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Checklist to Consider While Selecting Employee Scheduling App For Small Business

Almost all types of businesses need some kind of scheduling system and simple employee scheduling app for their business. And it is mainly important for all those companies that have a team of employees, technicians, and workers who work in shifts and different time slots.

The setup process of creating schedules and workflows is like a long marathon that takes the entire day of the admin, wasting hours of time and effort. With an employee scheduling system, the manager and admin of the company can create the proper employee schedules, increasing the overall productivity of the team.

Further, these scheduling apps are mainly designed and developed to give you the boost that you need to run your business successfully. With the right solution and strategy, the enterprises can overcome a lot of problems, including improper team management, communication gaps in teams, improper resource planning, poor execution of schedules & work schedules.

In this blog, we will discuss almost all the important information about small business employee scheduling app from basic information to checklist while selecting the software, the benefits of using this schedule solution to top examples of work schedule apps and general questions. You can easily find a particular section of this blog in the given content table, so just click on it.

Introduction to Online Employee Scheduling App

Employee shift scheduling app or we can software solution is mainly designed and developed for those companies and organizations that have a team to work in different time slots. Creating, managing and tracking schedules of all the employees become easily possible using this mobile app solution for scheduling. It automates the entire scheduling process of generating schedules, manages labor costs, increases productivity, improves workforce management, and customer satisfaction. In addition to this, the mobile and web-based solution is known for auto-scheduling, swap shifts, timesheets, shift reminders, training sessions, and clock-in & clock-out time.

Moreover, there are many other features or components that such software solutions are providing such as performance tracking, reports on sales & overall growth, shift changes, trade shifts, team members management, syncing business data in real-time, and time tracking. If you have decided to adopt shift planning software for your business, here’s the checklist to consider while selecting the solution from different options.

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Checklist to Consider While Selecting Employee Scheduling Application

Checklist to Choose Employee Scheduling App

1. It Must Manage Schedules and Employees Easily

When selecting any software for work schedules and work orders management, it is necessary that it allows managing schedules and all the team members and technicians easily. From platforms, you can manage a team of over 100 employees along with their job requests, task list, and project progress.

Along with scheduling and employee management, it must provide various other tools like automated and group scheduling, seasonal job assigning capabilities, resource planning, tracking employee’s working hours, overtime, vacation, and break times. Using these additional tools, you can smoothly manage everything related to your employees and schedule.

2. It Must Provide Exclusive Range of Features and Functionalities

Another point that you can consider in the employee scheduling tool is the number of exclusive features and functionalities it offers. It is a must that you select one such solution that has a maximum number of features that make it easy for you to create team schedules and manage the entire team.

Along with managing, the solution provides real-time updates about the technician’s location, clock-in and out time, the current progress of the tasks, sudden sick leave management, employee engagement, shift replacements, overlapping shifts and more. When it comes to selecting one solution from different available options, here are the features that you can consider:

  • Employee Shifts Management, Including Shift Scheduling, Shift Planning, Shift Collaboration, and Shift Notes
  • Schedule Employees and Job Assignments
  • Employee Performance Tracking
  • Schedule Alerts
  • Push Notifications
  • Payroll Management and Labor Costs Calculation
  • Collaboration and Reporting
  • live Chat and Support Team

3. It Must Provide Remote Access to Employees and Management Teams

It is considered as the most essential point to keep in mind when choosing time tracking software. Make sure that you choose one such solution that provides remote access to your employees of the company.

No matter whether they are in office, on-site, on-road, home or anywhere, they can instantly access the schedule and check their timetable for the day, week, or month. Without any interpretation, the members can give a quick look at their weekly targets, upcoming shifts/trading shifts, total hours to complete, and full visibility to their worktime history and daily schedule.

Remote access will allow your team members and field technicians to have a healthy work-life balance by managing all the things through their smartphones, tablets, or laptops. Now, there is no need to check google calendar apps, spreadsheets, google docs, excel sheets, pen & paper forms for upcoming timetables or time-off requests as the solution will give instant access to everything in a calendar view. In short, it will also boost employee engagement and satisfaction level, increasing overall work performance.

