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12 Best Employee Scheduling Apps for Small Business of 2020

After a long weekend, it’s a Monday morning and you are making a schedule planner for your employees and staff members. You are making a detailed schedule, including all the tasks, workflows, job requests, and other important tasks that your team has to perform. Not only this you are checking all the employees and their availability, and accordingly, you are assigning those tasks to them. Using old school techniques like pen & paper, excel sheets, Google sheets & spreadsheets, and Google calendar, you are creating the work schedule for your team members and will assign these tasks manually to them.

Isn't it a time-wasting process? Don’t you think you are following a time-consuming process that is taking a lot of effort? Rather than following old-school techniques and wasting your precious time on the productive Monday morning, you can adopt the best employee scheduling app for small business of 2020 that will create, manage, and share schedules with your employees.

Using employee scheduling software solutions, you can streamline and automate the entire process of generating employee schedules, including all the important details. You must be feeling amazed, right? Yes, easy to use mobile apps and software solutions will take care of everything such as scheduling needs, calendar view, snap schedule, shift workers, attendance management, leave management, shift management, shift swapping, and workforce management.

In this blog, we are going to discuss how employee scheduling apps are useful for small businesses, top 12 employee apps that small and mid-sized companies can use, and answer the most frequently asked questions about the scheduling software. To read the specific section of the blog, just click on that section in the content table.

How Employee Scheduling App is Useful For Small Business?

As we all know, employee scheduling software solutions are mainly designed and developed for those companies, organizations, firms, and organizations that are finding it difficult to manage a team of employees. The software solutions help businesses to create schedules, share them in real-time with team members, assign a particular task to any team member as per the availability, manage time, work schedules, and attendance tracking. It will automate the entire process of creating schedules, produce consistent results, manage a labor cost, boost employee productivity, and improve the overall workforce.

The core functionality of such solutions enables users of small businesses to auto-assign shifts, automate notifications, and reminders for new schedules, shift swapping, track clock-in & clock-out time, timecard creation, and payroll file importation. Not only this but the employee scheduling software solution for employees helps small businesses in the following ways:

  • It helps in saving time and effort by automating all the operations of creating schedules daily, weekly, monthly, or by position. The employees will stay connected with the admin and check schedules anytime and anywhere.
  • Every single employee can check schedules virtually on the software and have complete visibility and access to their schedule 24/7.
  • It works as the best communication tools or channels, allowing all the team members, employees, customers, and the admin to communicate with each other regarding workflow.
  • It provides constant time and attendance tracking along with clock-in and clock-out time.

There are many other ways and benefits that small businesses can get by using such software solutions. Moving ahead, let’s check out the top 12 employee scheduling apps that are highly popular in terms of features, functionalities, and advanced technologies. So, let’s get started.

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Top 12 Employee Scheduling App Solutions of 2020

1. 7Shifts 

It doesn’t matter what type of small business you are running, you must be facing a lot of problems. Problems like managing all the team members, create schedules manually, managing shifts as per the employee’s availability, workflows, and whatnot. Managing all these things manually and handling a lot of paperwork is a time-consuming process that you might behandling.

Instead of handling manually, you can adopt an all-in-one software solution that is known as 7Shifts. This software will make it easy for you to manage schedules, communicate with the staff members, and track all the members with their reports. 7Shifts is one such employee scheduling software solution that claims to manage a restaurant, cafe, health center, spa & salon, or any other type of small business.

Trusted by more than 25000 businesses, this employee scheduling software allows your team to take availability, shift trading, time-off requests, and shift swapping. It can be accessed from anywhere and anytime using a smartphone, tablet, and laptop that has this app in it. Want to know some top features of 7Shifts shift planning software:

  • Easily manage the schedule updates with time-off and availability
  • Stay updated all the staff members about their schedules and shifts through text, SMS or email
  • Track employee availability in real-time
  • Accept/reject time change requests from employees
  • A communication channel that decreases the gap between team members
  • Decreases no-shows and boost employee engagement

2. ShiftNote

What if you can manage all your employees, schedules, daily tasks, and customers’ requests at one single platform? Amazing? It’s time to adopt an online scheduling software solution for your employees that is known by ShiftNote. It will decrease the time that managers spend on creating timetables, timesheets, creating & checking reports, managing all the employees, and a lot more.

This scheduling software will help you to create and manage schedules by 75% faster, so you don’t have to bother wasting time. ShiftNote is known for allowing users to check the entire week’s and per month work schedule, make on-the-go shift changes, cut time spent on building employee shifts, shift planning, and much more.

