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The 12 Best Scheduling Apps for iPhone in 2020

Are you running a business, where you have to manage the schedules of all the employees or customers? You might have to keep track of their daily updates about the work, task list, and other important updates about the work. Right?

But how do you do it? Are you using excel sheets spreadsheets, google calendar apps, paper forms, and managing files, filling information manually in it? Then, we must say that you are wasting a lot of important time and effort that you can save using the best scheduling app for iPhone.

Now, there is no need to do assigning work manually because iPhone based scheduling apps will handle everything for you, managing a list of employees or customers, a list of tasks, scheduling tasks to employees as per the priority, real-time updates & notifications about the work, and a lot more.

The mobile apps will do everything for you with ease and no hassle. Herein we will discuss the basics of schedule apps for small businesses, top schedule apps for iPhone devices in 2020, and general faqs. In case, if you want to explore the particular section of this blog, you can find the content table where you can click on any specific section to read.

Basics About Schedule App For Small Business

When it comes to talking about the schedule app for your business, it automates the entire process of creating, maintaining, and tracking schedules in the easiest manner. The mobile-based application helps businesses of different industries to schedule tasks for employees, increase productivity, and get help with hourly workforces to re-allocate resources to non-scheduling activities.

Moreover, the software solution helps companies and organizations to track daily time (be it vacation time, sick time, compensation time and daily break time from events), make schedule changes, shift planning, and shift swap management. The calendar app solution also gathers scheduled data that can be extracted for payroll or to analyze previous activity. Along with managing and coordinating the tasks & events, schedule software also helps in applicant tracking and onboarding, time and attendance, and automatic limits on overtime.

In short, such calendar apps or schedule apps are mainly designed to help organizations and companies to face issues like employee retention, compliance with labor laws, and other workforce management challenges. Now, moving ahead, let’s discuss some of the top schedule apps for your iPhone device in 2020.

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12 Best Scheduling Applications for iPhone in 2020

1. Setmore

Setmore is one of the top online schedule platforms that is designed and developed for small businesses to manage, organize, and track daily employee’s schedules. The calendar application allows businesses of different industries to book appointments, manage a team of employees, create daily schedules with deadlines, and a lot more.

You can install this iPhone app in your device and instantly access your calendar, client list, and important agendas anytime and anywhere. Within just a few clicks, you can even manage multiple staff calendars at just one single platform. The excellent thing about this calendar solution is that it helps in reducing no-shows with text reminders and managing your time better with 2-way calendar sync with Google or Office 365.

In addition to this, if you are thinking why you should opt for this solution, then here are some of the top features that will make you amaze about this application:

  • Unlimited appointments, customers, email reminders
  • Receive payments for appointments
  • Up to 4 staff profiles, each with their own calendar
  • Allows to manage schedules through social media platforms

Download Link: iOS

2. 24me

24me is one of the award-winning iPhone apps for managing schedules, calendars, to-do list notes, and personal accounts. The app’s design is completely simple and interactive, allowing users to streamline the agenda view of the schedules. Users of this app can create new events in the easiest manner and they can tap the blue + in the bottom corner and a new event opens. You can instantly start typing the title, and all the required details for editing.

Trusted by millions of people across the world, this iOS application for scheduling is known for boosting productivity. It is a much easier and powerful application, putting everything related to schedule, to-do lists, and personal accounts. It saves time on those things that used to take hours, so 24me is considered as one of the mobiles connect apps for work schedules and timesheets.

Further, the solution is developed considering entrepreneurs, technology professionals, and UI/UX experts to help them with different ways to streamlining business meetings and get a better quality of life with advanced functionality. Here are some of the excellent features:

  • Use voice to add tasks, schedules, notes, and business meetings
  • Sync with calendars like Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, & Microsoft Exchange
  • Customization options for company building and work schedule
  • Alerting you about event details, event templates, and social networks

Download Link: iOS

3. Doodle

Doodle has made creating and managing schedules easier than never before as this tool allows users to find the time for any meeting, event, and work to schedule it. With this application, you can propose potential times, invite a group of people, and get notified once the right time for everyone is found. Using this mobile calendar app, all the users have an influence on the final decision.

As you know that schedule happens in one organized place, so the days of endless back-and-forth communication is over. With it, you can ensure that you leverage complete support of Doodle by connecting your calendar and only propose time slots when you are actually available.