4. Provides an Excellent Communication Channel

Communication with the team members, admin, management team, and all the technicians play an important to be on the same page. Thus, it is must that the solution you choose for your company provides an excellent communication channel, where all the members from juniors to seniors can communicate without any hassle.

As we all know that the miscommunication with the members can lead to a serious problem in the business needs and the entire workflow, delivering poor quality customer service, unhappiness among staff members, and a lot more. In fact, one of the leading news websites Forbes reported that two out of five employees are unhappy at work life due to communication issues.

Being in the service business or any other industry, you make sure to choose a scheduling app that comes with built-in communication features, making it easier for the admin, managers, and clients to get in touch instantly. In short, sharing updates, filling open shifts, and sudden shift trades changes become easy without managing any spreadsheet or an email address.

5. It Must Ease Managing Labor Costs

Consider one such scheduling app for employees management that gives better visibility into your labor costs, payroll providers, training sessions costs, wage & wages costs and other important costs related to the company’s operations. The solution allows companies to count total hours, overtime, and in fact, it subtracts break times of the team members.

You as an admin of the company can input the sales data in order to ensure that you are hitting budget targets in the right manner. In addition to this, you can connect the POS system and solution to forecast the sales instantly, ditching paperwork. In short, it estimates labor costs as per the scheduled shifts, managing the workplace.

6. Shift Modification Management

Another point that you should consider in the mind is end-time shift changes management as it allows the admin to create new shifts, modify the old one, perform end-time changes, and notifying all the employees for the same.

Thus, it must allow the admin to take instant action when the employees are accepting the future shifts offered by coworkers, taking time off or availability changes. Generally, a shift request or modification takes hours of time to deal with, so the solution should make it easy to schedule changes and assign new open shifts to workers and technicians as per customers' needs.

7. Real-time Updates, Reminders, and Notifications

The last point in the checklist is real-time updates, reminders, and notification to keep your employees and field workers updated about the schedules, task list, pending work, urgent job requests to perform, and other essentials alerts about the company.

The team will get updates in real-time no matter whether they are in the office, home, on-site or anywhere. They will be updated for all the things that going on in the company. Apart from this, if you want to notify any particular employee about his shift change, pending or new work or anything, you can directly notify him from the web panel. This feature ensures that no one in the company has missed the updates and notifications, keeping everyone on the same page.

So, these are some checklist points or ways that you should consider in mind while looking for a high technology solution to automate the processes. However, if you want to know how employee scheduling apps will advantage your business and give instant accessibility to everything, then continue reading this blog.

Benefits of Employee Scheduling Software

1. Boost Productivity and Efficiency of Your Business

If you are thinking about why you should adopt a scheduling solution for your company and what are the benefits that it will provide, then the main benefit it offers is, boost the productivity and efficiency of your company. By creating and managing all the schedules and timesheets in advance, you can decrease the waiting time of your employees as they can check their assigned jobs in advance and start working on schedule planner instantly.

Moreover, it also tracks all the employees with their schedule updates, calculating their total working hours, and break time. No matter how many employees you have in your company, you can manage all of them and boost the overall productivity of your company.

2. Saving Hours of Time and Effort

Another benefit of adopting a working scheduling solution is that you as an admin can save hours of time that you spend on creating work plans and time tables. Now, you can create plans and shift schedule planning in just a few minutes by filtering the team members who are available and ready to perform extra hours.

As per the study, half of the employers are spending almost 2 hours to plan employees’ tasks. It happens every week, so you can imagine the total time that they are wasting. An automated solution is all they need for the business to quickly create plans and schedulings. Further, the automated solution will also decrease the trouble of reconciling the plans with every single employee’s availability.

3. Evaluate Your Company’s Resources

Being a manager or the admin of the company, it is not easily possible to know all your employees with their skillsets, expertise and total years of experience, so you can’t evaluate your company’s resources easily. If you can’t evaluate the resources, then you can’t manage them according to their demand in the company.

Hence, work management software is all you need that helps in evaluating all the resources and schedule jobs as per their skills and expertise. You can easily monitor, measure, and track the resources database, ensuring that you fill all the requirements perfectly.

