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What is Employee Scheduling Software?
(Types + Benefits + Examples)

Running a company with a lot of employees is not an easy task to do. Being an owner or the admin of the company, you have to manage employees with their daily tasks, and reporting. Coordinating with each employee and tracking their schedule manually is hours of a task that you have to perform.

Instead of doing it manually, what if you can manage all the employees with their tasks and schedule changes using an employee scheduling software solution. Yes, you read it right. Fortunately, we are living in the modern technology world and there are options like software that will replace the old—school techniques of managing employees.

Herein we have discussed staff scheduling software, types of software, core features and how it benefits your company. Not only this, but we have also shared top employee scheduling software examples and answered most asked questions of the companies. However, if you are looking for any specific section, just click on any section in the given content table.


In simple language, employee scheduling software is one such solution that helps companies and organizations to automate the entire process of creating, tracking, and maintaining employee schedules, ditching old methods like a time clock, Google calendar, and Google sheets. Such scheduling software helps companies to organize hourly workforces to re-allocate those resources to non-scheduling activities. It improves overall team collaboration, productivity, and workforce management.

In addition to this, free employee scheduling software also tracks the total activities of the staff members, helping you to know the most intelligent employees and the ones who require training. Today, most of the scheduling software comes with mobile applications and mobile scheduling boost scheduling productivity and eliminated inefficient scheduling process steps.

Along with benefits to companies, the solution gives many benefits to employees as it allows them to access their schedules from any location on their mobile device and get instant alerts and notifications. Overall, such solutions are helpful for both employees and organizations to replace old Google calendar methods. Moving ahead, let’s check out the different types of employee scheduling solution.

Types of Employee Scheduling Software

Here, we have already discussed what is employee scheduling software and now we will discuss different types of it that help companies to manage employees. It comes in two types that are:

1. Static Scheduling

This type of schedule is best for all those employees that have fixed working shifts. The companies rotate employees on two or more shifts during a 24-hour period with a predefined periodicity. It will remember the entire routine of employees and streamline the process by searching which team member is scheduled for a particular shift in the day. Some of the businesses that are perfect for this solution are restaurants, hotels, and hospitals.

2. Dynamic Scheduling

Dynamic scheduling is a perfect fit for those companies that have changed work schedule and shifts. It also belongs to shifts that have to change clients and locations such as home care contractors, pet sitting services, repairing and cleaning service providers and such businesses. In this, employees are scheduled for a shift at different locations and times. Using a dynamic solution, the admin of the business can avoid scheduling conflicts so that technicians and field workers get real-time updates, notifications, alerts about jobs and time-off requests. Some of the products offer only one type whereas others can also implement the two scheduling types. Generally, it comes in three deployment types, including:

Desktop Applications

This type of solution is licensed and installed on the user’s hardware and comes with advanced features. It allows users to customize reports and updates. However, the negative part of this solution is that they don’t provide an online portal for customer access. And installed desktop apps need to be regularly maintained, supported and upgraded by the end-user.

Web-based Systems (SaaS)

Talking about this solution, they are offered by a third-party provider as a hosted software solution. One of the main benefits of this solution is customers will have the convenience of booking and scheduling their own appoints over the web.

Mobile Applications

When it comes to mobile apps based scheduling software, it allows the admin of the business to manage and track all the employees on the go using a mobile app. No matter whether he is in the canteen, office desk or traveling anywhere, he can track employees with their shift schedules on their smartphone. In fact, employees will also have an app to check their schedules, upcoming jobs, important alerts and time-off requests on mobile apps.

Core Features of Employee Scheduling Software

Must-have features for companies or organizations

Features of Employee Scheduling Software for Companies

Create Employees Profile

Free employee scheduling tools allow companies and organizations to create a profile of their employees and keep track of them. The admin of the business can add all the basic details about the employees, including job details, personal information, and other required information.