Moreover, you can make use of the dashboard in order to review the actual status of created polls and subscribe to those notifications that will keep you up to date. Apart from this smartphone application, here are some of the top features of the best calendar app:

  • Stay right in the conversation while planning something
  • Keep track of schedules, events, and created polls
  • It has a simplified group schedule and event creation
  • Get real-time updates and alerts

Download Link: iOS

4. Appointy

Appointy is online schedule software that has almost everything that you need to grow and manage your business in one easy to use and powerful user interface. It is one of the best apps for calendars that have made it easier to discover the easiest way to grow your business. Now, you can easily schedule work & daily tasks, increase productivity, attract & retain customers, and a lot more.

Supports over 100+ verticals including health & wellness, education, medicine, fitness & recreation, lifestyle, and professional services, this schedule planner application like Fantastical 2 enables users to accept appointments online, send automated email/SMS iCloud reminders and integrate with social media. Syncing with Google Calendar apps, this iPhone and web app helps in an instant day planner and manage preferences. Check out the top features of Appointy app features:

  • Schedule Online With Just a Few Clicks
  • Keep Constant Track of All Employees
  • Natural language input
  • Calendar Sync & Online Payments
  • Automation Schedules

Download Link: iOS

5. Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling is considered as one of the excellent online software for work schedules that works 24/7 for organizations and companies to fill daily schedules for employees and team members. The online solution helps in managing calendars, customize availability and offerings, empower clients to book and pay directly from the app, automated branded email, and text notifications. All you have to do is show up at the right time.

Known for running your business smoothly from anywhere and anytime, this to-do list application provides quick access to the daily and monthly calendar, edit availability, and schedule appointments. It doesn’t matter how many employees are there in the company, you can auto-adjust for time zones, let the team members cancel or reschedule, and stay about the ongoing work of the company.

One of the features of this best scheduling application for iPhone is the ability to share direct schedule links with employees. Give a look glance at the guide features of the solution:

  • Automated schedule management
  • Events and appointment reminders
  • Manage client database
  • Online bookings and recurring appointments

Download Link: iOS

6. Calendly

If you are wondering about the top online appointment applications, then Calendly is the perfect option that is ideal for the organization which does not like sending frequent emails to find a business meeting time. It is a simple yet powerful automated scheduling tool that gives you access to Apple calendar views & events and unlimited appointments.

It can be easily set up to integrate with Google Calendar, GoToMeeting, Salesforce, Office Outlook, and iCloud to give a better and seamless user experience. Using this solution, you can bring out the real power of schedules, color-coding, and manage your business on the go with just a few clicks on the screen.

Once you create work schedules and worksheets, you can instantly share them with your team members through emails, text messages, or any other way with high compatibility. In fact, the task manager or teams of the company can populate the schedule link and a brief message without even leaving this mobile app. Here are some top features of Calendly calendar solution:

  • The easiest way to share availability on-the-go
  • Access all the events and schedules links at one place
  • Share schedules whenever and wherever you are
  • Cancel, reschedule or change the schedules or events anytime

Download Link: iOS

7. Schedule Planner

Schedule Planner is a daily planning application, helping iPhone app users to organize and manage their tasks by category and priority. The iPhone version of this application features a practical and simple user interface that allows users to either create day plans from scratch or by editing pre-existing plans from external calendars like Google calendar to save time.

With the planner app, creating new tasks becomes a lot simpler that requires only some sequential steps in order to complete it. Further, this calendaring app that is available on App Store enables users to edit and change their individual tasks or by batch editing multiple tasks. The power users of this mobile application can even create notes that are attached to every single task if they require more details. One can make use of its planned vs actual task tracking functions to accomplish a task to chart your schedule accurately.

Further, the users can plan tasks and an entire day in advance and view week and month through practical graphic calendar events or list view options. You can also check the category color mark on every single day on the with planned tasks. Here’s a list of a variety of features that Schedule Planner offers:

  • Get a simple and practical task planning and workflow option
  • Awesome calendar view and timeline to check upcoming events and travel time to the new event
  • Easy to use the tracking feature to keep track of schedule updates
  • Allow users to create notes attached to each task if it requires more details

Download Link: iOS

8. Square Appointments

Square Appointments is a one-stop solution for all your bookings appointments, sending reminders, and accepting payments. The application has almost everything that is required to run the business from anywhere and anytime. Being a great calendar app, it makes it easy for you and your customers to check schedules, a point of sale that tracks customer details, and secure payment systems. It is considered as all in one place solution that is available for free.

