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10 Best Scheduling Software Solutions Ideal for Small Business Companies

In any business company,  the most tedious and meticulous work is undoubtedly that of the administration department.  Let's be honest here and say that creating work schedules for staff members, scheduling appointments,  managing the last-minute changes in work schedules and appointment schedules, processing transactions, status updates, etc.  can be very complicated.   For small business organizations and startups, in addition to all these management duties, the top administration also needs to do other work that can help the business grow.

Any business organization should look for long term solutions to their problems.  If you have just started a company and have to schedule appointments, you can use google sheets but that is a feasible option only till a certain point.  If you have a long term growth plan for your organization, then investing in the best scheduling software for small business companies will be a permanent solution to your service scheduling needs.  An appointment scheduling software automates everything from appointment bookings, assigning them to field officers, managing real time changes in those appointments, and processing payments after the service is completed.

In this blog, we cover everything from basics about appointment scheduling software, important features in the scheduling software, examples of appointment scheduling software, and the benefits of using an appointment scheduling software to your business.  If there is a particular section that you are interested in, please click on that section in the table of contents below.  So let’s get started with the basics about scheduling software and important features to consider.

Basics about Scheduling Software and some Important Features to Consider

First, before talking about anything else, let's first understand what an appointment scheduling software is and how it works.  An appointment scheduling software is a business software that enables companies to improve their efficiency by managing all service appointments quickly and without any errors and save time and money of business organizations.

The business software is designed in a way that booking appointments is automized without any back-and-forth correspondence, any changes or cancellations are handled automatically and empty slots are filled up effortlessly, and payments and verifications are handled securely from the management software.  In addition to this, you can create a task list, assign the list to a particular employee or a group of employees, check the status and location of field workers, manage the working hours of each employee, and get a monthly efficiency report of every single employee.

Before we discuss the features of scheduling software, let's first briefly understand the different types of scheduling that can be found across different industries:

  • Time specified (Stream) Scheduling: In this type of scheduling individual appointments are given to every single client.  Most businesses have this type of appointment scheduled to ensure all the attention of the employee is given to the client.  Services like counseling, massage appointments, sales calls, etc.  are stream schedules
  • Wave Scheduling: In this type of scheduling, which is seen in clinics, hospitals, and large business organizations, multiple appointments are scheduled within a time slot and are seen on a first-come-first-serve basis within that time slot.  Most commonly seen in busy medical practices with limited medical practitioners, this type of appointment scheduling ensures the time efficiency of your employees, although your customers might not be completely happy being made to wait after being given an appointment.
  • Triage Scheduling: Used only in medical practices, Triage Scheduling requires hospitals and clinics to prioritize patients based on the level of emergency and severity.  Used most commonly in ERs, there are a few appointments scheduled every day in anticipation of walk-in emergencies.
  • Cluster Scheduling: Cluster scheduling refers to the process of scheduling similar appointments together in one cluster.  For example, a medical clinic might schedule all its flu shots in one day, or when house inspections in one area are clustered together in one day.  Due to the technicians performing repetitive tasks, efficiency is increased and more services can be provided in a day.
  • Modified Wave Scheduling: In modified wave scheduling, appointments are scheduled after one-another in short intervals of 10-15 minutes.  Typically seen in walk-in clinics and salons, this type of scheduling ensures that no two clients arrive at the same time.  The time efficiency of employees is more and the wait-times of clients are lower.  This is ideal only for businesses in which the time taken to attend one client is lower.
  • Self-Scheduling: Seen in so many different types of businesses, self-scheduling allows the customers to schedule appointments for themselves using an online portal.  It can be used in addition to other booking methods like a wave, modified wave, etc.  It gives higher customer satisfaction as customers book the time that is most convenient for them.
  • Open-Book Scheduling: Also known as same-day scheduling, open-book scheduling refers to the booking system in which there are no fixed appointments set, and customers are served on a first-come-first-serve basis.  It reduces the waste of time due to no-shows and ensures whichever client needs a service, the required service can be provided on the same day.

Having discussed the common types of scheduling methods that can be seen across the businesses, all of these types of appointment scheduling is possible with the best appointment scheduling app.  Before we look into some of the scheduling software, let's first look at some of the features of scheduling apps:

Features of Scheduling Apps

1. Automate the entire process of scheduling

The primary reason you need the best online scheduling software for your business is that it automates the entire process of scheduling appointments online.  All the operations like booking an appointment, assigning the appointment to a technician, rescheduling appointments, appointment notifications, payment processing, status updates which takes up the whole day of the admin department if done manually can be done with a couple of clicks using the best online scheduling software.

