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5 Things to Consider When Hiring Field Services Engineer For Your Company

When it comes to hiring a field services engineer, staff members, and crew members for your field service business, you may find it difficult to hire the right and eligible candidate for the role. When you look or want to become a field service engineer, ensure that you make a list of things to understand exactly what you are looking for in an engineer. The list will help you to make the right decision and hire the most experienced and suitable candidate for the role.

No matter whether you are running a service-based company or any other type of company, you need to consider some important traits like experience, expertise, knowledge, and aptitude. If you will look for these things in the engineer, you will get sure that you have the right candidate to do the job.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the basic information about field engineers, important things to consider when hiring an automotive field service engineer, and answer the most asked questions. To read the specific section of this blog, you can click on that section in the table of contents.

Basic Information About Field Service Engineer

Field service engineer is also known as an engineering technician, who is usually responsible for inspecting, installing, maintaining, and repairing equipment and new technologies, directing crew members, workers, and staff on the job site to do research and report on project status. The engineers will ensure that everything is working smoothly, and engineering designs, orders, and work orders are being followed.

Many a time, field service engineers work directly with the customers, who lease, rent, and own such products. Therefore, customer service skills and expertise are very much important. Sometimes, the repair, installation, and maintenance services are being performed at the customer’s home or in the place of business.

In addition to this, field service engineers and technicians can work both in the public and private sectors in electronic manufacturing companies. If required, they have to train customers on how to use particular types of hardware. So, this is the general information about the field engineers and technicians. Now, moving ahead, let’s discuss important things that one should consider when it comes to hiring a field engineer or professional for the company.

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5 Things to Consider While Hiring Field Service Engineer

5 Things to Consider While Hiring Field Service Engineer

1. Skills and Special Expertise

One of the main things that you need to consider while hiring a field engineer is the skills and special expertise that he may have. You need to look for a skilled engineer who has the capability and special expertise to perform the job without any hassle. A lot of businesses always run for the experienced engineers, but many a time, expertise and skills are more important than the experience.

It is not always true that experienced engineers are skilled, so be careful when you look for the one. A skilled engineer gives close attention to details and information as they have a habit of working under tight deadlines. Thus, it is a must that the engineer is able to see the detailed picture and the grand scheme. The engineer is giving close attention to the job, he will not get help in the engineering work only, but it will also result in a job done to completion. However, if he is not responsible and not giving attention to details, then issues and deadlines will be missed.

2. Good Communication Skills

Another thing that plays an important role is the good communication skills of the engineer. If the engineer is experienced, skilled, and has the expertise to perform the job, but doesn’t have good communication skills, then it can create problems when it comes to communicating with clients. The most important thing that a field worker has to do on a moment-to-moment basis is communication. It is mainly true for those engineers that have to provide remote support.

Without any ability to communicate, an engineer will have a tough time making their clients understand what’s going on. No matter whether the field engineer is providing remote support, on-call support, or visiting the place, he must have good communication skills so that he doesn’t face any problem. In any case, if something goes wrong in the field or onsite, then engineers must know how to handle it and communicate with the clients, explaining to them the actual problem. In short, field service companies need to consider communication skills.

3. Attention to Small and Important Details

As you know that field engineers and technicians have to visit different places that they have never been and work on equipment in offices that they have never seen earlier. This is the reason why it is necessary for all the engineers to stay aware at all times, write notes, and take pictures in order to make sure that the equipment is left in the same configuration as found.

When they receive new requests from the customer, it is a must that they give attention to their request, expectations, and the service they need so that they can deliver the best quality service as the customer expects. The chances are high that the engineer may run into the problem in the field when building access, network/server room locks, and face any cabling issues. Along with it, it is a must that the engineer gives attention to the environment as well so that they can get help in completing the work as scheduled and prevent delays.

4. Desire to Learn New Tools, Technologies, and Skills

The fourth thing that you need to consider while hiring a field service engineer is the desire that he has to learn new skills, tools, technologies, and expertise. It is a must that you hire one such field expert who has a desire to learn new skills and technologies whether it is about boosting field job, overall field business, or his knowledge in the field service.

