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10 Best Scheduling App For Restaurants to Checkout

"Time is what we want most, but what we use worst."
- William Penn

Truly said by Willian Penn. We all want maximum time in life, but the thing we do is use it worst. We do not make proper use of our total time and waste on things that we can manage easily. When it comes to planning the work schedule, worksheets, and scheduling team members in your restaurant business, we all make use of excel sheets, Google spreadsheet, and pen and paper to note down the schedules.

Instead of wasting time manually assigning and scheduling work to your employees and team members, you all can do is adopt the best scheduling app for restaurants and manage everything with just a few clicks. The apps allow you to make the utmost use of your employee’s time, assigning them the right tasks on the priority base.

No matter what type and size of the restaurant business you are running, you can use the best restaurant scheduling software solutions that will automate the entire business operations. In this blog post, we will discuss the basics of scheduling apps for restaurants, check out the top restaurant scheduling app solutions, and how it is beneficial for businesses.

Basics of Scheduling Apps for Restaurant Businesses

Scheduling apps are nothing but the mobile, web, and desktop-based applications that allow restaurants and hotel businesses to create, manage, and maintain weekly staff schedules along with the deadlines. The app-based solution automates and streamlines the entire process of your business, allowing the admin to save time and effort on creating schedules for the team members.

As per the size of your restaurant business, you may have a long list of employees, including cooks, servers, hosts, managers, bartenders, extra helpers, busboys, and a lot more who may need to be present at each shift in order to keep a restaurant running successfully. Therefore, it is a must that you adopt the best and most popular restaurant scheduling software that comes with a range of tools, allowing hotel businesses to manage all the things online with just a few clicks on the screen.

The software solution makes schedules, share it with employees in real-time, track the progress, reports online, manage payments, and a lot more. When it comes to selecting one such software solution that allows managers and employees to manage the entire business digitally, you might get a list of hundreds of restaurant scheduling software solutions to choose from.

To make it easier for you to choose the solution from a range of options, we have shared a list of top 10 restaurant scheduling apps that restaurant owners can check out and select the right restaurant scheduling software for your business.

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Top 10 Scheduling App Solutions For Restaurants

1. ZoomShift

If you are running a restaurant business, where you have to maintain a complete team of staff members like cooks, servers, helpers, bartenders, and siders with their schedules, worksheets, and daily tasks, then ZoomShift is the best scheduling software solution for you. The software is one of the most popular solutions that control and organize your staff members and keeps total control over the work and daily tasks.

This restaurant scheduling software solution gives an easy to view record of who has done what and when to allow you to keep track of employees’ tasks. Comes with a range of features and functionalities, the time clock option is considered as an easy-to-use solution that can be used for scheduling staff, daily tasks, view reports, and a lot more.

Being the owner of the business, if you are finding it difficult to check on the employees manually and explain their tasks, then it’s time to adopt ZoomShift that also makes managing and accessing shifts in real-time. As per the employee’s availability, you can assign the shifts, jobs & tasks list, manage reports, and track the daily progress with just a few clicks. Let’s have a quick look at the features of ZoomShift solution:

  • Create schedules and assign to staff members
  • Employee shift management
  • Approve and deny shift trades
  • Manage time-off requests
  • Clock-in and out management
  • Tasks management and overtime tracking

2. Findmyshift

Findmyshift is another most popular scheduling application for the hospitality industry that allows them to create staff schedules, generate & manage shift requests, track labor costs, leave management, communicate with the team members, shift changes, manage shift requests, and one-to-one communication with employees. The software solution is perfect for all types of restaurant businesses irrespective of their type and size, allowing them to take their entire business digital.

One of the best things about this solution is that it is trusted by thousands of businesses to improve their daily process of creating and maintaining workflow schedules. So, if you have decided to manage your restaurant’s daily orders, customers, feedback, payments, and track deliveries online, then it’s high time to adopt Findmyshift solution that will track time, the total number of hours of your employee work.