With scheduling software, a service booking can be booked automatically at both your and your customer’s convenience.  All you need to do is upload time slots in the scheduling platform when you set up the booking software and if you have recursive slots that repeat periodically then this needs to be done only once.  Once you have added the available times and slots, your customers can select a favorable time slot for their service appointment through an online portal.

Once the booking is done, you can check your booking schedule from mobile devices whenever you want.  The scheduling platform automatically assigns field experts to the specified jobs.  The field workers can check their scheduled appointments through their mobile devices.  The booking software sends reminders to both field workers and customers to avoid no show.  Once the appointment is completed, transactions can be processed and you can generate invoices from the appointment booking software.

2. Easy access to schedules from any time, anywhere

When you operate without the best online scheduling software, you realize that the accessibility of the schedules is very low.  Once you make a schedule of daily appointments and assign them to your employees, you have to manually send the appointment details to your employees individually, and the appointment details can’t be posted to the company’s chat room to ensure the privacy of your customers.  In case your employees work from their houses remotely, then they have to call you and get additional details on their scheduled jobs every time.  This can be a big waste of time and no additional tasks can be performed by the admin department.

If you invest in employee scheduling software, then all your employees can view their schedules from their mobile devices.  This feature of scheduling platform is good to save time and money, and the privacy of your clients is ensured.  In addition to this, once a schedule is booked, the booking software sends an automated text message or email notifications to your customers with the details of their service appointment like date, time, service requested, etc.  so that if your customers want to double-check their appointment, they can do so anytime anywhere without having to make a phone call.

3. Create and Assign tasks with a few clicks

If your scheduling isn’t self-serve, and your customers have to call you in order to fix an appointment, then the best scheduling software makes this easier for you.  Whenever your customers call to make an appointment, you can create the appointment and assign the job to a field expert in a couple of clicks.  Your customers get an email and a text message confirming the details of the appointment.  This is especially helpful when there are a lot of last-minute changes in your appointments.  You can automatically view which technicians are free and assign them a new job instantly.

4. Create Employee and Customer Profiles

The next important feature in scheduling software is the ability to create profiles for your employees as well as customers.  The booking software allows you to make an employee profile for each of your staff members.  In this profile, important information like emergency contact, blood group, medical conditions, as well as information like expertise, work availability is stored which can be very handy.

All service providers get repetitive customers.  For such businesses, you can store important information like customer name, address, as well as notes that include preferences and requests of the customers.  Due to this, the customer feels like they are important and higher customer satisfaction is delivered.  It is also easier for your admin people who do not have to add the same information multiple times.

5. Real-time status updates

With the best appointment scheduling software, you are able to get real-time updates about upcoming, ongoing, and completed jobs.  Due to this, whenever your customers call you for ETA on their appointment you are able to give them a satisfactory answer instantly without having to call a field agent and then calling the customer again.  One more advantage due to this feature is that in case an employee is stuck in traffic or there is a cause of impediment, you can automatically send the message to your clients informing them of the delay.

6. Updates and alerts

With a lot of appointments and tasks in a day, your employees are bound to forget little details and this can severely hinder your customer satisfaction.  The scheduling software automatically sends reminders about appointments to your employees, so there are no misunderstandings, and customer satisfaction due to timely service is guaranteed.

7. Payment Processing

A lot of service providers like cleaners, gardeners,, etc.  are charged by the hour and the cost of service is variable.  In such cases payment needs to be processed on the spot.  If the software allows you to securely process payments for each appointment, then all your records will be stored in one place.  This is very useful and all your records are organized.

With so many applications available with different features and price plans, it can be quite confusing which appointment scheduling software to choose from.  To help you choose the right online appointment scheduling software for your service-based business, we have done the heavy lifting for you and prepared a list of 10 best applications to schedule appointments online.  Please continue reading below the list of 10 best scheduling apps with the features and pros and cons to make the choice easier for you.

10 Best Apps for Scheduling Appointments

1. Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling is a cloud-based online scheduling assistant, which helps you book more clients, get payments on time, automize the entire appointment scheduling process, and organize all records in one place.  Ideal for large and small service-based businesses, clients can check real time availability and book appointments according to their availability and convenience.

