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The 13 Best Employee Scheduling Tools of 2020
(Features + Tips to Choose a Right Scheduling Tool)

Are you running a company or organization with enormous employees? Then, you must have to create, manage, and track their daily shift schedules, tasks, workflows, worksheets, shift swapping, staffing levels to manage time-off requests, and more. If you want to save time and effort on these tasks and staff schedules, then make use of the best employee scheduling tools that will replace the old ways of creating and managing schedules.

Now, it’s time to ditch the old-school techniques like spreadsheets, Google calendars, Google sheets, paper forms, and other old forms of managing employee schedules.  The organizations and companies consider it a difficult and time-consuming task when it comes to managing employees for different shifts and shift coverage.  The admin and the manager who works or takes charge of this task need to think hard and spend a lot of time to plan the time slots of the workers.

However, the best thing about planning and creating schedules is that you can increase the productivity of your business, manage a team of employees with their details, perform schedule changes on the go, check employee’s availability preferences, and time and attendance tracking in real-time.  Not only this but there are many other benefits of using online employee scheduler tools such as decreasing the communication gap, automating the business processes, decreasing labor costs, daily reporting, and analysis.

Being an owner of the business or any service company, if you have decided to adopt the best employee scheduling app, then continue reading this blog.  Herein we have shared the basics of employee scheduling software tools for small businesses, top 10 tools for employee scheduling, tips to choose the right solution, FAQ, and conclusion.

Basics of Employee Scheduling Tool for Businesses

The employee scheduling tool is one such tool that is mainly designed and developed to automate the scheduling process of employees, workflows, and workforces.  Using such tools, businesses of different sizes can automate the entire process of creating and maintaining a schedule.  With just a few clicks, the companies can manage the scheduling of all the members, task lists, automate the daily operations, hourly workforces to re-allocate resources to non-scheduling activities.

This type of tool is also helping users to track the total hours of the employees, sick leave balance, vacation time, sick time, compensation time, and alert when there are any conflicts. Today’s available scheduling solutions often come with a dedicated website, mobile applications, and web solution that supports laptop & tablet devices.

When it comes to a mobile employee scheduling app, this type of employee work scheduling solution increases scheduling management, resulting in increasing productivity and decreasing inefficient scheduling steps like Google calendar, emails, and paperwork.

Further, various such software solutions have functionalities like applicant tracking, onboarding, time and attendance, and automatic limits on overtime.  If you have made up your mind to use a free employee scheduling tool, then here’s a complete list of top scheduling solutions of 2020 that you can check out and select the one for your business.

Top 13 Employee Scheduling Solutions to Check Out in 2020

1. HotSchedules

HotSchedules is one of the free employee scheduling software solutions, allowing companies, organizations, and firms to create, manage, and share schedules of all the employees in real-time.  This scheduling solution is mainly designed and developed for the hospitality and restaurant industry, helping them in managing analytics, workforce, inventory, and other services in one place.  Whether you are looking for a solution that manages workforces, provides analysis, manages inventory, or schedule shifts, this solution manages almost everything related to scheduling, ditching Google calendar.

With a single sign-on, you can easily find, hire, onboard, train, schedule, pay, and retain team members.  The best thing about this solution is that the employees of your company can access the mobile app and view their work anytime and anywhere, swap, releases & automatically pick-up shifts, mark their availability time, sync work schedule with the personal calendar, and more.  Here are some of the top features of this best scheduling system:

  • Procurement and inventory analytics
  • POS analytics
  • Full chain and workforce management
  • Payroll providers and payments management
  • Employee management, tracking satisfaction level

2. When I Work

When I Work is another useful free employee scheduling software solution that builds the work schedules in just a few minutes.  After creating schedules, the time and attendance tracking feature of this solution helps the companies to manage their employee’s total hours along with employee’s break and lunchtimes.

With its desktop and mobile apps, everyone will get the access they need and instantly access the solution whenever they want.  Being the best employee scheduling software tool, it will not only save your time on creating a schedule, but it will also help you in boosting communication, boost accountability among your staff, track time & attendance, and eliminate excuses.

Trusted by over 100,000 workplaces in more than 50 countries, this solution is well-known for its shift scheduling, team task management, team messaging, and time clock that made things a lot easier and quicker to handle.  Here are some of the advanced features of a free employee scheduling solution:

  • Employee scheduler to make and manage the work schedule with just a few clicks
  • Automatic schedule generator to manage shift notes, schedule shifts, and schedule changes
  • Check entire staff schedule from anywhere and anytime
  • Monitor and approve shift trades and time-off requests
  • Real-time updates and notifications about shifts

3. ZoomShift

ZoomShift is a widely used scheduling software solution that makes it easy for all your employees to access the schedules anytime and anywhere using a mobile, tablet device, or laptop.  The tool has made it easier and faster to search shift replacements and ensure that their shifts are always covered.

