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10 Important Features to Consider in Best Work Scheduling App

The small business owners and HR managers at large firms face a huge task of employee and shift management. It is not easy to make a work schedule for numerous employees and ensure it is being adhered too. There are various things that affect the schedule such as the number of shifts, employee availability to shifts, leaves, vacations, and project requirements. There are changes that need to be made now and then due to the change in circumstances which makes it nearly impossible to manage it and leads to improper functioning with moderate efficiency. That is where the best work scheduling app comes in.

The worker scheduling apps available provide different solutions for the same problem. Some are just scheduling apps while others integrate all the business systems and turn them into a central system. Most of the organizations choose from the different sets of plans that the employee scheduling software offers. Each app has its own pricing and plans available for all kinds of businesses. It helps businesses of all sizes to take advantage of the software and make a schedule for work and manage other aspects such as payroll, employee data, and others easily.

10 Best Features of Work Scheduling App

10 Important Features of Work Scheduling App

1. Smooth functionality

The apps for work scheduling are high on functionality and easy to use. It has all the features needed to make scheduling shifts and all other decisions quickly and easily. The availability of software on the mobile phone is a great help and advantage to both owners and employees as it enables easy access to the schedule of employees, shift scheduling, shift swapping, finding shift replacements, managing employee no shows, sick leave, and others.

2. Cloud accessibility

One of the top features is the cloud access that all the best app for work scheduling has. It has various advantages one of which is that you don’t need to download bulky software and numerous tools to manage the employees and tasks.

3. User-friendly interface

The good employee scheduler needs a proper calendar such as Google Calendar and other tools which are easy to understand and use. Software companies make sure they have the best dashboard and menus to make it as easy as possible for people to use it. This is because the app would be used by all not just the management teams but employees as well.


The employee scheduling software provides the best security possible as it contains a lot of important data about the company, its employees, and forecasts for the future. The software providers ensure that complete confidentiality is maintained and data is completely safe.

5.Cost Projection

It projects labor costs and helps with the payroll. This is helpful in staying updated with the staffing requirements. The projections would help understand what there need to be lay-offs or hiring more staff is required. It also depends on the amount of business coming in. This feature is of major help and one of the top reasons for getting the software.

6. Free-trial

The scheduling apps provide a free-trial period for a couple of weeks. This is to help you understand how to use the app and whether it is suited for your business requirements. This is a necessary feature for both parties as one needs to know exactly what he is investing his money in.

7. Notifications

Receiving push notifications on both mobile phones and email is something that is really helpful. It helps take immediate action and keeps employees updated. This feature is a must-have for any company and the best software makes sure to include it.

8. Time-tracking

This feature helps companies be sure that the employees are working as they should be keeping track of them in real-time. It notes everything from login and logout to lunch and breaks. This shows how productive the employee has really been.

9. Integration

The integration of various systems in the software is important and the availability of this feature is a must. The best software for scheduling must allow companies to integrate systems that can further ease their processes.

10. Customer service and support

The work schedule apps, shift scheduling apps, or employee scheduling apps whatever you like to call it, need to have live customer support. As the software might face difficulties or glitches anytime and help should be available immediately to avoid downtime.

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Why Use Work Scheduling App for Your Business?

Why You Need Work Scheduling App for Your Business

1.Accessible 24/7

With work from home becoming a common thing and preference for many people due to personal choices or Covid-19 safety concerns, it is important to have cloud-based solutions. The employee scheduling software can be accessed 24/7 which makes handling things a lot smoother and removes any chances of error or miscommunication. Having cloud access would enable you to access the software from any device and receive notifications as well as emails.

This help means that employees and HRM would always be on the same page due to the transparency in the system avoiding any conflict related to shifts or shift trades.

2.Mobile access and notifications

While most of the offices don’t allow the use of mobile phones on the floor but while they are home or working from home, it can turn out to be really helpful. The scheduling software for employees is mobile optimized which allows you to use it on any android or iOS device. It is the first step to getting people notified instantly when changes are made to their schedule or the complete system. It is one of the best reasons to use apps for work scheduling.