If your business operates across multiple locations and works at different times, then Acuity Scheduling lets you manage multiple locations and multiple employees together and your clients only see the calendar you want them to see.  Cancellations and rescheduling are easy, and Acuity Scheduling lets you modify your appointments with just a couple of clicks.  Some of the features include automated scheduling of recurring appointments, share direct booking links with customers, personal calendar sync, etc.

Acuity Scheduling has flawless calendar coordination that syncs perfectly with your Google Calendar, iCloud Calendar, and Office 365 Calendar and other software like PayPal, QuickBooks, Google Analytics, etc.  to give you the perfect experience.  With Acuity Scheduling, all your business operations like client appointment booking, rescheduling, cancellations, reminders, and payments are all automated and streamlined into one software.  Business owners can manage their daily schedules, client database, and all payments from one window.  In addition to this, Acuity Scheduling is available across platforms like App Store, Google Play store, etc.  to accommodate users across all platforms.

Acuity Scheduling has a lot of plans, the most basic one is a free plan, and can be used by one person only with limited features.  For a single person requiring more advanced functions, Acuity has an Emerging plan that costs $15 per month and offers more advanced features like reminder emails, and automatic time zone conversions for customers.  If your business has more calendars, then the Growing Business plan which allows 6 calendars for multiple staff members or locations for $25 per month allows you to send reminder texts and emails, sell gift cards, sell subscriptions through the Acuity application.  If you need to manage more calendars then the Powerhouse Player plan allows you to manage 36 calendars for $50 per month, and offers the full Acuity package with privacy compliances, gives you a custom API.  Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of this application:

  • Great customer service to help you with your difficulties
  • Secure platform to accept payments
  • Great integrations with personal calendars
  • Poor user interface
  • Taxes need to built-in and aren’t calculated automatically
  • Blocking time-off between appointments is not intuitive and a bit difficult to do

2. Schedulicity

One of the most popular online scheduling software out there, Schedulicity is ideal for massage therapists, barbers, salons, spas, etc.  Schedulicity has a variety of different features so that business owners can manage their business from home and handle clients with different needs and requirements easily.  Schedulicity is an all-in-one scheduling software that helps small service-based businesses with their bookings, marketing, client management, point of sale management, and payment processing.

Your clients can schedule appointments, reserve seats in seminars and classes, and book multiple appointments together at the same time.  In addition to the appointment booking services provided by the appointment scheduling software, your business gets listed on Schedulicity Marketplace, which increases your online presence and markets your business automatically.  Any changes in bookings are made simple with this software, and you can reschedule, modify the service, change the plans with just a few clicks.  Some of the features include email and text notifications, search for any appointment booking by day, date and time, etc.

Business owners are able to view weekly schedules, estimated weekly earnings, and book off personal times effortlessly on the dashboard.  Payments are easy to process, and Schedulicity offers the cheapest transaction rates when compared to other top apps.  Although Schedulicity does not have a free trial, the pricing is very great.  You can select the team size and pick the features you need as an add on.  The basic plan for one user is $20 per month, for 2-5 members it is $30 per month, and so on.  The add-on features are quite fair priced and there are a lot of features to choose from.  The pros and cons of this software solution are:

  • Safe and secure payments
  • A lot of features that are ass-on so you don’t have to pay for any feature you don’t want
  • Easy to use application
  • Can get very expensive even for one person
  • The software can have glitches from time to time
  • The calendar view is a bit hard to get accustomed to

3. Square Appointments

Square Appointments is online appointment scheduling software that goes above and beyond normal scheduling applications.  With square appointments, your clients can easily book appointments at their convenience, and you can manage all appointments straight from your phone.  The biggest advantage for your business is that the Square Payment processor is built right in the Square Appointments application.  So the payment processing is very intuitive and effortless.

Being the leader in payment processing for small businesses, Square appointments has provided its amazing solutions that help the business grow.  With Square Appointments, customers can book only during the times you have set, and if you sync your Google Calendar, your personal appointments will be automatically blocked off in Square Appointments.  Business owners are able to send text and email notifications, view the history of customers, and have a booking widget on your website and social media platforms.