The users of this application can drag and drop shifts into the calendar within minutes and instantly share the entire calendar with the team through email address, push notifications, and other ways.  If you own or manage employees with 10 to 40 sizes, then you are likely to create schedules to better manage them, so this solution will help you to spend less time on the schedule creation and focus on growth strategies of the business.

Considered as a functional on a mobile phone, this solution creates a seamless transition from website to mobile and web.  Overall, ZoomShift is a worth to use platform for small businesses that comes with many advanced features, including:

  • Work schedule to manage the work of all the employees with priorities
  • Reduce payroll costs and manage online payments through debit and credit card
  • Shift swaps and shift reminders
  • Ability to sync data with iCal and Google Calendar
  • Multiple add-ons and integration with other top software

4. Deputy

Deputy is a simple, intuitive, and powerful scheduling software employee solution that has automated almost everything related to scheduling work.  Using this solution, the admin and manager of the company schedule the right staff as per their availability across different roles or locations. It can be used to easily fill shifts based on training, cost, and employee availability.  Not only this but the solution also helps users to send employee schedules straight to your team members through the desktop or mobile phone.  However, if you want to change the schedule, ensure that staff members check the update by requesting confirmation.

One of the best things about this solution is that it allows users to create AI optimized schedules with just a single click.  Now, using this solution, you can create the perfect schedule for your business, decreasing unwanted wage costs with accurate labor forecasts.  In addition to this, you can ensure that you are running on the budget as it gives a complete view of how your wage costs compared to sales, allowing you to enhance your labor cost percentage.  Here are some advanced features of software employee scheduling:

  • Allows managing shift workers
  • Real-time attendance tracking
  • Auto scheduling and leave management
  • Fair workweek compliance
  • Clock in/out management

5. APS Online to Manage Schedules

APS Online is one of the best and free employee schedule maker solutions that made it easier for companies, businesses, and firms to create, edit, and assign schedules to employees for better labor expense management.  Using this solution, you can easily generate different schedules, filling all the required information, and assign those schedules to employees based on their availability, time preferences, and timetable.

You can receive dashboard alerts for late and absent employees, shift time variances, and clock-in exceptions for scheduling management.  After creating schedules and timetables, the admin can share it with all the employees, allowing them to view their schedules by email, printed copy, or on a desktop or mobile device.  In short, this solution improves the overall communication of employees and the management team.  Give a quick view to the top features of a free employee scheduling software:

  • Intuitive workflow to manage work schedules of all members
  • Built-in payroll to manage payments and other details
  • Flexible shift assignments
  • Actionable reporting and analysis
  • Manage availability preferences

6. Snap Schedule Solution

Snap Schedule Solution is mainly designed and developed for those companies that have 25+ employees and more members of the team.  This software solution empowers managers and schedulers to engage employees in the scheduling process, cuts labor costs, and saves time & effort.  Considered scalable to an unlimited number of employees, shifts, and locations, this solution has enterprise-class tools to schedule the right employee in the right department.

This scheduling solution can be accessed anytime and anywhere from a mobile, tablet, PC/Mac laptop, and desktop devices. SO, employees can access their schedules online, request time off, trade and pick up shits, bid on open shifts, update availability, and more.  Available on Android and iOS devices, this work and employee management solution has a range of features to offer, including:

  • Multi-location scheduling
  • Multiview schedule maker
  • Split shifts, time off and on-calls
  • Trade shifts, swap shifts, and shift schedule through shift planning software
  • Role-based access control

7. Shiftboard

Shiftboard is advanced work and employee management software that eliminates the communication gap between your team members and admin.  While using this solution you can easily view and manage your work schedule, allowing all the team members to check schedules in real-time and access it anytime.  No matter how many employees you have in your team, you can manage all of them with the Shiftboard solution.  In order to use the application, the organization must have an active Shiftboard subscription, so keep ready your Shiftboard username and password to sign-in.