It comes with a time clock feature and allows checking clock-in and clock-out time of all the staff members. Here are some of the exclusive features that you can check out:

  • Generate group schedules and time table in just a few minutes
  • Time tracking and attendance management
  • Payroll management
  • Time off management
  • Check shift swapping or cancel shifts
  • Approve or reject time-off requests

3. 7Shifts

7Shifts is an online scheduling application that helps to build a more efficient restaurant with perfect schedules, engaged workforce, labor compliance, shift management, time, and attendance management. No matter whether you have a big restaurant, a small cafe, or a coffee shop, 7Shifts is the best option that will help you to simplify managing your restaurant business with just a few clicks.

The tool makes employee scheduling and management a lot easier for restaurant industry businesses as it has a drag-and-drop feature that manages the employee’s overtime, availability of the staff members, and regional labor laws. The benefit of using this scheduling solution is that it will help you to save approximately 80% of your time building perfect employee schedules in just a few minutes.

No matter how many staff members you have in your company, it will help you to handle all the members with their schedules. Looking at the best thing about this solution, it comes with a range of tools, including POS integrations, Payroll integrations, auto-scheduler, employee management, and many more tools. Let’s have a quick look at the features of 7Shifts:

  • Restaurant employees scheduling
  • Team communication and employee management
  • Time clocking and workforce management
  • Real-time reporting and customer support
  • Manager logbook and payroll handling
  • Push notifications, shift reminders, and alerts

4. Jolt

Jolt is the all-in-one digital assistant manager for your restaurant business that mainly focuses on team productivity of the restaurant businesses. This restaurant management software is known for providing employee scheduling tools to manage employee accountability and overall performance along with food safety and compliance monitoring. Now, you can easily build custom checklists and forms that show to the right employee at the right moment or on-demand when required.

Considered as a centralized hub, communication hub, and shift hub, this scheduling software solution comes with multiple schedule views, drag-and-drop interface, smart alerts & warnings, and role-based reporting, allowing businesses and cafes to manage everything on the smartphone, laptop, tablet, or computer. It provides a free trial to its users for a particular time period so that they can use this solution and know how it benefits their business.

Further, this solution is known for helping the hospitality industry to achieve the highest level of employee performance to get friendly service and accurate orders. This best restaurant scheduling software provides real-time visibility into performance with complete analytics and reporting that shows productivity trends over time. Here are some advanced features of Jolt solution:

  • Track employee performance
  • Team accountability and overtime tracking
  • Human capital management
  • Employee vacations management
  • POS integration and payment handling
  • Push notifications and alerts

5. HotSchedules

HotSchedules is one of the leading employee scheduling app solutions as it is quite faster and easiest solution to manage your schedule and communicate with the team members. Using this advanced solution, the team members can swap, pick-up, or release shifts with just one single click on the screen.

No matter how big or a small restaurant business you run, you can manage work-life balance without any hassle as it comes with automatic shift pick-ups when you need more hours and time off requests. It must sync with your calendars and other existing tools like Google calendar to manage everything easily and smoothly. Calendar sync and real-time notifications will keep your schedules and the roster automatically updated to your phone with manager approved changes.

One of the best things about this solution is that it helps in saving 75% of the time while building schedules and one-click approvals for shift changes. It has the capability of monitoring business performance with sales and labor snapshots, so you can manage all the important things from anywhere and anytime. Here, you can have a look at the top features of HotSchedules solution:

  • Sync your work schedules and tasks with personal calendar
  • Check team member’s availability
  • Connect with employees and staff members with one click
  • Check work schedule from anywhere and anytime
  • Swap, release and automatically pick-up shifts
  • One-to-one messaging to make staff communication smooth

6. Schedulefly

Trusted by thousands of restaurant businesses and hotel owners across the world, Schedulefly is considered as the bottle opener for staff scheduling. It is one such work schedule tool that makes life easier for all types of restaurants irrespective of their size and type.

Equipped with a lot of tools like scheduling, messaging, forecasting, job-posting, information storage, and more, this tool is available on mobile devices, desktop, laptops, and tablets, so users can use this free mobile apps solution as per their device’s availability. It shares daily crib-sheet and scheduled reminders through email, SMS, text, and direct notifications.