In addition to this, Square Appointments also helps in reducing no-shows with automatic responses to customers at any time of the day with a major purpose in mind. It provides a 24/7 online booking facility, so the users of this app will not face any problem whether they are checking the schedule in the mid of the night or while traveling abroad. It also comes with plenty of top features that are mentioned as follow:

  • Allows to check the schedule at one glance
  • Natural language input
  • Seamless checkout processes for clients and secure payment method
  • Get rid of no-shows with automatic reminders and alerts
  • Customize the way you manage tv schedules and appointments

Download Link: iOS

9. is the best calendar app that allows users to simply create their services through multiple channels, define their availability, and you will get both old and new clients signing up 24/7. You might have never experienced schedule meetings and tasks in the easiest way, so this app has replaced your manual process with a digital solution.

Once the admin set-up the account, all their clients or customers need to do is select a service and time on the booking page. It allows changing the availability and managing bookings in the easy and user-friendly interface.

It provides a safe communication channel, allowing you to communicate with the team members regarding any task or job request. Now, there will be no more calling, text messaging, emailing, and maintaining notebooks as the solution provides a one-to-one chat option for users. Have a quick look at the top capabilities of one of the best search apps for schedules:

  • Accept online bookings and maintain schedules
  • Accept online payments via different payment processors
  • Real-time updates via an email address, SMS and push notification
  • Sync appointments, schedules, and events with online calendars

Download Link: iOS

10. vCita

vCita is the most advanced mobile menu bar app that does almost everything for you and to run your business successfully. Through this best calendar app, you can allow your clients or customers to self-schedule online everything 24/7. No matter how many customers you have, but this iPhone and iPad application makes everything easier on the move.

It makes managing day-to-day activities like a pro and developing a business you are proud of. Using vCita, you can handle appointment schedules, billing & invoicing, client & events management, and a lot more. Just download this application in your iPhone and simply sign-up/sign-in so that you can stay connected to your business and clients 24/7.

Further, the natural language supportive iPhone calendar app also provides a seamless customer experience, allowing clients to book appointments, pay for the services, and share schedules in real-time. Whether the user is using this app for professional or personal use to maintain shopping lists, the companion app is a great solution. Here are the top features that users can get using vCita calendar app:

  • Calendar, schedules and client management at one single platform
  • Send automated reminders for meetings and events to reduce no-shows
  • Stay in touch with clients to reduce the communication gap
  • Schedule online 24/7 on the move

Download Link: iOS

11. Jobber

Jobber is an award-winning scheduling calendar software solution that is mainly designed and developed for small home service companies and organizations. This best iPhone calendar app helps the companies in organizing and managing the entire operations from assigning job requests to managing a team of crews, invoicing and billing, collecting payments, and feedback and reviews.

This iPhone calendar app is known for running day-to-day operations from anywhere and anytime, allowing users to do their job faster when the team is organized and the process is streamlined. Integrate with Apple watch, Google maps, or any other application, this application can be saved on the home screen of the device.

Whether you are in the office, field, or home, this calendar application is developed with a range of tools at your fingertips, helping in organizing a team, communicating with customers, and tips for growing your business. Here, you can check some top features of the best calendar app:

  • Check your team’s progress and events of the company
  • Track time for each job, or clock in to track your day as a whole
  • See your team's progress and location
  • Keep track of all expenses, receipts, and payments

Download Link: iOS

12. Calendar5

Calendar5 is a smart and easy-to-use desktop and mobile calendar application that allows companies and organizations to manage tasks and events in the easiest manner. Runs on any iOS device, this feature-rich application does a great job planning by day, week, and month so that you don’t face any problem while managing tasks for the team members.

Using the best iPhone Calendar app, you can connect all your calendars, keeping everything in one single place. Just in a few taps, users of this app can connect the app with Apple iCal, Google Calendar Exchange, Yahoo, Facebook, Outlook com, and AOL. You just need to drag and drop all the tasks and events in order to reschedule an appointment. The great thing is that this best calendar app solution supports both online and offline mode. Let’s have a quick look at the features:

  • Natural language Input
  • Productivity tips to use task manager, organize and track schedules
  • Makes it easy to get a quick overview of the upcoming events through heatmap
  • Create, edit, and delete events or tasks whenever you need it.

Download Link: iOS

So, these are the top and most popular scheduling applications for iPhone users, allowing them to have quick access to schedules, appointments, and other important information. Now, moving ahead, let’s discuss important factors of the best iPhone calendar apps or we can say calendars app.