3. Make unlimited changes

Using traditional methods such as spreadsheets causes problems when there are changes to be made. The ripple effect would force you to make changes to the entire schedule. The apps for work schedules allow you to create as many new schedules as you need and the templates can be reused later as well. People also get notified instantly when there are any changes made to it.

4.No delays

As there are notifications sent on the go, the employees can check and respond to their schedules quicker. Owners and HRM can get notified when there are changes required or adjustments to be made. The mobile access ensures that you are not depending on the employees to log in to check their schedules. People often forget to check their schedules as they are busy with work. The use of employee scheduling software reduces unnecessary delays in creating and updating it.

5.Adapt to shift changes better

When you use manual data entry, the shift changes can be hard to adapt too. There isn’t much time as you don’t get notified or informed early to make the adjustments accordingly. It requires a lot of work such as calling each party involved the change in shift of a particular individual which consumes a lot of time. If the shifts are last-minute changes, it can be near impossible to handle the change as per the time clock. Using employee scheduling software can allow you to adapt to the shift changes better as all parties are notified at the same time clock and ensure that there is enough time to manage things.

6.Accessible for everyone to make changes

Generally, the employees don’t have any access to the system and are not allowed to make changes on their own. With the use of this software and proper HRM planning, the employees are allowed to make changes as per rules set and there won’t be any problems. The shift managers or HR’s work to find someone immediately becomes easier. The employees feel they have a say in decision making and boost their morale.

7.Employee satisfaction

The scheduling software ensures that employees don’t get disturbed when they are working on a task as their availability is clearly visible to all. Schedule app helps reduce confusion over scheduling and bothering employees when they are already working on a task. It ensures that employees are satisfied and inclined to stay as they are not being used unprofessionally. It also leads to employee retention and helps grow business faster.

8.One communication platform

Effective communication is one of the keys to having a successful business. The scheduling software becomes a one-stop communication platform through which you can communicate with the employees and assign them tasks according to their availability. You can send them messages or alerts through the app for news or events and keep them updated about the things going on in the company.

9.Easy work hours recording

In spreadsheets, the data entry is done manually which leads to discrepancies and conflicts regarding the hours recorded at times. The employee scheduling software helps ensure that there are no such problems as it can record the hours correctly. It notes the login and logout time on the system. The time trackers in the software make it possible to do so and you can check the amount of work done by each employee every single day.

Managers can figure out the hours put in by workers and verify them when needed. When the software gets integrated with biometrics, it becomes one of the best things you can possibly imagine as an owner and HR. The integration of these two software would mean that there are no disputes regarding the actual hours of work done and provide clear data for payroll.

10.Eases payroll process

Managing payroll for a few workers on a weekly basis is not so difficult but managing the same for hundreds on a monthly basis can turn out to be really difficult. With the integration of a time tracker with the software, it becomes really easy. You have complete data about the punch in and punch out time with work hours being noted separately in some cases. The data can be imported from the software and used to generate payroll. There are some software that has built-in audit tracking as well which keeps everything ready for an audit anytime.

11.Ensures no laws are broken

Labor laws are taken very seriously for both minors and adults. Making sure that the organization adheres to all such laws is difficult but necessary to avoid any legal problems. No business should ignore the schedule app and keep a clean image. Ignorance of such laws can lead to hefty fines. To ensure no such problems arise, use the worker scheduling software which can come in really handy. There are alerts and notifications sent when there is any chance of breach of laws or violations in any aspect.

12.Manage employee leaves

One of the top reasons to use apps for scheduling is being able to manage leaves and time-off requests. The software allows the employees to request leaves and time-off with reasons. The HR team members get notified about the same instant and can decide on approval or rejection of time-off requests then and there. It can also help the HR team to schedule employees for when they come back from time off. The scheduling software can make the changes automatically as well based on the availability of employees.