Further, the software can be used to understand your resource needs and then create the employee schedule as per the needs.  After creating schedules, you can assign shifts to workers as per their skills and availability.  Further, you can manage modifications by making adjustments instantly and communicating with workers.  Here are some advanced features of a scheduling solution:

  • Allow employees to check their scheduled shifts
  • Shift management along with complete details
  • Time clock to track clock-in and out
  • Manage availability and request time-off
  • Manage schedule changes by making adjustments

8. Homebase

If you are running a small company like salon, beauty care, ice-cream parlor, event management, or any other home service provider company, then you must be finding it difficult to track all the employees with their schedules. Right?  Homebase is the best scheduling software of 2020 that makes managing hourly work easier for more than 100,000 local businesses.

With advanced solutions like time & attendance tracking, real-time communication & alerts, managers of the company can save time on tracking and scheduling, focusing on growing their business. Many times, employees forget about their shift timing,  resulting in increasing no-show issues, so Homebase's solution sends reminders and notifications for upcoming shifts in employee apps.  Further, the application also updates late, miss clock-out, or overtime information to the admin in order to help them track everything.  This report can be shared with the accounting team, helping them in payroll.  Check out some top features of Homebase software:

  • Building and sharing schedule becomes easier
  • Time tracking and timekeeping to know clock-in and out time from phone, computers, and tablets
  • Manage a team of employees along with their performance
  • Improve team communication through group chats
  • Receive shift reminders and alerts

9. WhenToWork

WhenToWork is a mobile scheduling app, allowing companies and organizations to create schedules for all the employees and team members.  The solution has made viewing schedules, submit time off, sending/receiving messages, and easier than ever.  The Android device users can instantly download this scheduling application that provides a new dashboard for an instant overview for displaying and easy toggling between multiple usernames.  Using this solution, you can instantly launch this solution into the full browser version to access the full website’s functionality.

Being an owner of the company, if you want to quickly create different and repeated schedules every week, then this solution is nothing but a blessing for you.  You can add shifts or import them from schedule templates.  The drag/drop feature of this application makes it easy to make adjustments, allowing employees to log-in and choose the shifts they want.  Here are some top features of this solution:

  • Automatically assign shifts
  • Let employees choose the shifts
  • Drag/Drop interface for easy shift changes
  • Multiple locations / departments
  • Instant notifications and reminders for schedules and labor costs

10. Tsheets

Tsheets is a cloud-based time tracking and scheduling solution that allows the admin and managers of the company to clock in and out from their smartphones.  This solution is considered as the best work schedule software for the work clock that tracks work hours, creates a work log, and even tracks PTO.  Tsheets is known for accurately tracking time and GPS locations.  So, you can Install this time clock app and manage time with the best time tracking tools and software.

One of the best features of this work schedule application is that Who’s Working feature that is an easy-to-use solution that allows you to see where your employees are located and who’s working on what in real-time.  It features in-app scheduling, enabling employers to drag and drop shifts, assign jobs, and send alerts to managers if employees don’t have clocked-in as scheduled.  Here are some top features of Tsheets solution:

  • View time tracker timer history with map
  • Access a breakdown of employee hours by job, customer, or location
  • Edit, delete or approve timesheets online to create a time log
  • Track employee hours accurately with a real-time online time clock
  • Real-time alerts, reminders, and push notifications

11. Humanity

Humanity is a powerful cloud-based platform for employee shift scheduling that is mainly built for enterprise scalability.  It provides an intuitive solution for businesses in a different range of industries from retail to education to healthcare.  The interface is wonderful as it's user-friendly and easy-to-grasp for users. The application has made it even easier to edit and check schedules on your phone.

Comes with a strong customer support team, this solution comes with different monthly plans that companies can choose as per their requirement.  In addition to this, the admin can get support from their employees and team members for actively participating in building the schedules and timetable.  Make use of this scheduling solution and always have the right member with the right skills to perform a particular job.  Nothing is impossible with Humanity scheduling software solution as it offers a range of features, including:

  • Shift planning management with just a few clicks
  • Clock-in and out of shifts from mobile devices
  • Track all the employees with their availability preferences, schedule, and holidays
  • Workplace collaboration and schedule management
  • Sales database analysis and manage business reports in real-time

12. TrackTime24

TrackTime 24 is a simple yet free employee scheduling software that hassle-freely manages work schedules, timesheets, and a team of employees.  Being the admin of the company, you can monitor your employees’ clock-ins and cloud-outs and work life hours, including break time and late marks.  You can also give an instant look at their tasks that are pending, completed, and ongoing so that you can assign the next tasks accordingly.