In fact, you can observe that technology is changing these days. For example, the emergence of Artificial Intelligence in every different industry and mainly in the field industry demands skilled engineers, who are ready to learn new technologies. Well, it is not necessary that field engineers know everything, but it is necessary that they be a fervent researcher and quick adaptable so that they can find different ways to do the jobs.

For example, they can learn to use field management software and different scheduling software solutions to assign jobs and more. Sticking with old and manual ways will not be helpful for them.

5. Problem Solving Aptitude

The last important thing that you can consider when hiring a field service engineer is problem-solving aptitude. It is a must that he has a problem-solving attitude rather than giving up on the problems, issues, and technical problems. Whether it is about a customer's problem, the issue, or general, the engineer should always participate in the solution, provide suggestions or opinions on different problems.

As it is part of the field engineer’s job, he needs to identify, define, and solve the problems with his critical thinking and diagnostic abilities. Along with a problem-solving attitude, he should have critical thinking and abilities that allow him to be unique in the team.

So, these are the five important things that one should always consider when deciding on hiring a field service engineer for the companies. Moving ahead, let’s discuss the roles and responsibilities he can handle in the organization.

Field Service Engineer Roles and Responsibilities To Handle

Here, you can find the role of service engineer and some responsibilities that he needs to handle in the organization:

  • Maintain equipment: You may have read a technical field service engineer job description many times, so it is necessary that the engineer is capable of overseeing the maintenance of the client’s equipment and infrastructure.
  • Troubleshoot: It is a must that he becomes part of analyzing and solving problems for their clients. He understands and analyzes the problem in-detail and provides the best possible suggestion.
  • Create reports: He needs to create reports as it helps to document and keep track of all the important things. Whether it is about any issue, service request, or anything, it is must that he handles reporting work.
  • Inspecting machinery: Engineers need to perform regular tests and inspect the machinery and its performance for safety and quality. Regular inspection and testing ensure that it meets compliance standards.
  • Install new technology: It is a must that the engineer is capable of handling installation. They must install new and advanced technology systems.
  • Capable of developing new systems: They must stay up to date with the latest industry trends and development so that they can develop improved systems.

These are the roles and responsibilities that any service engineer jobs should include and perform when assigned with roles to perform. In case, if you have any question about field service engineer salaries and engineering technicians, then we have answered here the most frequently asked questions.


What does field engineer do?

Generally, field service engineer duties include inspecting, maintaining, and installing equipment, products, and new technologies. They are also well-known for handling service requests from the customers whether it is about repairing, serving, or anything. They handle the request with the utmost care. Sometimes, field engineers also direct crews, workers on-site, conduct research, and report on project status. They ensure that everything is working exceptionally and smoothly.

What is the role and responsibility of field service engineers?

Here is the list of the role and responsibility that a field service engineer needs to perform:

  • The engineer has to communicate with clients in order to determine the requirements and explain complex problems.
  • Conduct research, study the website and analyze it.
  • Handle field activities and implement engineering designs
  • Resolve malfunctions and other queries when they arise
  • Install new systems and technology
  • Inspect and test material and machinery for safety
  • Make sure that proper maintenance of onsite equipment has been done.
  • Inspect and check repairs and technical enhancements.

What is the field service engineer salary?

The service engineer salary estimates in the United States (Los Angeles) is $61,505 as of May 2020, but the range of salary generally falls between $53,597 and $70,774 in other countries like the United Kingdom, San Francisco, South Carolina, Phoenix, San Diego, New York City, Portland, Seattle, Boston, Siemens, Massachusetts, and other countries and cities. There are many factors like education, certifications, additional skills, and the total number of experiences that impact the salary. We hope that you got the answer to your question how much does a field service engineer make

What is the field service engineer job description that I need to write?

While writing field service engineer jobs description you have to consider many things like an overview of the job titles, job title location, skill set, roles and responsibilities, qualifications like associate degree, education level, salary estimation, and more.


We went through the basic information about field service engineers, important things to consider when hiring mechanical service engineers for your business, roles, and responsibilities he will handle, and general questions and answers.

We hope that the mentioned information helps you to make the right decision and hire an experienced mechanical engineering for companies and organizations. In case, if you have any feedback to share o views, you can get in touch with us through our contact us page. Till then, you can subscribe to our newsletter and get such in-detail articles directly into your inbox.


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