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10 Reasons to Adopt Software Program for Employee Scheduling
(Features + Examples With Pros & Cons)

Being an owner of the company, you must be finding it a daunting task to do when it comes to managing a team of employees along with their work schedules. Right? You might be managing employee’s daily schedules in Google calendar, excel sheets, spreadsheets, or paperwork & forms that you have to update manually on a daily basis. However, it’s time to leave these traditional methods behind and adopt a software program for employee scheduling.

Yes, you can adopt an advanced and best employee scheduling app that automates the process of employee scheduling and managing everything on one centralized platform. If you are unaware of why you need a free employee scheduling software, then continue reading this blog.

Herein we will talk about what is employee scheduling software and why companies need a software program for creating and maintaining employee schedules. To check a particular section of this blog, you can check this content table.

What is Employee Scheduling?

Employee Scheduling is a process to create, manage, and track the schedule of all the employees and or any worker, allowing them to check the employee schedule maker anytime and anywhere. The schedule will help you to keep all your employees on the same page, achieving monthly and quarterly targets of your company.

By creating schedules in advance, you can boost the productivity of your staff, letting them know their tasks, total hours to complete and other important workflows. If you create schedules in the best possible manner, then you can work with each employee’s availability, reduce labor costs & wage costs, decrease the number of absences, shift planning and eliminate the communication gap.

In fact, there are various employee scheduling techniques and tricks that you can follow when creating employee schedules. Apart from the techniques, you can adopt a free employee scheduling software for creating employee schedules and share it with them digitally.

Today, most of the firms that have a team of employees to manage are using online employee scheduling software solutions that automate the entire process of creating schedules. The solutions claim to save hours of time and effort that you spend on schedules every week. So, it’s high time to live behind those traditional processes of scheduling like pen & paper, Google sheet, excel sheet, email address, or Google sheets.

If you still think about why your enterprise needs an employee scheduling app program or scheduling software, then here are the 10 reasons that will answer your question. Let’s explore these reasons briefly.

10 Reasons Why Your Company Needs Employee Scheduling Software Program

Why Company Need Employee Scheduling Software Program

1. Automates The Entire Business Scheduling Operations

One of the main reasons to adopt a scheduling app for your business is that it automates the entire company scheduling process from creating schedules to shift notes management, time tracking to time-off requests management, payroll provider to sick leave management, and the total hours of the team.

Using online employee scheduling programs, you can manage the whole team of employees irrespective of the total number of members you have in your team with just a few clicks on the screen. Check the total available employees, absent employees, shift trades needs of the day, candidates who are on holidays and a lot more.

No matter whether you are at the home, office, or on the go, you can create staff schedules in just a few minutes without any efforts and manual data management via email. Just adopt the right free employee schedule maker solution and you can take your employee’s learning curve upward.

2. Get Rid of Errors and Mistakes

Another reason that you should adopt one of the best employee scheduling program tools for your company is that you can decrease the total number of errors, mistakes, or any typos that the admin might be making while creating schedules manually using Google calendar apps, Google calendar view, website, or spreadsheet.

Such small and minor errors like these can lead to wasting time, decrease the productivity of the team, mismatch shifts, and frustrate the members. Thus, it is a must for your company to start using a scheduling solution that offers a range of features like automated scheduling software and updates, accurate entry of clock time-in and clock time out, accurate payroll calculation, sales data tracking, and base fee calculation for schedule.

In short, the solution will give a higher level of features, making it easier for your employees to accomplish their simple tasks and work on time. Not only this but the solution also highlights the mistakes or things that require your attention.

3. Eases The Recording of Working Hours

Currently, you might be using spreadsheets for recording the total working hours of all the members and technicians. Right? This might lead to miscommunication or discrepancy between actual and registered hours of the members. So, this is the reason why you should use scheduling software for your company.

It will automate the process of clock-in and clock-out, calculating the actual hours of the members. The solution will record all the hours accurately and logged on the system to track. The admin or manager of the company can track time punches and make a report on it, sharing it with the administrator so that they can easily find the latecomers, leave data, total working hours so that they can commence the salary of all the members.

One of the best advantages is that there are many software solutions that combine with biometrics to prevent buddy punching. And it syncs with accounting programs to make payroll easy.

