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8 Advanced Employee Scheduling Techniques and Tricks to Follow

Who likes to spend hours of precious time on scheduling employees? No one right? But still, everyone spends almost a day on staff scheduling, managing time-off requests, shifts & availability, task management, and anticipating staff demands.

Do you know that the average manager of the company spends 3.14 hours a week, making up the employee schedule techniques? Yes, you read it right. Not only this, but there are also big brands and companies that face big problems while maintaining the daily scheduling of all the staff members.

These companies face a massive amount of problems, errors, and glitches while maintaining schedules manually in the google spreadsheets, google calendar, and excel sheets. In fact, a lot of schedulers spend a day or week developing, publishing and editing employee schedules so that the company doesn't face any problem.

Looking at these problems, we can say it’s high time for companies and businesses to use employee scheduling software or tricks that make it easier to create schedules. In this post, we will discuss the basics of employee scheduling and then look at the advanced tricks and tips of it. Here’s the content table to take you to the particular section of the blog.

What is Employee Scheduling?

Employee scheduling is scheduling management of staff members and employees of the company, helping owners and managers to administer their hourly workers. Creating schedules and plans for the employees gives consistent results, manages deadlines, increases employee productivity and enhances workforce satisfaction.

Creating employee work schedules and shift in advance helps businesses to track all the tasks, includingtotal working hours of the employees, shift scheduling, shift changes, and pending & ongoing work that needs attention. In short, scheduling helps in many ways like balancing workflow supply and demand, creating a flexible work environment, increasing productivity, boosting employee engagement and shift management. Moving ahead, let’s discuss the advanced employee scheduling tricks that businesses can follow to create work schedules in the easiest manner.

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8 Advanced Employee Scheduling Tricks to Follow

8 Advanced Employee Scheduling Tricks to Follow

1. Know Your Team Members & Employees Closely

In order to make a good work schedule that works for both your business and staff members, you need to be aware of what their shift timing is. You need to make a work schedule that benefits your business and employees both and make it easier to manage everything.

The most important point here is that you need to be a little crafty with scheduling tips, considering your employees’ skills and work preferences. To avoid any kind of scheduling issue, you can take account of your team members’ preferences. You can schedule employees working and team members as per their preferred hours.

Knowing your employees and staff members help you to make scheduling and streamline the entire business process. However, many of the businesses have started using a scheduling app that automates scheduling processes, considering essential factors. Further, you as the owner of the company can generate an internal system, enabling your employees to share their views on work schedule and shift timings.

2. Create a Better Communication Method

As we all know that communication is the key to any business, and when it comes to the service industry or any other such industry, it plays an important role, allowing admin and the employees to communicate and discuss the work, daily tasks, and progress on a regular basis.

Thus, creating a team-wide communication method makes it easier for both the company and employees to know where to look for the work schedule employees working sheet. With an easy to use communication method, the employees do not have to search for the particular conversation in the email, instant messages, and text messages. Everyone will make use of the same method or any communication tool so that everyone can be on the same page.

In any case, if you still have not set-up the best communication method for your business, then it’s high time to set up the team-wide communication method or make use of top communication tools. As almost all people are using smartphones nowadays, it is better to choose one such communication method to schedule that uses omnipresent technology.

3. Make Use of the Best Tools

As we have already discussed that there are a lot of tasks to do when it comes to scheduling, various companies are making use of the advanced tools that help them to create work schedules within just a few minutes.

Available tools not only help companies, but also help employees of the company to view and check their tasks, work schedules, and pending work if any. Moreover, the tools have eliminated the need for pen and paper-based scheduling, excel sheets, and spreadsheets. On the web, you can find plenty of such scheduling apps and software solutions that are available with a free trial. In short, these tools help you to streamline and automate your scheduling process.

When it comes to selecting the perfect tool for your business, make sure that you choose one that meets your business requirements and helps to streamline the basic tasks that involve scheduling. In simple language, find the right software solution or tool that always makes sure that you get the best work schedule possible.