Create Jobs

Create new jobs with just a few clicks on the screen. The admin can create as many jobs as they have in the system. With software for employee scheduling needs, the admin can mention the job type, urgency level and expertise level required that will make scheduling and assigning easier for them.

Schedule Jobs

No matter how many jobs there are, the admin can schedule all the jobs to available employees. The jobs can be scheduled with their deadlines so that employees do not miss performing it. This will also help in scheduling jobs across the year and making sure quicker completion.

Assign Jobs

As you know that the team is a mixed bag and you offer service jobs all over the year that means you need to ensure that your technicians and specialists are available for a particular job. The software gives you a complete view into what jobs are being handled by whom and what is the schedule of the particular technician. According to the availability, the admin can assign the job to the specialists.

Track Employees

If you want to keep track of all the team members like what job they are performing and from what time the job has been started, then tracking team members is the best feature that helps the admin of the business to track all the employees in one place. In fact, the admin can track the total time like how many minutes or hours it took to complete the job and other details.


No need to make reports manually on the jobs, employee availability, and pending tasks because the reports feature allows the admin of the business to generate weekly, quarterly and yearly reports. The generated report will help you to stay aware of your customers and jobs that you have created and operations, which you need to improve.


Generating invoices becomes much easier in case the payment is yet to be completed. The admin can generate invoices, keep track of the invoices that are sent and received. This feature will maintain a complete detail of whether invoices are paid or yet to be paid.

Features for the Employees

Features of Employee Scheduling Software for Employees

Check the Assigned Job

The team member will receive the job that he can check in the application with its complete details like the customer’s name, address, contact number, required service or job and other essential details related to the job that he has to Perform.

Driving Directions

Using scheduling solution, the technician will get the driving direction to reach the place where he needs to perform the job. The suggested driving direction will show the easiest route to the employees or field workers to reach the place.

Real-time Job Status Update

This is the most useful feature in the employee job scheduling software, allowing employees to update the job status in real-time. Whether the employees are starting the job, working on it or have completed it, they can update the status, keeping the admin of the business updated about everything.

Invoice Generator

Depending on the requirement of business, the team member can generate the invoice using an online employee schedule solution. This feature will help the employees to create invoices with information like the customer’s name, contact number, service or job that performed and other required detail.


What if all the customers are choosing different ways to make payments? Managing payments using a free employee scheduling tool is easily possible as you can track total accepted and pending payments. In fact, employees can receive payments in different ways like cheque, cash, PayPal, and Stripe.

Benefits of Employee Scheduling Software

Benefits of Employee Scheduling Software

1. Improve Employee Communication

One of the main benefits of using employee scheduling software is, it improves employee communication, helping them to stay in touch with each other. Staying in touch with employees is important to ensure that they make it to their assigned duties. In fact, group notifications and alerts are sent to employees when there are new schedules assigned to them or if any changes are made with their shifts. Another advantage is, it helps to look for available staff when the assigned staff fails to come to work.

2. Increase Productivity and Efficiency

The scheduling software solution helps in increasing the productivity and efficiency of the business as it tracks all the employees, jobs, and labor hours based on actual paradigms calculated from historical data. By calculating the actual time to perform jobs, hours and employees (be it experienced and new), the admin can assign all the jobs and keep track of everything, resulting in increased productivity and efficiency.

3. Evaluate Your Company’s Resources

Employee schedules software offers a rich source of data and information that ranges from attendance information to skills and performance ratings that can be tapped easily for evaluations. The admin can monitor, measure and track all the resources, making sure that you fill a role and mainly critical ones. It will also help you to notice that if there are any corresponding requests for vacation leaves so you can adjust schedule proactively in advance and schedule employees accordingly.

4. Increase Employee Satisfaction

An employee scheduling software online makes sure that the employees are scheduled to work when they are actually available to work and not when they are busy and already have a number of jobs to perform. The right number of jobs to employees leads to less confusion over scheduling. And if there is less confusion over-allotment, the staff members will be happier and more satisfied. Overall, the employee software has improved the retention rate and provides success to your business.