The best thing about this software is that it offers a range of scheduling templates that will cut down scheduling time as there will be no need to start from scratch when planning and creating schedules. In short, it helps to make communication and collaboration easier and smoother than ever. Wondering about the exclusive features of ShiftNote software? Let’s have a quick look:

  • Makes staff communication faster, easier, and smoother
  • Schedule anywhere and anytime on the go
  • Shift swaps and drops with just a few clicks
  • Boost employee accountability and productivity
  • Eliminate no-shows
  • Reduce labor costs

3. When I Work

When I Work is one of the best employee scheduling software solutions, enabling all types of small businesses and organizations to create the work schedules in just a few minutes. Instead of wasting hours of time on creating, managing, and organizing the schedule and sharing that schedule template with each employee and explaining to him the task, you can adopt any feature-rich scheduling system and application that will automate the entire process, making it easier and smoother.

Considered as the perfect software solution for the modern workforce, this desktop, and mobile app gives everyone the access they need. Whether you are facing problems in team management, communication, accountability, or team motivation, this scheduling solution manages everything, making you tension-free so that you can sit back, relax and focus on expanding your business.

Many times, it happens that being an admin of the company, you find it hard to match shifts with the right people, so this work schedule app will handle planning, filling, and covering shifts instantly. You can fill shifts, trade shifts, team tasks, and team availability using a When I work app. Check out some top features of When I Work scheduling software solution:

  • Employee scheduling tool and appointment bookings
  • Time tracking with clock-in and clock-out time
  • Attendance management and tracking tools
  • Expand your business by increasing sales and overall profit
  • Company resource management
  • Simply payroll systems and payments

4. Humanity

Humanity is an online employee scheduling software solution that helps small businesses, enterprises, and other organizations to manage shifts, staff schedules, payroll, time clock, and attendance management. Whether you want to use this Humanity software on desktop, mobile, or tablet, it delivers the best employee scheduling experience reliably from anywhere and every time.

Further, you can reduce the total time spent on creating complaints, error-free schedules by 80% through automated and predictive rule-based scheduling technology. Moreover, the app for employee scheduling comes with forecasting and automation capabilities, ensuring users can produce data-driven schedules that can be accessed with a single click.

With complete visibility on all the schedules, you can empower frontline employees in order to manage and change their schedules on the go. Along with scheduling, you can track the total hours of your employees, break time, overtime if any, and take the guesswork out of managing the time tracking and attendance

Now, there will be no hassle of manual counting hours, maintaining logbooks, or other old-school techniques to track employee’s time. Humanity is an all-in-one employee scheduling software solution that removes manual processes and takes away the pain of daily updating it. Here are some exclusive features of Humanity software:

  • Sync critical employee schedule data
  • Ensure employee schedule compliance
  • Time tracking and managing attendance
  • Communicate schedule and other information with employees
  • Instant access to tasks and other information from anywhere and anytime
  • Push notifications, reminders and real-time updates

5. Tsheets

Tsheets is an online employee scheduling and time tracking software solution that has made it easier to manage and plan employee’s job schedules with some simple clicks. The scheduling software solution for the small business and company is considered as a game-changer for all those companies and business owners, who are looking forward to getting one such solution that organizes everything.

Now, planning and setting multiple schedules must be the least worrying thing for you as it allows you to stay on track without much hassle. Along with scheduling and managing, the admin can create and add new job requests in just a few minutes, filling all the required information. Then the created jobs can be assigned to employees as per their skills, expertise, and availability.

From the employee scheduling software, you can set schedule alerts and time-to-time reminders to notify workers of their new jobs and schedules. You can drag and drop jobs from your earlier schedules in order to finish the task in just moments. Moreover, employee scheduling software solution can easily repeat last week’s schedules every and per month. Here are some exclusive features of Tsheets app schedule solution:

  • Create schedules in the app or online
  • GPS location and tracking of employees and workers
  • Text and email notifications to keep you updated about your business insights
  • Track time for future estimates
  • Manage employee performance and overall resources in order to make better decisions
  • Drag and drop scheduling and booking

6. Homebase

Homebase is an online scheduling and time tracking software solution that is perfect for all types of small businesses that are finding it hard to manage their day-to-day schedules and timetables. Homebase is a one-stop-solution for building schedules in just a few minutes and instantly shares those timetables with anyone. You can make changes on the go and check your team who will always be up to date.