Considered as the perfect schedule software solution for small businesses, enterprises, local shops, and fortune 500 enterprises, this scheduling software can be customized to fit any company's type and size.  Now, it’s time to ditch papers, notes, spreadsheets, excel sheets, and a web browser to schedule employees and replace all these with this tool.  Here are some more advanced features of TrackTime24 application:

  • Replaced Google calendar by automating scheduling
  • Shift swapping and appointments management capabilities
  • Time and attendance tracking with employee breaks and labor laws
  • Workforce management tool for managing responsibilities through phone support
  • Online time management and schedule distribution

13. Planday

Planday is the most powerful and free employee scheduling needs a solution that specializes in helping businesses with hourly workers to operate more efficiently by streamlining staff management and handling work schedule. So, businesses all over the world can use Planday to save time on administration and scheduling.  Further, this solution helps you in building an employee schedule faster by taking into account the team's vacation, availability, and payroll costs.

Available on a 30-day free trial, this solution is the best option whether you have 30 workers or 300 workers in your company.  You can manage and track all of them together, check their tasks, availability, and communicate with them. This work schedule app also allows employers to save an employee schedule template that they find useful.  They can save the template so that future schedules can be made easily.  Here are some advanced features of Planday solution:

  • Get quick insight into employee activity
  • Efficient work schedule and no-shows management
  • Transparently tracking time and accounting programs
  • One-to-one chat option or group communication to stay on the same page
  • Capability to streamline costs and daily reporting through email notifications

So, these are some of the best scheduling system tools that are popular for their features, functionalities, and advanced technologies on the Capterra platform.  You can make use of these tools and get help in scheduling the implementation process.  Apart from these, there are many other competitors or tools, including Ximble, Simplicity, SetMore, and more that give convenience and rich experience. Moving ahead, let’s discuss some tips that will help you to choose the right tool for your business.

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Tips to Choose the Right Scheduling Tool For Your Business

Tips to Choose the Right Scheduling Tool for Your Business

1. Analyze Your Business Needs

The first thing you need to do is analyze your company and its daily requirements so that you can find the right scheduling software that suffices your needs.  Not only this but you can comprehend the challenges and current problems of your company and adopt one such scheduling software that provides solutions to these problems.

2. Features and Functionalities

The second thing that you should consider in your mind is the features and functionalities of the software.  It is necessary that you check its number of features and functionalities that it provides and know whether it meets your company's requirements or not.  However, it is also important it provides all the advanced features like real-time tracking of employees, live location of the field, payroll management, absence management, auto-schedule, a group calling & chatting, and more.

3. Opt for the Customized Solution

Another important tip that you should consider is a customized solution.  Yes, it is necessary that the software you are adopting for your company can be easily customized with new features, functionalities, factors, and other important things so that it meets your needs and serves the purpose.

4. It must serve the purpose

Not all the available free employee scheduling software solutions serve the purpose of scheduling, management, tracking, satisfying customers, and much more.  Therefore, it is necessary that you choose one such scheduling solution that serves its main purpose and delivers your company with top quality services that you are looking for.

So, these are some of the basic tips of selecting the scheduling solution, but if you want to get in-detailed information on how to choose the right scheduling software for small businesses in 2020, you can refer to this blog that has almost everything related to it.  If you still have some common questions related to automatic scheduling generator solutions, continue as here we have answered some common questions.


01. Which is the best employee scheduling software for small businesses?

Answer:  We have already discussed some top and free employee scheduling software solutions in this blog post; however, if you want to know the best software solutions for small businesses mainly, then here’s the list:

  • WorkSchedule.Net
  • TSheets
  • Deputy
  • Planday
  • When I Work

02. What are the benefits of using employee scheduling solutions?

Answer:  There are many benefits of using employee scheduling solution, including:

  • Balance workflow supply and demand
  • Helps in saving time and effort while creating schedules
  • Boost productivity and satisfaction level
  • Streamlines difficult workflows and schedules
  • Makes it easier to adhere to scheduling formulas

To know more surprising benefits of the best online scheduling app, refer to this blog that gives in-detailed information on the advantages.

03. How much does employee scheduling software cost?

Answer: Most of the employee scheduling software solutions charge on the basis of the number of employees you have in your team.  However, there are some solutions that are available on the per month fees or subscription that starts with an approximate $20.  This per month cost varies from software to software.


As you have gone through the top employee scheduling software tools and tips to choose the right solution, it's high time that you adopt an advanced scheduling solution for your company and take your business to the next level.  By making use of a software solution, you can get many advantages like automating the process, managing a team, handling payments online, tracking sales data, real-time analytics, and more.

In any case, if you have any doubt or confusion on the scheduling solution like how it benefits your business and which is the right software to adopt, then you can get in touch with us through our contact us page.  We will comprehend your business and suggest the right software to go with.


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