4. Allows Employees to Quickly Access Schedules

Another reason to adopt a work scheduling app or scheduling software for your members is that it allows employees to quickly access their work and shift schedules anytime and from anywhere. With the increasing culture of working from home, most of the businesses are looking forward to adopting such a solution that allows their employees to access the schedules with just a single click on the screen. Irrespective of the place, time and day, they can instantly access the schedules and start working on them accordingly.

With such benefits, businesses are realizing the true benefits of cloud-based solutions that can be shared with anyone from one centralized platform. There will be no more confusion, miscommunication and traditional way of accessing the job requests and worksheets.

Moreover, cloud-based software access also makes sure that you do not get unwanted emails once you publish the schedules. The advantage of this feature is that all the members and employees will never miss the shift change updates and the system will send reminders and alerts via email notifications, push notifications, and SMS whenever their schedules are updated to check.

5. Keep Constant Track on Employees and Their Daily Tasks

Being an owner of the company is not as easy as it sounds, you need to manage a lot of tasks, job and service requests, sales data, data of customers, market trends for technology and functionality, the overall growth of the company, and meetings with senior managers. With different tasks to complete, you must be finding it difficult to keep a constant track of employees and their daily tasks. Right?

In fact, manually checking on every single staff member sounds like a nightmare to do. But with scheduling software, you can track all the employees along with their task list and employee breaks at one single platform. You can check their tasks, be it pending, current, or completed, time spent on the tasks, and track the total daily hours of each employee's transparency.

You can do all this with just a click on the screen of your solution and give your extra time and effort on other essential tasks of your company. The benefit of using such a solution is that you don’t have to be worried about the time folders, copies of the schedules, and task sheets. You can manage all these things at one single place, accessing them anytime and anywhere.

6. Considered as the Best Communication Platform

Do you know that the success of any task, work, project or any company depends on an effective communication platform? Yes, an effective team communication method or we can say a platform eliminates the gap between the workforce management and the admin of the company, allowing them to interact with each other anytime when it is required.

They can smoothly communicate with each other and discuss the worksheet or any task notification that needs to be completed. Whether you have 10 members in the team or 100, you all can communicate with each other without any hassle to discuss any issue or error.

The constant communication can decrease misunderstanding regarding the tasks and helps the team to complete it quickly as they will better understand it. Not only this the communication channel also allows you to send messages, alerts to employees, and declare news and events of the company. It will also ensure that all the members of the company are on the same page.

7. Boost Accountability in the Team

Another reason to adopt an employee scheduling software is that it increases accountability among the members. Using the solution, the companies are managing schedules based on the availability and skill-sets of the staff members, so all the members will be more responsible for their work, upcoming tasks, and pending work.

They will keep the admin of the company updated about their workplace run and team tasks whether it is pending, ongoing, or completed. This way, they will be accountable for the integration of self-service into the size workplaces and entire process.

In addition to this, the mobile device or mobile app solution allows users to setup process different security levels, ensuring that the managers need to authorize shift change. And the employees of the company will not be able to move around without following the command.

8. Makes Payroll Management Easier

With the scheduling solution, you can make payroll management easier like never before. With the integration of a payroll provider and payroll systems, you can track all the employees with their daily hours so that you can make punch reports and export them as a CSV file.

The same files can also be imported to the payroll provider. You can find many free employee scheduling software solutions that have a built-in audit and time tracking feature. It will save you from potential audits.

9. Gives Complete Analysis of the Business

Another reason to go with a free scheduling solution for shift swapping and employee time tracking tools is that you will get a complete analysis of your company. Yes, the solution will give an entire eagle view of your business in terms of the shift scheduling process, job sites for employees, and ongoing tasks. Using the software with a free trial, the admin will have real-time updates and analysis of the company, knowing the future staffing levels.

In addition to this, the scheduling system has all rights reserved to generate reports based on the demand, trends, and technologies so you can easily manage the staff members as per their demands and needs. In a simple language, we can say that the companies will get help in staffing decisions by checking the analysis, reports, and overall status of the company.

10. Increase Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Level

Last but not least reason is that it increases team engagement and satisfaction level. By adopting a feature-rich and advanced workforce management suite, you can ensure that all the members are scheduled and allocated with work as per their availability, skills, expertise, and requirements.

It will eradicate any confusion between the members about the work schedules, giving them satisfaction and happiness. So, if your main aim is to make your members happy and content, it’s time to implement the software solution that will manage all the tasks and daily reporting. Ultimately, staff retention contributes to the success of your company.

