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5 Best Employee Scheduling Template Excel to Check Out

As we all know that employee scheduling plays an important role in managing daily operations of various types of businesses. Creating schedules, timesheets, or time tables is most essential for all those companies that mainly rely on shift-based work or we can say work on different shift slots. No matter whether you are scheduling shifts for your service business, retail business, hospital, bar staff or any other industry, it is must that you have an effective employee scheduling template excel to use.

By creating effective schedules for your employees and staff members, you will not only increase the productivity of your company, but also keep your staff members for satisfied, content, and less stressed about their job tasks. To get detailed information about employee scheduling solutions and best templates, continue reading this blog. To read the specific section of this blog, you can click on that section in this given table of content.

Introduction to Employee Scheduling Template

In a simple language, employee scheduling template is a simple and easy-to-access calendar for a particular time period that has employees’ names, particular jobs or tasks to perform, and shift timings. Using different scheduling templates, employers of the company can generate schedules in just a few minutes and assign those jobs and tasks to all of their employees.

In addition to this, the template allows employers to note down and organize all the employees with their daily shifts, absences, sickness leaves, workload, pay, overtime and other important details. If you are finding it difficult to manage a team of workers, technicians or your employees, then making use of the daily employee schedule template excel is a great option. It will also help you to forecast your labor costs, helping you to stay within your created budget.

Being an owner of the business, if you have made up your mind to use make use of work scheduling template, but finding it difficult to choose the best ones from a complete list, don’t worry. You don’t have to be bothered as here we have listed 5 best scheduling templates that better serve your business needs.

5 Best Employee Scheduling Templates For MS-Excel

1. Employee Shift Template

Employee Shift Template is a monthly employee work schedule template excel that is available for all the companies and organizations that are looking for a Microsoft Excel format template. Using this feature-rich template, the businesses are allowed to generate a flexible weekly employee shift plan using its week planner template.

Considering the total number of employees and hours that they need to be worked, the actual allocated hours, the total number of allocated hours for the entire week, the employer of the company can set the shift that employees start work and the time that they complete every day. In addition to this, daily schedule template excel also allows you to track all employees’ absences like holidays, sick time, urgent leaves, break time, and other such information.

And the best thing about this schedule templates is that it can be customized as per your business requirements and the days of the week your staff work. Available with the 30-day free trial, this employee schedule excel template also has a 100% free version that has some conditions.

2. Humanity: Free Employee Work Schedule Template is offering the best free employee shift schedule template for ms-excel that allows businesses of different industries to create work schedules, time-off requests, timesheets, and the entire worksheet with timing. In any case, if you still generate schedules for your employees using old school techniques like pen & paper, paper forms, or calling them individually to discuss the schedules, then you are wasting hours of effort.

You can opt for this scheduling template that is a great way to manage your staff’s time slots and schedules efficiently. It is one of the weekly planner templates that help you to create schedules in advance, helping your business to have the right employees scheduled to work at the right shift. It is very much important for the success of your business. In short, good planning saves hours of time and money, allowing you to instantly share the schedule with the team so that everyone can be on the same page.

By sharing a schedule with your staff members, you can give them the opportunity to make them aware of any preferences for the shift that they may have any. Monthly Employee schedule excel template will make it easy to edit, change or modify the created schedules and notify the staff members when required.

3. Weekly Shift Schedule Template

Weekly Shift Schedule Template is a free scheduling template that is available in a variety of formats, including Excel, Google Docs, Spreadsheet, PDF, and Word. Week plan template allows you to schedule your employees’ shifts for one week and assign jobs or different tasks or roles to each employee for each day.

This excel template for scheduling employee shifts both Excel and Google spreadsheet formats allow you to edit or change the first day of the week and the hour of your first shifts. Ideal for different businesses like hotels, restaurants, retail stores, bars, and service businesses, this template schedules your employees’ shifts, monitors and controls their attendance and work progress in just a few simple clicks.