4. Try to Make Schedules Flexible and Easy to Access

While making a work schedule for your employees, make sure that you give your employees a level of steadiness that will be highly appreciated by them. When creating tasks and schedules in advance, it is a must that you don’t create totally different schedules from week to week as it will frustrate them.

In fact, totally different schedules from the last week or month can take a lot of time for your employees to understand and execute it. Thus, it is better to give some kind of flexibility within their schedules so that they can maintain a work-life balance in the best way. Along with the flexibility in the schedules, you need to take care of the accessibility. Ensure that your employees can easily access their schedules and don’t miss their tasks or shifts.

Not only this, but you can also get an assurance that your employees and staff members have checked their schedules or shifts in advance. Post work schedule somewhere that is easier for them to access and check.

5. Generate an Employee Availability Chart

Many a time, a team member is unable to find a replacement to cover his shift scheduling when he is in an emergency. Whenever such a situation comes, an employee availability chart will help you to find someone who can work. Using the shift availability chart to check who is available at a particular time slot, the business owners can easily allocate someone who can easily handle the work.

Emergencies are always inevitable, so rather than wasting time to call all the employees for availability, a shift availability chart can do wonders for you. The shift availability chart will work like Plan B for you and help you to assign a team member in an emergency. In short, this shift chart will simplify the substitute process and reduce the stress that is involved with the last-minute substitution needed.

6. Listen to Your Employees’ Requests and Needs

Another important technique that you need to consider while creating shifts and schedules for your employees is listening to their requests and special requirements. You can communicate with your employees and listen to their views about the shifts and schedules that you are assigning to them.

A good scheduling software or tool helps the admin to make changes in the created shifts and schedules on the go and execute them in real-time. In fact, the tool will help you to reply, approve, or deny employees’ requests in real-time. So, avoid late replies and missing important messages from your employees when in an emergency. You can stay connected with them and listen to their requests, needs and take quick action for the same.

7. Try to be Little Creative and Innovative

It does not matter how good your work schedule is, there is always room to improve and learn something to make your work shifts and schedules better. In fact, there will always be unexpected queries or issues that might arrive at the wrong time but don't be afraid to be a little creative and innovative with your work schedule and shift schedules.

Whenever you face any issue or problem, you can test out any scheduling tools or solutions. Using employee scheduling software, you can track all your employees and know those who are interested in working in a split-shift that can help you to resolve the issues. In short, you can be creative and innovative when it comes to facing issues in scheduling and employees’ task management.

8. Appreciating Employees’ Efforts

We all love to get appreciated by our boss. Right? So, this is the reason why you should appreciate your employees’ efforts. It will motivate them to work harder and improve their productivity level, resulting in completing their tasks and shifts on time or even before time.

Therefore, take out some time to notice the efforts and hard work of your employees and know your employee preferences. All they want is someone who believes in their capability. It is one of the important tips to make your employees happy, resulting in increased employee satisfaction and successful business.

So, these are the 8 advanced scheduling tricks that you as an admin of the company or organization can follow. Following these tricks and tips, you can make an employee work schedule that benefits both your company as well as your employee.

Moving ahead, let’s discuss the benefits of following these scheduling tips and tricks. Herein we will discuss how these tricks can benefit your business.

Benefits Of Following Employee Scheduling Tricks and Tips

1. Helps in Workflow Supply and Demand

One of the main benefits of scheduling and creating work shifts is that it helps in workflow supply and demand. It means you can assign the right work to the right employee as per his skills and expertise.

In fact, you can make use of technology like tools and software solutions to track the flow of work and assign the right number of employees to handle work demand. Looking at the stored data, you can have an insight on demand at the time of specific situations like events, festivals or seasonal-based. Considering all such points, you can look at the demand and supply the right number of employees to take care of needs.

2. Boost Productivity

Another benefit of scheduling and creating tasks in advance for your employees is boosting productivity. The employees will get tasks, schedules, and work details in advance that they can check and start working on it quickly.