The best thing about this work schedule app solution is that it turns your computer, tablet, smartphone, or POS into an advanced time clock. The online timesheets feature of this solution makes payroll prep a breeze. You can keep track of your team with the built-in messenger and instantly share instructions and messages with all the group members, individuals, or the whole team.

In short, it is fast, flexible, and free scheduling software for healthcare centers, spa & salon centers, beauty care studios, and other small businesses. When it comes to tracking employees and checking their availability, Homebase schedules app is the best option that will handle time-off requests and other important things. Here are exclusive features of Homebase solution:

  • Auto Scheduling and employee management
  • Timesheets and table creation
  • Time clock and attendance management
  • Team communication and handling
  • Automatically calculates overtime
  • Labor costs calculations and managing

7. Shiftboard

Shiftboard is an hourly employee scheduling software solution that transforms the way you manage your business. Whether you are managing workforces of hundreds, thousands of employees or just starting a team of 10 members, Shiftboard is what you need when it comes to managing all the team members along with their schedules, timetable, and timesheets.

Trusted by the world’s most popular and well-known brands like Salesforce, JW Marriot, SXSW, this app scheduler solution is perfect for demand-driven organizations that are facing frequent scheduling changing business needs. It will drive the daily chaos for operations and workers alike.

So, if you want to reduce labor costs, eliminate no-shows, and enhance team communication, Shiftboard is the answer to your queries as it will streamline operations. Now, you can move ahead from the world of spreadsheets, excel sheets, and paperwork with this workforce management. Check out top features of Shiftboard solution:

  • Automated scheduling and booking management
  • Improve workforce efficiency
  • Boost employee engagement and productivity
  • Real time analysis and reports
  • Track compliance, time, and attendance

8. Deputy

Deputy is another most popular online scheduling software that helps small businesses to manage remote teams efficiently in one easy-to-use platform. Whether it is about scheduling employees, work, or a task list, the platform helps users to schedule employees based on demand forecasts, labor costs, wage costs, and team availability. Through this software solution, you can notify and send reminders to your staff members instantly through the web, app, and mobile.

You can manage different leave balances, requests, and employees from the comfort of your home, office, or on-the-go. Irrespective of the type of industry you are running, Deputy software meets different industries' requirements. Further, it was mainly designed to support almost all types of businesses.

Healthcare centers, logistics, security, call centers, cleaning services, supermarkets, retail, and hospitality are some of the industries that can make use of this solution and take advantage of this feature-rich software. Apart from this, here are some exclusive features of Deputy solution:

  • Time tracking with clock-in and clock-out details
  • Shift planning, real-time changes, and modifications
  • Team performance and task management
  • Approve/reject leaves from mobile
  • Shift collaboration and work calendar
  • Shift swaps, shift drops, and open shifts

9. ZoomShift

ZoomShift is a work scheduling application that is mainly designed and developed for hourly employees, allowing them to get instant access to team schedules, task lists, and other things. Users can create employee schedules in just a few minutes, enhance staff accountability, and decrease labor costs.

The software shows all the data and information about employees and their availability on a single touch so that you can easily find a shift replacement when someone calls in. Choose available team members so that you can assign them for the right job and location. Once you create the entire week’s schedules, you can share it with your team members through text, SMS, push notification, or an email address.

Remind your team members about their shifts before it starts. In addition to this, you can keep your team in the loop about the events, discussions, group chats, and direct messages. Moreover, you can invite team members to check their upcoming workflows, set availability, preferences, request time off, and pick up shifts. Here are some exclusive features of ZoomShift:

  • Staff training sessions
  • Find replacements in just a few seconds
  • Improve team communication
  • Manage job requests with just a click
  • Track labor hours, labor costs, and overtime
  • Real-time updates and notifications for open shifts

10. Ximble

Ximble is one of the best online apps for scheduling solutions that are highly recommended for businesses of all sizes. Supports hourly and shift schedules with built-in breaks and lunchtimes, this software solution supports an hourly workforce for all types of small and big businesses.

Priced a little bit higher than some of the other scheduling solutions, Ximble has a time tracking and attendance management solution, allowing you to track all the things at one single platform. Moreover, the scheduling apps for employees allows you to keep track of multiple cards, spreadsheets, handwritten notes from staff combined with payroll and HR scheduling programs.