4. When I Work: Free Excel Template for Employee Scheduling

When I Work is a free excel template for employee scheduling that has made it easy for businesses, companies, and organizations to add employees, add shifts, track overtime of the employees, forecast your labor costs, and a lot more. Employee work schedule excel template is one of the best excel templates for scheduling as it allows you to instantly check your staff schedule at one glance and quickly make changes to employee’s schedules as per his preferences.

If you want to save time and extra efforts on the work schedule, then go with this blank monthly employee schedule template excel that increases accountability among your people, boost productivity, and improve communication among the team.

5. Weekly Calendar Template From Smartsheet

Now, you can easily stay organized by managing and streamlining the process of planning. Just sit back relax and accomplish personal and business goals using this template. Considered as a simple yet effective time-management platform to download, this weekly calendar tool is perfect for any daily activity fill no matter whether you are creating work schedule, academic assignments or anything else.

The main benefit of using this solution is that it will decrease the misunderstanding between employees or your team members. In short, it allows you to keep track of anything you want, including tasks, projects, appointments, and meetings.

So, these are some of the best employee scheduling templates for excel that are known for their exclusive features to make an excel spreadsheet scheduling employees easier than never before. These templates can be used effectively to generate schedules for the entire team and for the better result, you can follow the top employee scheduling techniques as well. Moving ahead let’s talk about how to create one simple excel employee schedule template by following give steps.

5 Simple Steps to Create Excel Employee Schedule Template

5 Steps to Create Employee Schedule Template in Excel

  1. Open New Blank Spreadsheet: First, all you need to do is, open a new black spreadsheet. After, starting a new excel spreadsheet, you need to give a name to it. You can name as per your choice so that you can quickly identify it. For instance, Work Schedule from April 15 to 25.
  2. Create Headings: Now, in the first row of the spreadsheet, you can create column headings. The easiest way to generate headings is, just name the first column as Team MemberName and then name the other columns after the days. However, if you are generating a schedule for more than 1 or 2 weeks, all you have to do is use dates as the column headings. To make them look unique, just select the text and keep it in the bold font.
  3. List Down All The Employees: List down all the employees with their names, ID number or code. List down all the employees or team members under the “Employee Name” heading.
  4. List Down Timing and Shifts: Now, in the other columns, all you can do is list downshift timing for all the members. The listing will allow them to find their work, shift timing and other details on the work schedule template.
  5. Time to Share With Employees: Ultimately, share the schedule with all your employees and team members. As per their choice and convenience, team members can take out the print of this schedule and hang it in the office’s main wall so that all the staff members and staff members can view this schedule.


01. How do I create an employee schedule in Excel?

Answer: To create a schedule, you can follow these given steps:

  • Open a new spreadsheet
  • Now, in the first row of the spreadsheet, you can create generate column headings
  • List down all the members' names, ID numbers or codes
  • You can enter the schedules, shift times under the days of the entire week
  • Finally, share the created schedule with your team

02. How do you create a rota in Excel?

Answer: Here’s the basic way to generate shift schedule template:

  • First, you require 22 columns in total
  • You can name the first column as Name
  • Now, name the next three columns: Monday IN. Monday OUT. Total Hours
  • You can do is repeat step 3 for each day of the week

03. What is the best work schedule?

Answer: One of the most common full-time work schedules is a variant of 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday, including 40 hours per week. However, full-time schedules are the same shift each day whereas in some cases, shifts can be different, but the hours will be the same as 40 hours per week.

04. What are the different types of work schedules for employees?

Answer: Generally, there are five different types of schedules for team members, including:

  • Part-time
  • Full time
  • Flexible shift
  • Fixed schedule
  • Rotating shift


As you have just gone through the 5 monthly employee shift scheduling template excel, you can make use of these templates to make in-detail schedules, filling all the required information like name, check-in and check-out clock, total working hours, and work details.

Apart from these mentioned templates, if you are aware of any schedule that is best in terms of features, you can share it with us by commenting below. In case of any query or problem, you can get in touch with us through our contact us page.


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