So, these are the 10 definite reasons to adopt the software solution for your company when it comes to planning, creating, managing and tracking employee’s daily work and schedules. If these reasons have convinced you to go with one solution for your company, then here are the key features that you can expect from any advanced mobile and tablet or desktop scheduling application programming interface.

Key Features of Employee Scheduling Solution

Key Features of Employee Scheduling Solution

1. Create Employees’ Profile

The main feature of the free employee scheduling tool is, creating employees’ profiles, including details like employee names, job title, skill-set, expertise, tasks to perform, total hours to cover, and more. The admin can fill all the required information to create an in-detail profile of all the team members and manage the employee database.

2. Creating and Scheduling Jobs

The software employee scheduling system allows creating and scheduling jobs for all the members, filling required information related to tasks that need to be accomplished. There is no limit to the number as you can create as many jobs as you want, mentioning its type, urgency level, and deadline.

3. Scheduling Jobs

Irrespective of the total number of jobs, the admin can schedule changes all of them to available team members as per their needs. The available jobs can be scheduled with the deadlines so that employees do not miss performing it. It helps in scheduling jobs across the year, ensuring quicker completion.

4. Applicant Tracking

The time tracking platform or time tracking software has made it easier for businesses to track their applicants along with their jobs, task-list, and hours. Whether applicants are available in the office, on-site or anywhere, the admin can track them along with their live location and keep constant track of them.

5. Shift Swapping

The shift planning software comes with a shift schedule employees feature, allowing the team members to do shift swaps as per their availability. If you allow users to swap shifts, then you can prevent double-booking to a specific shift while staying compliant with the company’s overtime rules. The teams will also get shift reminders if their shift has been changed.

6. Reports

There is no need to make reports manually on the jobs, availability, and pending tasks because of the reporting feature in the solution. The admin can generate weekly, quarterly, and yearly reports, making aware of everything that is happening in the company.

7. Real-time Communication

The solution offers real-time communication features to integrate it with mobile technology in order to provide real-time, 24*7 access to your workforce through text messages, emails or mobile apps. It gives assurance of everyone receiving the updates, push notifications and alerts for announcements, changes, and updates in the company.

8. Resource Forecasting

One of the essential features that businesses can use is a resource forecasting point that allows the admin to find the most eligible staff to perform a particular job or task. The solution will leverage sophisticated algorithms as per the historical patterns to have a projection on different types and the total number of resources required.

9. Scheduling Template

No matter if you want scheduling templates in excel or any platforms, it serves as the main base for your next schedules that can be tuned on your current shift needs. The schedulers must allow you to save your earlier schedules so that you can reduce the time spent on creating new formats when the schedule templates are repeating.

10. Real-time Syncing of Data

The scheduling solution will sync the client’s data, schedules, calendar views for clients and other important data of the company in real-time so that it can be accessed by them anytime and anywhere. They can start working on the tasks as their data will be found in just a few seconds.

11. Evaluate Performance

Want to know how your team members are performing? Do you want to evaluate the performance and other parameters of your members? Evaluating performance feature allows you to track the performance of all the members in real-time. You can also track the overall performance of your business with just a few simple clicks on the screen.

So, these are the key features of a free employee scheduling software that allows businesses and companies to perform daily operations with just clicks. Moving ahead, let’s get started and have a quick look at the examples of top scheduling software employee along with their pros and cons.

Examples of Top Scheduling Solutions

1. Shiftboard

Shiftboard is one of the top scheduling solutions that is a highly configurable platform to build smart schedules, helps managers to keep operations running smoothly, and provides workers with the information that is necessary to do their jobs well. When you manage workforces of hundreds or even thousands, the impact of free employee scheduling time needs goes far beyond the easy way work is organized.

It plays a very important role in meeting important company objectives like creating shift schedules or shift coverage, managing time clock in and time clock out, pick-up open shifts and trade shifts, manage availability and request time off. Trusted by the world’s leading businesses and brands, the solution is perfect when it comes to planning, time and attendance management, applicant tracking, predictive scheduling for human resources and more. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of this schedule solution.

  • View Team Member Availability
  • View Your Scheduled Shifts
  • Time and Attendance
  • Accounting Management
  • Difficult in Navigating the User Interface
  • Lack of Messaging Feature
  • Keeps Crashing
  • Not Useful for Easy Scheduling

2. 7Shifts

7Shifts is another top free employee scheduling software solution that is best for hospitality venues like bars and restaurants. It allows managers and the admin of the company to manage schedules and invest most of the time in enhancing customer service rather than taking care of the processes manually. This is the reason why it is designed to distribute workload among the workers available at hand. In return, it improves employee attendance and decreases labor laws and labor cost.