13.Better and smarter staffing

The employee scheduling software when integrated with the (POS) point-of-sale and CRM system can provide you data and information which will let you make better staffing decisions. The POS data will note the times where it is at the peak and when it is lower. The software would also suggest changes and adjustments in shifts based on it.

The software also enables managers from overlapping shifts. It helps you predict the amount of staff required based on sales and transactions. You can figure out the number of employees you can afford or need to employ based on future forecasts.

14.Changes and adapts with you

The scheduling software various business needs into account and helps you grow using it. It forecasts the changes and plans for you to ensure that your business grows. There is a wide variety of integrations that can be made and you can choose software plans based on the size of your company.

15.Saves time

The top reason that people choose apps for employee scheduling is that it saves a lot of time. All the reasons mentioned above are what lead to saving a lot of time, money, and efforts. From shift management to payroll, time is saved in each step and process. The software automated processes are what enable you to save time. The data is saved and repeated for certain tasks is another way it saves you time. It basically streamlines the business operation and allows you to focus on major issues such as business management.

Examples of Best Work Scheduling Apps

When we consider all the top features, here are some examples of the best work scheduling apps available.

  • Humanity - It is an employee scheduling app that allows employees to stay informed and connected to the workplace and colleges. It is user-friendly, easy to use, and helps manage a lot of functions at once.
  • When I work - This scheduling app is one such app that is made to make scheduling faster, track employee work time, and manage to hire easily.
  • Snap Schedule - It is scheduling software focused on reducing the scheduling time and maximizing productivity. It allows you to keep a check on the labor costs and reduces compliance issues.
  • ZoomShift - This employee scheduling app ensures that work schedules are made faster and provides numerous templates to do so. It allows you to track employees and finances at the same place.
  • Ximble - This software is known for providing tons of great features that employees and managers love such as shift swapping, employee availability, publishing and notification of shifts, etc.
  • Shiftboard - It is the perfect software for dynamic scheduling of operations and high compliance operations as well. It helps manage labor, labor costs, and helps scale the operations.
  • HotSchedules - This software helps with workforce management, services, data analytics, and inventory management. It helps ease the processes and employee management.
  • Deputy - It is a smooth functioning staffing and employee management solution that helps in cost-saving and time tracking to ensure accurate pay.


1. How to schedule workers to shift?

Answer: With an app for scheduling, it just takes a few steps to get it done. When the employee data is put in the software, it automatically selects the shift based on various aspects such as requirements in certain shifts and employee availability. Employees can also choose shifts if there is a free slot or some are up for shift trade.

2. How to create a work schedule for employees?

Answer: The worker scheduling app does it for you once you enter the employee information in the system. It is really quick and easy to do so and you can also take in employee preference in doing so. The project manager and everyone involved is aware of what each of them is working on to get the work done on time and in a systematic manner.

3. How to check your work schedule online?

Answer: The employee schedule app sends schedule updates to employees but if employees want to check, they can access it through their mobile phones or computer. All they have to do is just login with their credentials and access it. They can view and edit the work schedule as well if they want to. If there are open shifts available, they can change their work schedule online.

4. How to ensure there is no shift overlapping?

Answer: The HR team does not need to worry about shift overlapping as the software makes the shift taking into consideration all factors and ensures there is no such problem. But if an employee makes a change or an HR team member makes a change and there is such a problem, both parties will be notified instantly about the same. This would help resolve the problem then and there.


When you are about to make an investment in anything, you first research the product and see if it matches your requirement. The same thing applies here as you have to check out the features and services offered by the software. Understanding how the software works and how it can be helpful to you is necessary.

The main goal here is to understand how it can benefit your business and make it possible to run it more efficiently. It is better to use the free trial versions of the software to get an idea about how the software work and how helpful the features really turn out to be. Once you are satisfied with the result during the trial period, you should select the best suitable plan for your business from the ones offered.

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