Important Factors of The Calendar Apps That Make Work Schedule Easier

Important Factors of Calendar Apps

  1. Automate the process of managing: The most important factor that you can look at in the work schedule application is that it must automate the whole process of managing calendars, new events, family calendar entries, and allow accessing schedules in different time zones.
  2. Easy to use: Another factor that plays a vital role is the ease of using it. The solution must be available on both monthly subscription model and member-wise fees. If the tool is not easy-to-use and requires hours of training to use it, then it’s not user-friendly at all. The coworkers can easily figure out the natural language support solution with the least effort and travel time. In short, it must be an intuitive and easy-to-access organizer.
  3. Customizable: Every business has its own needs and requirements; therefore, it is important that the schedule solution that you choose must be customizable with your own colors, logos, brand, customization tools, and more. It is important if the admin is looking for using it to schedule time with employees.
  4. Syncing with your calendars and other tools: It is considered as one of the essential factors for most of the businesses. The color coding solution must sync with your available calendars and other tools to keep you stay on top. Along with it, the application must have dead-simple availability sharing and sync across all the devices.
  5. Automatic notifications and updates: Automatic notifications and updates are also considered as the most essential factors of any calendar app that keeps users informed about important ongoing activities and events of the company. It allows users to set customized alerts to better suit each employee.
  6. Cost-effective solution: The last factor that you can consider is cost-effectiveness. The solution you choose must be cost-effective so that small and mid-size companies can easily afford the solution to manage schedules and appointments.

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So, these are the important factors that one should consider while selecting any calendar application for an iPhone device. Apart from this, if you have some common questions in mind related to the calendar app, continue reading this blog as we have answered some of the common questions here.


01. What is the best app for the schedule?

Answer: There are various types of applications on the web that are helping companies and organizations in managing appointments and daily schedules, but talking about the best one, Setmore is considered as one of the best examples in terms of features and functionalities that has grabbed the attention of companies.

02. What is the free calendar app for iPhone?

Answer: Vantage is a widely used and free calendar app for iOS devices that gives a complete overhead view of the calendar with dates spanning out into the distance whereas events and appointments stack up on top of each other. It is considered as the perfect example of a calendar application due to its simplicity, checklists, categories, multiple integrations, and Android support.

03. Is there an app for managing employees?

Answer: WorkTime is a simple and easy-to-use work schedule application that provides a reminder feature to users to know when shifts are coming up. Using this application, the users can easily manage workflows and shifts, from shift starting time to end time. It also manages tasks and the total hours of the employees along with wages. In short, there is not only one reason to use this system, but there are many other points that make this schedule editor the right choice.

04. What are the benefits of using an iPhone calendar application?

Answer: If you are someone who is thinking about what is the main advantage of using a calendar app and how it helps your business to grow, then here’s the answer that is based on the research articles and advertisement:

  • Increases the ways to increase the productivity of your business
  • Supports the natural language of schedules and events
  • Keeps everyone on the same page
  • Reduces conflicts of availability
  • Allows collaborative schedules
  • Helps to get rid of the manual process of managing Google calendar
  • Alerts you to uncovered shifts
  • Saves labor hours

5. How do I choose the right schedule app for my business?

Answer: To choose the right schedule solution for your business, ensure that you consider these points in mind:

  • It must automate the entire manual process for your business with a drag and drop facility.
  • It must have advanced features like groups and auto-schedules, one-to-one messaging, natural language support, appointment reminders, and team zone management as an add-on.
  • The app must easily sync with your available google calendar and other available items or tools so that you can track all the schedules in just one solution.
  • It is one of the note-taking points that filters schedules, schedules themes, products, and shows dozens of points in the display.


We hope these mentioned 12 work schedule apps for iPhone help you to manage your schedules easier than before. Using these applications from guides, you can manage the entire schedule ecosystem of your team, maintain calendars, shift planning, assignments, and documents of the team members. Some of the other successful calendar apps like Slack, Trello, Timepage, Busycal, Informant 5, My Study Life, Clarity, Timetree, Todoist, Toggle, and Caldav that are widely popular on Zapier platform. You can also go through these widgets apps that you can add to your library and refer to them in the future.

Apart from the apps, we have also covered important factors that will help you to choose the best solution for your business and control the entire company at one single platform. However, we have also tried to answer the common questions related to the best calendar apps in the blog post, but if you still have any questions or want to share your views on this topic, you can connect with us through our contact us page.


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