Moreover, it is one of the leading employee scheduling apps that offer a range of benefits such as easy access to schedules through a mobile phone, devices, instant requests for time offs and trade shifts and a lot more. It eliminates the need for sending written format for the schedule requests. The real-time notifications and alerts are sent after approval and rejection issues. Here, you can find some pros and cons of this schedule software solution:

  • Approve or Deny Shift Trades With Click
  • Track Staff Availability
  • Get Overtime Alerts Via Email and Timesheets
  • Track Real-time Sales Data
  • Accurate Labor Costs Calculation
  • Lack of Advanced Features
  • Quite Difficult to Access the Solution
  • Lack of HIPAA Compliance

3. HotSchedules

HotSchedules is considered as a leading solution for mobile scheduling employees and their daily work. Being a fast and easy-to-use software, companies and organizations are highly preferring this solution to manage different tasks lists, communicate with the team members and keep constant track of the project progress.

So, businesses of different industries like service-based, hospitality, healthcare, and salon & beauty can give a quick try to this mobile apps solution for better management of the company. The advanced features like Calendar sync and real-time notifications make your daily work and tasks easy-to-manage. Check the pros and cons of using this schedule software solution:

  • Monitor Performance Efficiently
  • Real-time Syncing With Calendar
  • A Quick Communication With Team or Individual Member
  • Real-time Notifications Don’t Work Accurately
  • Frequent Changes in the Format
  • No Ease of Using While Making Work and Tasks List

4. Aladtec

Aladtec is one of the best online employee scheduling tools or we can say workforce management tool that is quite easier and faster to access as compared to other solutions. It must be quite difficult to manage employees with changing schedules, shifts, and multiple training levels, so Aladtec is one of the best scheduling time systems that work the easy way you want it to work.

From managing a big team of 75 employees to shifting changes needs, tracking the projects to managing customer satisfaction, this tool handles everything. You can keep time-off requests information up-to-date and correspond payroll data accurately. You can maintain minimum staffing needs for the shifts, receiving alerts and notifications when staffing falls below pre-determined coverage employee scheduling needs. Here are the pros and cons of scheduling apps:

  • Best Customer Support
  • Bit Complicated to Access the Solution
  • Mobile and Web-based Makes it Easy-to-use
  • Shift Confirmations
  • Accurate Labor Costs Calculation
  • Lack of Business Analysis Feature
  • No Dispatch Monitoring
  • Not a Cost-effective Solution

5. Planday

Planday is considered as a reliable software solution for managing schedules faster than before. Stand out from other competitors, Planday has made shift planning and managing with just a few clicks on the screen. It is the best for all types of businesses who have to schedule work for the employees and keep constant track of it.

No matter whether you have 30 or 300 workers in your company, this solution makes it easy to manage them all with their tasks and daily progress. You can communicate with the team, share schedules, get a complete overview of your shifts and sales data of the company using Planday schedule software.

Moreover, the admin can check the total hours of the employees ( be it worked, missed or need to complete), payroll costs, revenue, sales report, analysis and more. Here are some of the pros and cons that you can get by using scheduling software:

  • Staff Management
  • Punch Clock Time
  • Scheduling and Confirmation
  • Reporting and Analysis About Collaboration
  • No Capability to Block Unavailable Employees for Future Shifts
  • Lack of Resource Management
  • A Quite Expensive Solution
  • Lack of Labor Tools

So, these are some of the top examples of scheduling solutions that you can check and adopt one that meets your business requirements. With so many available solutions, it must be quite difficult to select one such solution that fulfills your requirements, so here are some of the factors that you can consider. Consider these buying factors in mind.