A lot of managers of the company find it difficult to manage time-off and shift trade requests of their employees, so this solution has made it easier to manage all the things remotely. This cloud storage small business software allows users to have a complete track of employees, their tasks, paperwork, staff availability, and day-to-day operations platform. Let’s explore the top features of Schedulefly software:

  • Auto-scheduling feature and daily shifts management
  • Task assignation and real-time tracking of progress
  • Document storage and staff directory
  • Set email reminders and alerts for schedules
  • Get a complete view of the schedules and entire business
  • Estimate and track labor cost easily

7. When I Work

Now, you can create schedules for your employees and workers in just a few minutes using the When I Work scheduling software solution. After creating schedules in just minutes, you can share and track it without any hassle.  This scheduling and time tracking software is a perfect option for all the companies that are managing a team of employees along with their work plans and task list.

This desktop and mobile-based app solution give everyone the accessibility that they need. Not only does this solution save your time on creating work schedules but it also helps in enhancing communication, boosting accountability in your team, eliminating excuses, and growing your business.

It also allows you to communicate with your employees and ask them about their time preferences so that you can assign them to shift timing as per their availability.   Further, the solution comes with an exclusive range of features, including:

  • One-click schedule management
  • Team management with accountability, communication, and empowerment
  • Share schedules in real-time with your employees
  • Control overtime costs, considering labor reports
  • Payroll integration

8. Planday

Planday is an advanced and easy to use employee scheduling software solution that helps restaurants and hotel businesses to build an employee schedule instantly by considering an account staff vacation, availability, payroll costs, and more. No matter whether you have 30 or 300 workers or staff members in your business, Planday is one of the best solutions that provide features you need to communicate with your staff, create, and share, track employee schedule and a complete overview of your business.

This software solution allows you to check the total hours that your staff members worked, payroll costs, total revenue, the total number of percentages paid in salaries, and how it aligns with the targeted audience.

If you want to check the daily selling, reports, progress of the ongoing tasks, home deliveries whereabouts, and any metrics related to your company, restaurant scheduling solutions will instantly help you to get insights into reports and build schedule. Planday software comes with some of the exclusive features like:

  • Check financial reports in the schedule
  • Manage employee availability easily
  • Staff management and employee lifecycle scheduling
  • Scheduling and real-time communication
  • Punch-in and punch-out time and attendance
  • View employee resources to make quick decisions

9. Snap Schedule

Snap Schedule is an effective scheduling tool that takes the daily hassle out of an admin's life, helping them to track and manage overtime and labor costs. It is a scalable tool that helps manage an unlimited number of managers and employees, quickly create shift schedules, avoid scheduling conflicts, and provide accurate data with complete reporting.

No matter whether you are using an iPhone, iPad, Android, or any other device, this software solution helps employees in many ways like checking their schedules in real-time, requite time off, open shifts, bid punch-in/out time for employees, check time cards, update availability and a lot more.

If you are running a small cafe, dining restaurant, or anything another type of restaurant business, Snap Schedule is something that will manage everything from your daily orders to customers and staff members with their schedulers. Let’s have a quick look at the features of Snap Schedule solution:

  • Shift swapping and automated scheduling
  • Online time and attendance management
  • Team resource management
  • Drag and drop capabilities to distribute schedules
  • Real-time reporting and analytics
  • Employee messaging and recommendations

10. Workforce

Workforce restaurant scheduling software solution is mainly designed and developed for those businesses that have to manage hourly workers in order to meet the current and future demands of the workplace like restaurants, retail stores, cafes, hospitals, and cleaning businesses. This solution is developed to define the schedules so that transition from one shift to the other becomes seamless, easier, and smooth, making the work uninterrupted.

Considered as an integral component of workforce management, this restaurant scheduling solution involves taking into account predicted workloads and then the number of resources required to complete the job. With dynamic industries, the workload changes often and has an automated scheduling process in the place to handle the changes.

One of the best things about this restaurant scheduling solution is that it helps employees to take control of their schedules and switch shifts with other employees directly in case if the restaurant needs to arise. Check out the top Workforce app features:

  • Labor forecasting management
  • Time tracking and attendance management
  • Shift swapping
  • Customizable report generation
  • Access to employee and staff availability
  • A complete view of the day-to-day operations

You have gone through the top 10 restaurant scheduling software solutions for your restaurant business, and each mentioned software has its own features, functionalities, monthly subscriptions, advantages, and disadvantages to offer. So, you can choose any of these mentioned solutions as per the needs of your restaurant, cafe, or any other business.