In addition to all these features, what sets Square Appointments apart from all other apps is its amazing built-in point of sale system that can securely accept payments, manage your inventory, adjust the price for taxes, tips, and discounts.  You are also able to view monthly reports like sales, inventory management, etc.  that can assist you in making future business decisions.  Square Appointments has a free plan for individual users, for 2-5 employees, the software has a fee of $60 per month, and for 6-10 employees you are charged $110 per month.  Here are some good and bad things about this software:

  • Extremely easy to use
  • Perfect integration with other Square applications
  • Perfect pricing for solopreneurs
  • The Scheduling software has a bit of learning curve
  • Transaction rates are a bit expensive
  • A bit expensive for teams

4. 24me

An award-winning personal assistant, that can be seen on Forbes, CNN, USA Today, and WSJ, TwentyFour Me allows you to take life in your hands and get complete control of your calendar.  Available on all platforms like Apple, Android, and Smart Watches, 24me is the most popular online appointment scheduling software for busy people.  With 24me your calendar, notes, and the to-do list are in one place, and you can focus on tasks that matter the most.

With 24me, you can view your calendar, along with the tasks and lists for that day in one screen, so your productivity is maximized.  Your to-do lists are color coded so that you can prioritize tasks and finish more important tasks first.  It syncs perfectly with personal calendar apps like Google Calendar, iCloud Calendar, and Office 365 Calendar.  24me allows you to take a conference call from the software itself and you get timely text and email alerts that help you stay on top of everything.  In addition to this, if you add a specific location for a meeting or appointment, the 24me application sends you reminders to leave on time and gives updates according to changing traffic conditions.

24me has a free version that makes a perfect personal assistant, but not the best scheduling application.  It has a lot of paid versions starting from $5.99, ranging to $99.99 per month that enlists features that are ideal for businesses.  Now let’s look at some of the pros and cons of this tool:

  • Personal assistant and task manager combined: ideal for people who work with to-do lists
  • Easy to use application
  • A free version to get you started
  • It is more of a personal assistant and less of a scheduler
  • Not a user-friendly interface
  • Can get very expensive for more features


Designed for all service-based industries, is all-inclusive online scheduling software that helps service providers get more customers and increase their time efficiency.  The first feature of this software is the ease with which you can accept bookings.  You can choose a website from their given templates to create a booking page, add a booking extension to your current website and social media page,  and accept bookings through your social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, Google, and

Once your booking is completed, your customers get an email and text notification confirming the details of the appointment.  In addition to this, your staff also gets reminded from time to time regarding upcoming appointments and canceled or rescheduled appointments.  All your data is securely stored and backed up daily to ensure that your business operations aren’t hindered due to the loss of data.

In addition to all these operations, you can add custom API and features like coupons, gift cards, memberships, classes, etc.  and organize all services in different categories, accept deposits, offer service packages. has a free version that allows 50 bookings per month with limited features, the Basic plan allows 100 bookings per month for $9.90 per month, and for up to 500 bookings per month, you can buy the standard plan for $29.90 per month.  If your business has up to 2000 bookings per month then the premium plan for $59.90 per month has all advanced features to manage your business effectively.  Some of the pros and cons of this app are:

  • Automated scheduling and group scheduling
  • 2-way sync with Google Calendar and Microsoft 365 Outlook Calendar
  • Ability to download daily appointments in a CSV format
  • Bad customer support
  • Lack of HIPAA compliance
  • Hard to get used to interface

6. Setmore

The best appointment scheduling software ideal for businesses in which customers need a live person to help them schedule like massage therapists, spas, beauty salons, dentists, etc.  Setmore has a nearly perfect rating in most of the review sites.  The appointment scheduling software is very intuitive and easy to use, with nearly no learning curve.  Primarily a desktop and browser application, Setmore has an Android and App Store mobile software to ensure accessibility to your appointment scheduling software at all times.

Mainly designed for small businesses, this easy to use appointment booking software integrates perfectly with your Office 365 apps, Teleport, Instagram, Facebook, WordPress, Google Calendar, etc.  and you have to do absolutely zero manual work to sync any information.  Booking appointments is a piece of cake for your customers and rescheduling is made even easier with the simple drag and drop feature.  With features like timely text and email reminders to reduce no shows, staff logins for more security, secure online payments, multiple online booking for classes, and recurring appointments, Setmore has taken the task of booking appointments to the next level.

