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Why Do Service Businesses Need The Best Scheduling App in 2020?

Have you ever imagined that you are wasting a lot of time and effort on pointless things that you can manage instantly through mobile-based apps?  Being a service-based company, you must be facing a lot of problems when it comes to schedule jobs, managing field technicians, customers’ requests, task management, feedbacks & reviews from customers, day week invoices, and payments.

You might be managing all these tasks lists and work schedules manually using excel sheets, Google Calendar, Google spreadsheets, on an email address, and old tools like Microsoft Outlook come.  But it’s time to adopt the best scheduling app that will automate your service-based company and streamline the daily operations with just clicks.

Yes, you read it right, you can automate all the business processes of scheduling, managing a team of technicians, jobs, customers’ requests, assigning a job to the right technician, GPS tracking all the jobs with their status, payments, customer service, and resources.  On one single platform, you can manage all these things with just a few clicks on the screen.  No matter whether you want to manage daily operations from office, home, or anywhere in the world, you can have a quick look at your business.

If you are still not sure whether your service company needs the best scheduling application or not, then continue reading this blog.  Herein we have mentioned reasons why your service business needs the scheduling solution, examples of the scheduling apps with exclusive features.  However, if you want to read any specific section in this blog, click on any section in this given table of content.

Introduction to Scheduling App for Service Companies

A mobile, web and desktop scheduling app is a scheduling tool or we can say a platform that helps service-based companies, organizations, startups, and industries to create, manage dispatch, and track schedules of the field technicians, create and manage job requests of customers, and track the job progress and team members.

Earlier, you used to manage all these things manually in the international paper forms or in excel sheets and waste a lot of precious time and effort.  But today, scheduling apps for calendars are known for eliminating the manual work of service businesses by taking all the tasks digitally. Whether you are managing a team of 50 technicians or 500 technicians, you can manage all of them along with their work schedules and workflows with just a few clicks.

Moving ahead, let’s talk about the reasons why your service company or business needs the best scheduling software to maintain and organize the entire business and what are some of the top and best online Scheduling apps examples.

Reasons Service Businesses Need Scheduling Application

Top 8 Reasons Service Businesses Need Scheduling App

1. Automate Day-to-day Scheduling Operations

The main reason why your service business needs the best scheduling application is that it will automate the whole process of your business.  From day-to-day scheduling operations to managing a team of field technicians to tracking payments and job progress, you can handle all these things digitally on your smartphone, laptop, desktop, and tablet.

Whether you reached your office, on-the-go, or at home, you can still track all the work from your mobile device and know what’s going on.  You can check employees who are on job location, riding for the job request, or completed it with complete care.  You can have a quick look at the new job requests and schedule/assign those jobs to available members, giving all the details that you have entered about the customer through calendar apps.

Being an owner, you can create admin, sub-admins, and senior technicians in the company so that you don’t have to manage all the small things that are happening in the company.  Just leave all those things on the admin of the company and you just focus on the growth strategies and expansion of your business.

2. Manage Field Technician Team, Schedules and Job Requests at One Platform

Another main reason for having an online booking management system or we can say scheduling platform is that it allows service businesses or business owners to manage and streamline all the field technicians, schedules, and job requests at one single platform.  The platform allows businesses and owners to manage all these things at one single platform, eradicating the need for managing multiple spreadsheets, excel sheets, paper forms, or files.

Using scheduling applications on your mobile, laptop, or any other device, you can live in the digital world, where you don’t have to follow old school techniques like templates, forms & files, calendar tools like Microsoft Outlook com, and Google Calendar.  Adopt the management software, giving your employees rich scheduling experience, calendar sync facility, natural language processing for managing business calendar, and more.

Further, the solution will allow the employees to check their own schedules, workflow, sheets, and notes if any.  They don’t have to wait for the admin to call them and describe the job, technicians can check schedules in the mobile device as per their availability.

3. 24/7 Access From Mobile, Desktop, Laptop, and Tablet

As we said that most of the service businesses and companies are managing their schedules in the excel sheets or making use of paper forms, so it is not easily possible to carry all these paper forms at home or wherever you go.  And you might also face problems in accessing excel sheets or other spreadsheets from your mobile phone; therefore, it is the option to adopt an online scheduling application.  The calendar app will give 24/7 access to you, allowing you to access the data and schedules anytime and from anywhere.

Whether you want to access your business details or information on the mobile phone, desktop, laptop, or using a tablet device, you can instantly open your schedules, accept job requests, assign jobs, track payments, generate invoices, and a lot.  The calendar app has made almost all the things easier than never before, allowing business owners, admin, and senior technicians to handle almost all the things from the comfort of their home or canteen without access to Google calendar.