After checking out the benefits of web and mobile device app-based software solutions, it’s time to have a quick look at the top examples of work management software solutions.

Examples Of Employee Scheduling Tools

1. Shiftboard

Shiftboard is a highly customizable work scheduling platform that allows managers and the admin of the company to create smart schedules, helps them to keep operations running smoothly and provide workers with the required information that helps them in performing jobs. Mainly developed around the hourly workforce, this scheduler makes every task like staff scheduling, real-time communication, the ability to adjust, announcements easier.

Not only this but Shiftboard is available with a free trial and known for improving hourly workforce operations, increasing worker productivity, lower labor costs and providing quality services. In short, it delivers unbelievable results, transforming how the business operates with its user interface.

2. Homebase

Homebase is one of the most popular scheduling apps for employees and teams, colleagues, allowing companies to build schedules in just a few minutes and quickly share them with the staff members. The admin can make changes on the go and get real-time updates from the employees about the assigned task or job.

Available with time-tracking and work scheduling features, this solution allows you to turn your computer, tablet, smartphone, or POS into a time. In addition to this, you can communicate with all the team members regarding any query or problem and clear the doubts. Whether you want to have group communication or one-to-one communication with the team, it makes all the things easily possible.

3. ShiftNote

ShiftNote is a widely used scheduling solution that claims to reduce labor costs, eliminate no-shows, improve team communication, and streamline daily operations. Using this solution, the admin can build employee work schedules in just a few minutes and manage employee schedules 75% faster, saving time and effort.

This solution is perfect for all restaurants, retail stores, healthcare facilities providers, hotels, manufacturers, and service companies. In short, if your company works on a shift swapping to shift basis, then this solution is a great option that helps to build plans each week in just a few clicks.

4. When I Work

When I Work is one of the leading scheduling, shift schedule planning, and time clock apps that offer the easiest way to generate an employee schedule, manage employee time clock, one-to-one message to staff members, and helps you to track all the employees’ progress.

More than 100,000 workplaces in over 50 countries are using When I Work solution for shift schedule planning, time attendance tracking, team, and task management. The desktop and mobile apps of this solution come with a free trial and have made things a lot easier, allowing teams to access it from anywhere and anytime.

So, these are some examples of work schedule app solutions that are considered as the best options for companies and field workers to manage the work orders. In case, if you have some basic questions in mind related to management software, here, we have tried to answer some common questions.


01. What is the best employee scheduling app?

Answer: There are various scheduling apps for employees, allowing them to check job requests, task schedule lists, assigned jobs, appointments, sales analytics reports, and more. However, not all the available solutions are best for your business, so we have listed ones that are rich in features and functionalities:

  • HomeBase
  • TrackerPal
  • When I Work
  • ShiftNote
  • Shifty
  • Shiftboard
  • Sling

02. How do you do employee scheduling?

Answer: To schedule an employee or staff representative using a mobile phone, you can follow the given steps:

  • Irrespective of the industries, make a list of all the scheduled tasks and jobs to schedule to your team
  • Now, make a list of all the team members along with their skills, expertise, and experience
  • Communicate with employees and ask them to fill the days and dates as per their convenience. They can fill their they are available and not available
  • As per their shared data, you can make decisions and schedule a particular job or work to the available employee
  • Once you schedule jobs and tasks to all the team members, ask them to review it and discuss with you if they have any issue

03. Is there a free scheduling app?

Answer: There are not too many free scheduling applications on the web as most of the solutions are available for a free trial for a particular time only. They provide you demo to check so that you know the handful features and functionalities. However, when it comes to talking about the free app, Calendar is the best and free schedule application that comes with lots of functionalities.


We hope that you find the shared information useful while selecting the best work scheduling app for your business. As we have covered almost all the important information related to the solution from basics to the checklist to consider, and benefits to top examples of software, you can choose one such work management software that automates the entire business operations.

In case, if you still have a question or want to know more information about the solution, do contact us through our contact us page. We will try to answer your queries in our next article.


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