There are 3 pricing plans that businesses can choose from according to their needs.  The Basic plan is free of cost, and you can have 1-4 staff members covered under this plan.  It also offers reminders via texts and emails and accepts payments through Square.  The next tier of the plan is the Premium plan that is for $25 per month and allows up to 20 staff calendars and accepts payments through stripe.  The last plan that Setmore offers is their Live Booking plan which has variable pricing and Setmore answers live 24/7 for your Business.  Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of this best scheduler for small businesses:

  • Super easy to handle appointment schedules
  • Reliable and user-friendly solution
  • Great customer support
  • The application has glitches and you need to restart it every once in a while
  • Not capable to sync with multiple calendars

7. Gigabook

Gigabook is the best customizable appointment scheduling software, that allows small business companies to specify details like staff, room, equipment needed, etc.  With Gigabook you can streamline the entire process of booking appointments online, and it is the perfect appointment management software.  You can schedule clients for services group activities, manage all payments and deposits, and manage inventory.  You can also sync your work calendar with your personal calendar like Google Calendar, Office 365, Outlook, etc.  for better functioning.

Small Business owners can specify the time slot for each appointment, and additional preparation time and break down the appointment slots according to your needs.  It is the best app for detail-oriented small business companies, you can manage all your online appointments, projects, and to-do lists and view monthly reports that can help you make better business decisions.  In addition to that, you can accept payments through Stripe, PayPal,, etc.

Gigabook also offers flawless integration with QuickBooks so you can manage all your finances and generate statements from one application.  If you are a solo entrepreneur, then GigaBook has a solo account with $15 per month for the monthly subscription and if you purchase the subscription for the year, you have to pay $12 per month.  For each additional staff member, you have to pay $8 per month for the monthly subscription and $7 per month if you purchase the yearly subscription.  Now let’s look at the strengths and weakness of this best customizable online scheduling application:

  • Easy to keep track and integrate appointments into the website
  • Timely reminders through texts and emails
  • Ability to offer add-on products with your appointments
  • Less room for customizations
  • No live chat feature to get in touch with your customers

8. 10to8

The best appointment scheduling application for small businesses who like to communicate with their clients, 10to8 is ideal for small business companies who want to start creating an online presence or beat their competitors digitally.  For businesses on the go, 10to8 makes appointments happen for you by providing services more than booking appointments.  10to8 schedules your appointments, manages all bookings, and sends reminders to reduce no shows up-to 90% so that your business operates smoothly even if you are on the move.

The distinguishing feature of 10to8 is the ability you get to connect with your customers.  Like any other online appointment scheduling application, with 10to8 you can send automated reminders regarding appointment bookings to your customers, but 10to8 allows your customers to confirm, cancel, or reschedule those bookings.  All of this communication is possible through SMS, email, Facebook, Slack, or from the dashboard of your 10to8 app.  Offering more than appointment scheduling, 10to8 also allows you to operate your business remotely by scheduling meetings virtually.  You can schedule meetings with your staff and have virtual appointments with your clients, all through a flawless integration with Zoom.

The scheduling app has a free version with 2 staff logins permitted and 100 appointment bookings per month, but no room for customizable branding messages.  If you want the customizable branding messages with 2 staff logins, then you can purchase the Basic plan which is for $9.60 per month.  For the same features but 3 staff logins and more appointment bookings, the Grow plan is ideal for $20 per month.  For more advanced features like 600 appointments per month, 6 staff logins, HIPAA tools, etc.  the bigger business plan for $40 per month is a sound investment.  10to8 also offers an enterprise plan for bigger business needs.  Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of this appointment booking app:

  • Drastically reduce no shows
  • Affordable plans
  • Great customer service to help small businesses grow
  • Poor syncing with Microsoft Outlook
  • Hard to book multiple appointments at once

9. Fresha

Formerly known as Shedul, Fresha is the best appointment scheduling system designed for salons and spas.  A simple and flexible appointment scheduling tool that allows you to manage daily appointments, schedule bookings, clock-ins and clock-outs of your staff members, total working hours, daily work schedules, etc.  Fresha is quite good at handling your bookings and managing your customers.

The leading application is designed to automate your business processes so you can focus on delivering great customer experience.  It is used in beauty salons, hair salons, spas, nail salons, massage parlors, therapy centers, gyms, tattoo studios, and many more industries.  Fresha generates invoices and accepts payments securely, and saves cards so that your clients can quickly pay their bills.