It gives manual and automated scheduling with real-time alerts, recommendations for overtime, and payroll management. Now, all the employees and team members can access their schedule via cloud technology, so give them freedom through the scheduling process. Check out some other exclusive features of Ximble employee scheduling software solution:

  • Automate scheduling process
  • User friendly interfaces and reports
  • Easy-of-use and advanced technology support
  • Customer service portal
  • Multiple locations and different time zones
  • Employee scheduling templates to choose from

11. HotSchedules

HotSchedules is one of the apps for work scheduling systems that are perfect for restaurants, healthcare centers, spa and salon, and other such small businesses. The solution is mainly designed and developed for managing, streamlining, and automating your workforce and inventory. The integrated and actionable analytics solution, HotSchedules, helps companies to automate the daily operations and make data-driven decisions that give positive results.

Trusted by more than 2 million users, this software solution has almost all the business management tools for multi-store, enterprise-level, and franchise organizations. Moreover, this employee scheduling software solution enables small business owners, operators, and managers to schedule changes, jobs, employees, and staff across different locations, track their total time, and attendance.

The admin can monitor business performance, and manage daily operations. Further, employees can check their pick-up and drop-off shifts, request time off, all from their mobile devices. Here are some exclusive features of HotSchedules employee scheduling software solution:

  • Allows to manage all the employees under one platform
  • Workforce scheduling and booking
  • Time and attendance
  • Labor management
  • Labor compliance
  • Shift planning and management

12. Appointy

Appointy is an online scheduling software solution that supports 100+ verticals ranging from lifestyle, health and wellness, education, medicine, fitness & recreation, salon-beauty, professional services, and government to NGOs. It is designed and developed to help you grow and manage your business.

The free trial app for scheduling mainly enables users to accept appointments online, integrate with social media, Google Calendar, send automated email/SMS shift reminders, and create gift cards. Irrespective of the size and type, Appointy has a plan that is especially for you trusted by over 85000+ businesses across the world.

With this employee scheduling software for scheduling employees, you can improve staff productivity, manage multiple staff, and locations. So, comprehend your customer and run a customer loyalty program. Here are the exclusive features of the Appointy solution:

  • Appointment reminders and labor cost management
  • Group scheduling time and booking
  • Online payments
  • Recurring appointments
  • Multi-location support
  • Appointment reminders, alerts, and updates

So, these are some of the best employees and work scheduling app solutions that come with exclusive features and functionalities for businesses of all industries. If you belong to healthcare, beauty and spa industry, restaurant & hospitality, wellness and gymnasium, professional services, government services, or any other type of service, then opt for any of these software solutions to take benefits.

In any case, if you have any query related to employee scheduling software solutions, then don’t forget to scroll down to these frequently asked questions.


01. What is the best employee scheduling app?

Answer: With a number of employee scheduling solutions, it must be quite difficult to choose one such solution that meets your business requirements. Therefore, we have mentioned here the best solution named ShiftBoard as the most trusted tool to plan, schedule, assign work to employees. This free trial software solution is also known for its shift planning due to its exclusive range of features and functionalities. It allows users to create and check working times from anywhere, monitor shift swaps, and get real-time updates and notifications.

02. Why do small businesses need appointment scheduling applications?

Answer: There are many reasons why small businesses and companies need free trail appointment scheduling solutions. Here are some of the main reasons:

  • Gives an easy and simple appointment scheduling and booking experience
  • Fewer no-shows
  • Better insight into your business
  • Multi-channel appointment scheduling
  • Works as the best communication platform
  • Time and efforts saving

03. How to schedule employee shifts?

Answer: To sling schedule employee and their shifts, you can follow these given tips that will help you to plan the schedule in the best manner:

  • First of all, know your team
  • Build a shift around your best and skilled employees
  • Build a team-wide communication channel
  • Make your employees work on the scheduling

04. Is there an application that can make schedules for staff members across multiple locations?

Answer: To create a work schedule for staff members spread across multiple locations, you can check out Humanity, which provides solutions for industries like education, healthcare, news corporations, etc. It allows clock-in and clock-out from mobile apps, track all employees, and gives real-time business reports.


We hope you found this article useful and got help in selecting the right scheduling software for your company and organization. When it comes to selecting an employee scheduling software system, make sure you comprehend your business, daily challenges you face, customers’ needs, employees’ problems, and accordingly choose a solution that meets all these problems.

In case, if you want to share your feedback or views on this article, you can get in touch with us through our contact us page. You can also subscribe to our daily newsletter by sharing your email address with just one single click.


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