4. Track Job Requests, Technicians, and Overall Business

Suppose, if you are receiving 50 to 100 job requests of the day that you have to manage manually, then you must find it hard to track all the job requests, status or progress, technicians who are working on the jobs, and total time taken by them.  Tracking all these things manually by calling all the technicians and asking them about the progress or whereabouts is totally a time-consuming method.

Therefore, service-based businesses should adopt a feature-rich scheduling solution that will not only help in tracking job requests but also help in tracking technicians with their real-time locations and overall business.  Using advanced calendar apps for scheduling and employee management, you can have all the insights of your business on the dashboard.  Whether you want to track total jobs of the day, total available technicians, or payments from the customers, just click a few buttons on the screen and you will have all the data on your screen.

5. Safe and Secure Way to Handle Customers’ Data, Payments, and Invoices

What if you find that your paper forms, files, and excel sheets are not as safe and secure as you want to manage your customers’ data, online payment, and invoices?  You will be shocked. Right?  But it is a hard truth that the old techniques and tricks are not completely safe when it comes to managing the online payment processing, invoices, and customer data.  So, this is one of the main reasons to use the scheduling application that will keep your entire data like customer’s information, job requests, payment details, and invoices safe.

No matter how many customers’ data and payment details you want to manage, the application allows you to keep unlimited data and payment details that you can access anytime.  Now, you don’t have to bother to carry the paper-based schedules and forms for technicians details because the solution will manage everything digitally that can be managed safely.

6. Boost Productivity and Satisfaction Level of Employees

If you are still not using any service scheduling software to manage service requests, technicians, and assigning jobs, then you are still wasting a lot of time in the manual processes.  Handling every single technician along with its job request and other important details is a time-taking process that will waste the precious time of your employees and decrease their productivity.

Thus, upcoming appointments booking apps are a great way to help your employees to track their work schedules online and comprehend the job instantly.  By having the jobs and information instantly in the hand, they can start working on it quickly and accomplish it before the deadline.  So, the calendar app will help in increasing the overall productivity of all team members and provide better work experience, increasing work satisfaction levels.

7. Improve the Overall Quality of Services

If you want to improve the overall quality of your services and allow your administrators to provide the best customer service, make customers happier than before, then it’s time to adopt the best scheduling software that will take your business to the next level.  Using this mobile calendar app solution, you can allow your customers to book services online with just a click.

Not only the customers but employees will also have the experience as they can access the schedule online with a click.  In addition to this, the customers can also book or schedule instantly with the mobile app or website.  Further, they can visit your dedicated website or download the app and stay connected with you for a long time.

8. The Best Communication Mode

The main reason for having a scheduling software like Doodle for your home service company is that it will decrease the communication gap between you and your technicians.  You can instantly communicate with the technician, track his live location, and discuss the job without waiting for him to call.

The application is the best mode of communication with all the technicians, allowing you to stay updated and informed about his schedule and tasks that he is going to perform.  Not only this but the platform also helps you to notify all the technicians for the important updates, news, or any need of extra hands for the particular days.  You can declare all the important things in advance and stay connected with the team.

So, these are the reasons why any service company or organization needs an online scheduling solution that helps them to boost business productivity and improve overall management.  If you are wondering which are some of the best scheduling solutions on the web that you can adopt for your business, then don’t worry.  Here’s the list of top scheduling applications that are widely popular and used by businesses across the world.

Examples of the Best Scheduling Mobile Apps

1. AppointmentPlus

AppointmentPlus is an online appointment scheduling solution that transforms the way service providers are interacting with customers.  The application provides a completely new way to engage with your customers, employees, and track daily schedules.  Today, almost all the service companies, including over 50 of the Fortune 500 are using this scheduling system that is considered as the most robust, scalable scheduler on the planet.

Trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide, AppointmentPlus is mainly developed to meet the specific requirements of individuals or smaller teams.  A personal scheduling app is inherently flexible and built to scale, relishing the freedom of scheduling technology.  Here are some exclusive features like AppointmentPlus app that is Android iOS best calendar app:

  • Create, view, update and cancel schedule appointments and reserve times
  • View customer details while viewing their job requests
  • Send appointment booking reminder and notification emails to your customers
  • Manage payments, invoices, and bills of customers
  • A dedicated free online booking page and booking system to save time on group bookings and process payments

2. TrackerPal

TrackerPal is one of the best field force scheduling applications that is known for managing attendance, tour expense reporting, tracking, asset maintenance, parts, and service quotation and billing, and invoicing.  This easy to use upcoming appointments booking app is the perfect option for small businesses, agencies, enterprises that want to go paperless and automate the entire business operations with accuracy preferences.

It helps the companies to stay updated about the updates and get real-time updates from field teams about the job’s progress.  Comes for a 14-day free trial, this membership software solution has a customized set-up for businesses, allowing them to customize the solution as per their business needs.  Not only one but this business software offers a number of customization options for client management, appointment management, scheduling meetings, track booking process, and manage no-show problems.