Fresha has a free version that allows unlimited calendar bookings, unlimited staff logins, unlimited reporting, and unlimited locations.  If you want additional features, Fresha Plus allows you to grow your online presence, process transactions from the app has no-show protection with marketing tools, and SMS reminders for 2.29% + $0.20 per transaction.  Some of the pros and cons of this app are:

  • Allows you to manage inventories
  • Save time and effort on scheduling
  • The free version has more features as compared to other apps
  • Fresha plus can get expensive easily
  • Lack of access to client history

10. AppointmentPlus

Best scheduling application for medical needs, AppointmentPlus is a perfect solution for small businesses that are looking to automating and streamlining thor business procedures.  Used by Fortune 500 companies as well as small businesses, AppointmentPlus allows you to manage inbound and outbound deliveries and shipments in addition to appointment scheduling.

Your deliveries are easily scheduled with AppointmentPlus, and your delivery carriers can schedule their own deliveries rather than having to get confirmation from you by calls, emails, or fax.  You can view your customer details like medical history for the healthcare sector or order history for small business companies, while you see their appointment details.  You can schedule multiple appointments in the same time slot, and instantly move appointments to reserve a time slot with AppointmentPlus.

There are 5 different price plans for different needs.  The most basic plan is the Bronze Plan which is for small businesses with less staff who wants only a scheduling solution for $49 per month.  For small businesses looking for a simple yet scalable scheduling solution, the Silver plan for $69 per month is a great fit.  There is also a Gold plan for $99 per month and a Platinum plan for $199 per month for the larger organizations that need more features to ensure smooth operations.  Some of the pros and cons of this scheduling software are:

  • Great Customer Support
  • Ideal for scheduling staff and managing bookings
  • Not very user friendly
  • Outdated and Hard to view client view

These were the top 10 apps that we felt will cover every type of need for small businesses.  The descriptions of the apps along with the pros and cons will help you choose the right app for your small business.  Most of the above-mentioned appointment scheduling apps have a free trial, which you can test and see if it fits the culture of your organization.  Now let’s look at some of the benefits of using an appointment scheduling tool:

Benefits of Using the Best Scheduling App for your Small Business

Some of the advantages of using the best online appointment scheduling software to your small business are:

Benefits of The Best Scheduling Apps

1. Automate your entire scheduling process:

The first and foremost advantage to your small business by choosing the best appointment scheduling software is that it mitigates your day-to-day scheduling challenges.  You no longer have to spend hours creating appointment schedules for your staff members.  Your clients are automatically able to book appointments and you are notified of all your appointments.  All of these tasks are done with minimal human efforts and the appointment schedules are error-free.

2. Automate your appointment scheduling operations:

In addition to booking appointments quickly without any back-and-forth correspondence, you can also automate the operations that complete an appointment.  With the best appointment scheduling application, you are able to assign a staff member to an appointment, send reminders to your clients and staff regarding upcoming appointments, track the status of appointments, assign new tasks to available staff, cancel and reschedule appointments, generate invoices and process payments all from the application.

3. Centralize all your processes and records:

With the best online appointment scheduling tool, you are able to centralize and streamline all your business processes and records into one app.  You are able to schedule appointments, assign the appointments to your staff, process all transactions from one app.  In addition to this, the app stores all important data like client information, customer history, customer preferences, client notes, etc.  so you are able to provide a great customer experience.

4. 24/7 access to everything:

For small businesses that do not have an appointment scheduling software, the business owners often have to go back to their office to access any information or record.  With the best appointment scheduling software, this problem no longer exists.  Business owners are able to quickly lookup any information, track the status, accept and decline appointments, etc.  from the mobile and desktop apps.

5. Safe and secure way to handle all sensitive information:

Privacy is of the utmost importance to most clients and ensuring the privacy to its customers is the basic task a small business owner has to perform.  If you keep all your client records in paper format, then you need to be sure that no one has access to those records and your staff protects the privacy of your clients.  But if you are operating your business with the best appointment scheduling application, then ensuring the privacy of your clients is no longer a concern for business owners.  With high levels of encryption to several privacy standards, the appointment scheduling app stores all clients, as well as business information securely, and your staff is not able to see this information unless they have the access to it.

6. Higher Customer Satisfaction:

With the best appointment scheduling app, you are able to easily book appointments, there are no errors in those bookings, your staff is properly informed of the bookings, and there is no room for poor service.  Since you are able to focus all your energy on delivering the best customer service, your clients are bound to be happy with your business.