It results in boosting the productivity of an entire team. In fact, the schedule will help you to track all the employees, jobs, and labor hours based on created schedules.

3. Evaluate Your Resources in Easiest Manner

With the employee schedule, you will get an easier view of all your resources with their skills, expertise, and knowledge. You can manage all the resources and assign those resources to particular jobs that suit their skillset.

It also provides you access to a rich source of data and information, ranging from attendance to skills and performance ratings that can be tapped easily for evaluations. Not only this, but scheduling helps you to notice if there are any corresponding requests for leaves, so you can easily adjust schedules and shifts in advance.

4. Maximized Returns

As we all know that the employees are the most important resources for your business, but you also need to know that they can be an expense for you if you do not manage or schedule their work in advance. So, scheduling is the best way to manage schedules and shifts in advance and help you to balance payroll costs, employee turnover, and maximum staff utilization.

As you know that it is all about the right employee on the right work and at the right time, so scheduling will make all things much easier, giving high returns on your investment. With just a few clicks, you can find the right employee to handle and complete the task in less time than estimated. Thus, time and money can be saved on labor costs, allowing you to focus on other essential tasks that require your attention.

You have gone through the benefits of scheduling and shift management for your business, so you can start creating one such schedule, following our shared tricks. However, you might have some general questions in your mind. Right? Don’t worry! Here, we have tried to answer your common questions. Let’s have a quick look!


01. How do you do employee scheduling?

Answer: Making an employee schedule and shift planning schedule is the most important part of running a business. To make an employee schedule in the right manner, you can follow the following steps:

  • First of all, make a list of all your employees and the duties that they need to perform.
  • Now, make an availability chart of the total workdays and the hours.
  • Communicate with your employees to know what days or times they will not be available.
  • Allow employees to share and fill the hours that suit their availability.
  • After filling all the night shift duties and hours, verify the entire schedule with employees so that you make sure that there are no conflicts.
  • It’s time to share the schedule with all the employees.

02. How do you improve employee scheduling?

Answer: To improve scheduling, you can follow scheduling tricks that are listed below:

  • Make use of the best scheduling tools and software available
  • Build a communication mode
  • Try to make schedules easy-to-access and flexible
  • Be innovative and little creative
  • Appreciate employees’ efforts

03. How do I make scheduling easier?

Answer: To make scheduling easier, you can follow these simple tips:

  • First of all, know your business and your employees
  • Communicate your schedules efficiently
  • Make schedule changes easy to do
  • Overtime restrictions for your employees
  • An ability to shift swaps and trade shifts
  • Provide online access to schedules

04. How do you manage a shift schedule?

Answer: To manage a shift schedule in an easy manner, you can make use of the best and advanced tools and scheduling software that are available on the web. You can choose one such software that offers different features to make a shift scheduling process easy.

05. Is there an app for scheduling all the employees?

Answer: Yes, there are various mobile applications and scheduling solutions. Some of the software solutions are available with a free trial, allowing you to take advantage of the tool and know its benefits.

06. Which is the best employee scheduling app or software solution?

Answer: As said there are many apps and software solutions for managing employee schedules and workforce management, so you can choose one such mobile app that best meets your business requirements. However, if you are finding it hard to choose the best one, here are the three best and effective employee scheduling software:

  • Sling
  • Shiftboard
  • Homebase

On a Concluding Note

After knowing basic information about employee scheduling, its techniques, and its major benefits for your business, it’s high time for you to start executing these techniques and make a perfect scheduling plan. Following these techniques, you can make a schedule that not only benefits your employees but your company too.

In any case, if you are finding it difficult to create a schedule due to the high number of employees, you can opt for employee scheduling software that will automate the entire scheduling process. From creating schedules to managing employees, tracking total hours to the total number of tasks, the software solution will make everything easier for you.

However, if you have any confusion or query related to scheduling like why your business should start making it and why to use the software, you can connect with us through our contact us page. We will get back to you as soon as possible and answer your queries.


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