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Buying Factors to Consider When Selecting Solution

  • Must be Easy-to-use: As we all know that not all the users are tech-savvy and have some kind of experience in accessing the technologically advanced solution. Therefore, it is necessary that the scheduling system or solution must be easy-to-access and use, allowing all the users to instantly check all the modules and make use of features. A user-friendly solution eliminates a long learning curve for all users with no technical knowledge.
  • Auto-assign shifts and auto-scheduling: Another important factor is, auto-assign shifts and schedules feature that allows you to save time and effort of assigning schedules to every single person manually. Automating the implementation process of assigning jobs and requests can help you to manage your business effectively and prevent errors by ditching a paper form and file for scheduling.
  • Cost-effective Solution: As you know there are various systems and solutions that charge quite high monthly fees and subscription fees, so small and mid-sized businesses find it difficult to adopt the solution. Hence, it is necessary that management software comes with cost-effective monthly fees that can be paid through a debit or credit card.
  • Technical Support: If you stuck with any technical issue in the solution, then you can find it difficult to move ahead with your business. A single technical issue can waste your valuable time, so it is necessary that the system you choose has a technical support team and customer service, allowing you to get a solution instantly.
  • Compatibility: One of the most important factors to consider is, compatibility with your existing systems like payroll, reporting, and point-of-sale (POS). If you are already using these mobile app systems, then make sure that the system has the flexibility to compatible.
  • Real-time Analytics and Reporting: The solution must offer sufficient and enough information about your business. We can say that it should provide real-time analytics and reporting to optimize your scheduling process. Ensure that you check whether it collects relevant information or not, allowing you to access and review it.

Ensure that you consider these factors in mind when it comes to selecting one of the best iPhone and Android mobile app solutions. If you still have any questions or queries, then don’t worry here are some answers to your general questions.


01. What is the best employee scheduling software tool?

Answer: As we have already mentioned that there are many free employee scheduling software solutions on the web that claim to offer a range of features and functionalities, but the important thing is that you need to choose the best one.

The best software solution is the one that is available at a cost-effective rate, offers useful features and functionalities, built with advanced technologies, and meets your business requirements. Here are some of the best solutions in the market:

  • ShiftBoard
  • Planday
  • HotSchedules
  • 7Shifts

02. What are some of the best employee scheduling techniques to follow?

Answer: To plan schedules in the best manner, make sure that you follow some of the best techniques and tricks that will help you to make an excellent schedule for your team members. Here are some of the techniques and tips that you can follow:

  • Know Your Team Members & Employees Closely
  • Create a Better Communication Method
  • Make Use of the Best Tools
  • Try to Make Schedules Flexible and Easy to Access
  • Generate an Employee Availability Chart
  • Listen to Your Employees’ Requests for Replacement and Needs

03. How do I make an employee work schedule free?

Answer: To make a work schedule free without paying any monthly fees and subscription charges, you can use free scheduling apps and tools that are available on the web. Using free tools, you can generate schedules, manage all the team members, and tracker for daily tasks. In fact, there are various free tools and apps, including:

  • Homebase
  • When I work
  • Sling
  • Ximble
  • Humanity
  • Google Calendar
  • ZoomShift

04. What are the benefits of using a scheduling app for business?

Answer: Not only one but there are many benefits that you can get by using a mobile app for scheduling a solution or system. Here are some of the benefits that you can get:

  • Get help in balancing workflow supply and demand
  • Automate the entire scheduling operations and management
  • Employee management and boost productivity
  • Gives a flexible work environment
  • Makes it easier to adhere to a scheduling formula
  • Helps in saving time and extra efforts while creating a schedule

05. How do you solve scheduling problems?

Answer: No matter the type and size of your company, there are chances that you can face problems while scheduling or assigning jobs to your event staff. So here are some starter plan ways to solve those problems and manage everything in the easiest way:

  • First of all, make sure to coordinate availability
  • Now, ensure that you manage time off and time clock
  • Organizing shifts and shifts trade requests
  • Stick with your budget
  • A decrease in late arrivals & time and attendance
  • Get rid of absenteeism
  • Streamline internal communication

06. What is the purpose of a work schedule?

Answer: The main purpose of the work schedule for your business is to get the work done in the best and organized manner. There are many companies and employers that focus on a work schedule to decrease labor costs and complete the maximum amount of work in the allotted times. If the team works under a deadline, then work scheduling is considered as the most important structure that ensures the deadline of the work schedule meets and responsibilities.

On a Concluding Note

As you have checked almost all the information related to free employee scheduling software tools like reasons, key features, top examples, buying elements to consider, and FAQs, it’s time to opt for the best mobile app solution for your business industry. It doesn’t matter the type of organization you are running or the requirements you have, you can find all types of schedule software solutions for your business that will meet your business needs.

Apart from this, if you know any of the best scheduling systems that we should mention in this list, share it with us and we will update our content with your suggestion. In case, if you have any query or problem related to the work schedule solution or want us to cover any specific topic on schedule software, then get in touch with us through our contact us page, filling contact information. We will try to cover it as soon as possible.


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