Employee Scheduling Software Examples 2020

1. WorkSchedule.Net

Considered as the perfect schedule software to keep all your employees and team members on the same page, this tool is easily accessible by all the employees. Using this tool, the staff member can track all the changes and modifications in real-time. Moreover, the software’s special time block editor is unique as it has the ability to schedule shifts, multiple schedules at once and labor costs.

2. TrackerPal

TrackerPal is an intuitive free employee management tool that comes with built-in time tracking and compliance tools. It comes with advanced features like real-time communication and management, this software solution allows users to manage their workforce efficiently. It optimizes your operations, enhances productivity and decreases costs. Provide a 14-day free trial, it is a customized software employee scheduling solution that is available with easy set-up.

3. Deputy

Deputy is a simple and intuitive online employee schedule solution that helps businesses and organizations to build schedules in minutes. Using this tool, the businesses can schedule available staff across different roles, departments or locations. In order to increase revenue, it allows users to compare wage costs against sales forecasts. Not only this, but this solution also comes with a range of other features, including monitor attendance & breaks, manage fatigue & overtime, and schedule jobs by skill-set.

4. Homebase

Homebase is a free employee scheduling tool that is considered among the top solution because of its range of features and functionality. Along with timesheets, efficient time clocks, stellar scheduling, easy messaging, this solution sync data from different payroll and POS companies, so users can effortlessly make the transition to Homebase from other platforms. In addition to this, schedule software for employees provides a free Basic plan for unlimited staff members; however, it also comes with other plans that offer more features for monthly and annual costs.

5. Scoro

Scoro is a cloud-based business management software solution that is targeted for small and medium enterprises mainly for those in the IT, advertising, and consulting. Offers features like collaboration, work schedule, and tracking, customer relations management, project management, quoting and billing, this online employee scheduling software has a user-friendly interface that is complemented by its elimination of the need to switch between solutions and email clients.

So, these are the top and most popular scheduling software for employees, allowing top companies and organizations to schedule shifts, track daily tasks, generate reports and more. Do you have any questions related to scheduling solution? Here, we have answered the basic questions that most of the users have related to scheduling software employee.


01. What is the best employee scheduling app?

Answer: There are a range of scheduling software solutions on the web that are known for their top features, functionalities, and benefits; however, talking about the best ones, we have listed some of the most popular and best employee scheduling software to choose from:

  • WorkSchedule.Net
  • TrackerPal
  • Deputy
  • Homebase
  • Scoro

02. How do you schedule an employee?

Answer: To schedule staff or team member, you just need to follow the given steps:

  • First of all, make a list of your managers and the duties that you can perform.
  • Now, make a chart of the workdays and the hours for each day.
  • It’s time to make a list of days/times that each staff member will not be able to work for the period that you are scheduling.
  • Now, allow staff members to fill the time or hours that will work best for them.
  • For the remaining hours, just fill the names of staff members that you know are available during those time periods.
  • Ask all the managers to check and review their schedule to ensure that there are no confusions.
  • Ultimately, post the time tables of managers to check.

03. Why is employee scheduling important?

Answer: In simple language, employee scheduling is important to function and run your business efficiently. Scheduling allows creating order and a flow to your business. With this, all the teams will know when they are supposed to work that enables them to focus on the job. Moreover, a proper work schedules makes sure that important tasks and jobs are covered at the appropriate time.


So, this is the complete guide on scheduling software that covered majorly everything like a basic definition to types, core features to benefits and examples to general questions that users might have.

It does not matter whether you are running a company with 50 members or 500 staff members, employee scheduling software plays an important role to manage tasks, and daily time tables smoothly. With a range of free and paid apps, you can make schedule a lot easier and grow your business worldwide using mobile app based scheduling solution.

Apart from this, if you might want to check out our previous blog on service scheduling software where we have covered almost all the relevant information about it.


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