Now, viewing route, report location, member management, reputation management, and appointment types are some of the points of this meeting scheduling tool.  Here’s a quick look at the features like TrackerPal scheduling apps offer:

  • Standard and customized workflows and navigation menu
  • Real-time tracking of booking service, event details, and client portal
  • Advanced reporting tools to report task lists, time zones and no-shows problems
  • SMS alerts, SMS reminders, and notifications to keep everyone on the same page
  • Booking pages to manage business and family schedules with time zones

3. ScheduleOnce

ScheduleOnce is another excellent scheduling platform like Appointlet and 24me, allowing service companies and businesses to manage the entire company online from the comfort of one place.  Without leaving the cabin or home, all the business owners can handle all the job requests, schedules and job assignments, employee profiles, customer database & history, fields, confirmations from customers, and more.

Just set-up your organization’s scheduling scenarios once and let your team handle the rest like accepting bookings, confirmations, and more.  One of the best things about this appointment booking software is that it allows you to also integrates different video apps for secure and private video meetings with team members.  Here, you can find a list of features of scheduling apps that you can use:

  • Automatic booking and accessibility to calendar
  • Group sessions with convenience functionality
  • Rescheduling and cancellations
  • Direct resource scheduling
  • One-to-one message and reminder messages

4. is one of the best scheduling application solutions that help service businesses and companies to create, manage, and track schedules, meetings, business processes, collaboration, and workshops. This appointment scheduling software allows users to simply create their services through multiple channels, define their availability, and you will get both old and new clients signing up 24/7.

Further, this solution offers a safe and secure communication channel, allowing you to communicate with the team members regarding any task or job request. Now, there will be no more calling, text messaging, emailing, and maintaining notebooks for home service businesses as clients schedule appointments solution provides a one-to-one chat option, product reviews, productivity tips, scheduling page with top scheduling features for users.  Let’s have a quick look at the top capabilities of one of the search apps for schedules:

  • Accept online bookings and maintain schedules through social media, mobile app, and CRM software
  • Accept online payments via different payment processors
  • Real-time updates via an email address, SMS and push notification
  • Sync appointments, schedules, and events with online calendars

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The 12 Best Scheduling Apps for iPhone in 2020

So, these are the top scheduling apps and calendar apps that are helping thousands of companies to automate schedules and daily operations on the iPhone iPad. Apart from these appointment scheduling apps, there are many other apps like Square Appointments, Calendly, Setmore, vCita, Vagaro, Doodle poll, Fantastical 2, Jobber software, Schedulicity, Sanity, Timetree, and many more that are known for managing business calendar 2 with time zone and client information.

Do you have any questions in your mind related to scheduling software applications for your business? Then, we have tried to answer some common questions that you might have.


1. Which is the best free scheduling software?

Answer: As we all already said that there are a number of free scheduling solutions in the market that makes it easy to manage schedules and field technicians, but the best one that has a number of features, advanced technology, and functionalities is Acuity Scheduling. This calendar app solution or sometimes also known as gym management software solution allows clients to book, reschedule, and cancel appointments, replacing Google calendar.  It also gives the flexibility to block off times when certain services are unavailable at one place.

2. What are the features to look into in a scheduling application?

Answer: There are various features that one should consider in a scheduling organizer.  Here’s the list of some common features of appointment scheduling app, having an ability to manage agenda context, connections, subscriptions, and attachments.

  • Easy online bookings timeline plugin
  • Appointment Reminders through push notifications and email reminders
  • Task management, track meeting types, and merchant processing support
  • Business development guidance and tips
  • Client text reminders, email notifications, and confirmation email feature
  • Manage assignments, invoice jobs, calendar event, communications, automation of workshops
  • Accounting software to manage staff views, marketing cost, and analytics pricing
  • Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, Windows, Mailchimp account integration

3. What are the advantages of using an online scheduling solution?

Answer: The main advantages of using an online scheduling solution are:

  • Allows to prioritize tasks, commitments, purpose, work schedules of employees
  • Automate the entire business processes, checklists, packages, and add-ons operations
  • Improve employee productivity and overall efficiency
  • Improve time management and client retention


As you have checked the main reasons for using a scheduling app for your service business and how it helps your company to grow in the upcoming years, it’s time to analyze different scheduling solutions and platforms with their features, technologies, functionalities, costs or price model and choose one that best meets your business requirements.

You can analyze your business needs and accordingly go with the right solution that makes scheduling and managing your business easier. However, if you still have any queries or questions related to this solution and how to choose scheduling software for small business, then you can get in touch with us through our contact us page. We will try to resolve your queries and give instant solutions.


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