7. Enhance communication and increase employee satisfaction:

If you are still using stone age means to schedule appointments, then there are bound to be errors in the appointment bookings.  The appointment details can be miscommunicated, or not communicated at all, your staff needs to call no-show clients and a lot of time is wasted.  With the best appointment scheduling tool, your staff can focus on delivering the best service and increase their productivity.  This is good for your business as your staff is happy and your profits are increased as well.

8. Grow your business:

The best appointment scheduling software sends monthly reports on the number of appointments fulfilled in the month, staff efficiency, time taken to finish an appointment, revenues per month, staff attendance, etc.  which are very vital statistics for small business owners.  With these monthly reports, small business owners can improvise current operations and streamline processes to achieve maximum profits.

These are only a few benefits to small businesses by choosing the best appointment scheduling software.  If you want to know more about the advantages of appointment scheduling software to small businesses, please read our blog that covers the benefits of appointment scheduling software in detail.  If you have any more questions in mind, please keep reading as we have answered some frequently asked questions for you below.


Is there any app for scheduling that is free and processes payments?

Yes, there are a few software for scheduling appointments online that can process transactions as well.  Some of them are Acuity Scheduling,  AppointmentPlus, etc.  This appointment management software allows free trial as well.  However, most of the best appointment scheduling software does not process transactions for free.  Most of the features of the booking system are free, but the transactions have a charge associated with them.

What is the best free appointment scheduling software?

AppointmentPlus is a great free appointment scheduling software and booking widget that is great for businesses that have more than 3 staff members and operate in multiple locations.  With AppointmentPlus, you are able to keep track of employee schedules, sync your work calendar with your personal google calendar, manage your clients, store all customer data in one place, send reminder emails, and manage the point of sale for your business.  The only downside to this booking system is that you cannot process transactions with the free plan.

What are the features of web scheduling software?

Appointment scheduling software is very helpful to organizations, and saves time and money.  Some of the features include:

  • The online appointment scheduling software allows you to accept booking through your website
  • The appointment scheduling software has flawless appointment management features that will create, assign, and remind for appointment bookings.
  • The booking system will process your transactions
  • You can track all your appointment booking through the website
  • You can view the appointment schedules and employee schedules from the appointment scheduling software

Are there any advantages to businesses by switching to online appointment scheduling software?

Indeed, there are lots of advantages to businesses by switching to online appointment scheduling software applications:

  • Save time and money in the process of appointment booking
  • Gain more customers by adding booking extensions to your website and social media pages
  • Gain complete control and access to your appointment calendar
  • Reduce no-shows
  • Archive all data of your customers securely in one scheduling software

Is it possible to use Google Calendar for online appointment scheduling?

It is possible to use Google Calendar for online scheduling of appointments.  In order to do so, you have to ask your customers to call you or get in touch with you through text or email to book an appointment.  Once they get in touch with you, then you need to agree on a time slot for the appointment with your customer.  Once you have agreed on a time for your appointment booking, then you need to manually create an event in Google calendar and invite your customer by adding their email address in the right field.  By doing so, your customers will be reminded about their appointment by Google itself.  However, this can be quite a tedious process.  Changing and rescheduling appointments won't be easy and you won't be able to use all your resources to its fullest potential.

How much does an online scheduling software cost?

The cost of online scheduling software is quite variable.  There are some online scheduling software solutions that are completely free of cost.  However, the features of free appointment booking software are limited.  For service businesses, the software needs to offer more than scheduling features, like the point of sale integration, payment processing, employee scheduling, etc.  On an average small businesses spend anywhere from $100 to $250 per month on the online scheduling software.  This amount can be a big commitment for some businesses, but it is an investment and not an expense, and thus it will help your company grow.


As we have finished the basics of scheduling apps, the features of online scheduling apps, the top 10 apps for appointment scheduling, and the benefits of appointment scheduling apps to businesses, we hope that this blog helped you in making the decision to choose the right appointment scheduling app for your business.  When you are able to manage all your bookings across multiple locations from your website, assign the online booking to your staff, track the progress of all your appointments, and process payments, you will realize the peace of mind you and your employees have.  All your energy is focused on providing the best service, and your business will visibly grow.

If you have any feedback for us or want to get in touch with us, then you can share your thoughts and contact us.  We hope that with your feedback we might be able to provide better help and share knowledge on scheduling applications with as many people as possible.


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