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In case, if you are wondering how such mobile apps solutions benefit your restaurant business, then we have covered the benefits of scheduling software restaurant for hotels and restaurants.

How Scheduling Solution Benefits Restaurants and Hotel Businesses?

How Scheduling Solution Benefits Restaurants and Hotel Businesses

1. Allow restaurant businesses to create schedules on-the-go

The main benefit that it delivers is that it allows businesses and managers to create schedules on-the-go. It doesn’t matter whether they are in the office, home, or anywhere in the world, they can create the schedules for their staff members and managers, including all the details like task, deadline, priority, important instructions if any, and more. Restaurants, hotel businesses, and managers can easily take their day-to-day operations online and focus on other essential things.

2. Reduce employee availability conflicts

Another benefit that you can get is that the scheduling software solution will help you to reduce employee availability conflicts, allowing all the staff and team members to communicate with each other in regards to their schedules. It will help them in mitigating scheduling conflicts. In this way, employee satisfaction will increase, while minimizing the errors in time off requests. Moreover, the staff members and managers can also adjust their schedule, time and attendance clock, and other things as per their requirements and share their consideration with the team members.

3. Works as the best communication channel

The employee scheduling system works as the best communication channel among team members, restaurant owners, admin of the business, and customers. As required, they can communicate with each other and resolve the query instantly. The solutions are also offering one-to-one chat option, allowing members to communicate in case there's any problem in the schedule changes or shift timing. In short, it decreases the gap in your team, building a strong bond.

4. Ease managing entire business and daily operations

Another major benefit that you can get is that you will not only manage one or two daily operations of your business, but you will manage your entire business from one single platform. Yes, you read it right. You can manage all the restaurant operations like scheduling, assigning tasks, task management, progress reporting, tracking, shift swaps, schedule creation, labor management, communication tools, customer service, customer’s demands, POS systems, labor cost, and a lot more. In short, you can give a quick view of your entire business and streamline everything.

So, these are the main benefits that your restaurant business will get after adopting the best restaurant scheduling solution. To know some of the other benefits of using the best restaurant scheduling software apps, you can refer to this blog on the benefits of restaurant scheduling software solutions for mobile apps and get detailed information. In case, if you have general queries related to software restaurant scheduling, we have answered some of the most asked questions.


1. What is the best employee scheduling app for restaurant businesses?

Answer: One of the best restaurant employee management software is Zoomshift that allows us to manage schedules, assign jobs, and track the progress of the assigned jobs. The solution helps restaurant managers in creating employee schedules in just a few minutes, improve staff accountability, and reduce labor costs.

2. Is there any free scheduling solution for restaurants?

Answer: Yes, there are some of the free scheduling software solutions that claim to streamline employee scheduling and automate daily operations. Here’s the list of some of the free solutions that restaurants can adopt:

  • 7Shifts
  • Planday
  • TimeSimplicity
  • When I Work
  • HotSchedules

3. What are some of the common features of the best restaurant scheduling app?

Answer: Here are some of the most common features that we should look into the best restaurant scheduling software apps when you are selecting for your restaurant business:

  • Scheduling templates
  • Auto-assign shifts and account management
  • Real time communication
  • Shift scheduling and shift swapping
  • Resource forecasting and management
  • Reports and statistical analysis
  • Workflow automation and external integrations
  • Real time updates and notifications


We hope that you found the mentioned scheduling software solutions helpful and can select an excellent application for your restaurant business. We have also covered the benefits of scheduling software like how it helps your business to expand. After going through these listed solutions, if you are planning to adopt one such software for your business, make sure that you analyze your business needs and choose one such option accordingly.

In case, if you want to share your views, have any feedback to give, or any query to ask, you can contact us through our contact us form. We will answer your queries as soon as possible. To get more such informative blogs directly into your inbox, you can subscribe to our newsletter by following one simple step.


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