows by employee performance. The scheduling app does everything for a manager, HR, and lets the owner keep an eye on all the processes at once. The team members can know about each other's schedule without having to confront each other. The HR department can get on with the payroll process without having to meet each employee as all the data is available to them.


Nowadays there are various software solutions being developed to make the business processes easy and automated. The employee scheduling tool is one of the major problems that small businesses, large enterprises, and all kinds of companies face. The software available provide top-class features that ease the scheduling process and help manage a lot of things while doing so.

Analytics, reports, and data are some of the most important things required for a business to grow and these apps provide them in the simplest of ways for people to understand. It can help to understand the growth of an organization, the barrier it is facing, and how it can be overcome. The software is being updated to make their performances even better and the future seems bright with the kind of advancements that have already been made.

When it comes to getting the best software for your company, you need to analyze your requirements and select based on it. The software offers various plans which can be suited to your needs. If you found this article to be helpful, please do share your feedback with us through our contact us page. If you would like to receive more informative blogs directly in your inbox, do subscribe to us and start receiving our newsletter.


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