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8 Best Scheduling Apps For Your Business to Check Out

Being an owner or the admin of the company, you must be spending a lot of time and effort on creating work schedules for your employees. Right? You must be spending almost an entire day on creating, managing, and sharing the schedule with all your team members. Don’t you think that you are wasting your precious time that you can give on expanding and growing your company worldwide? So, how will you save your time when creating and organizing the employee schedules?

One of the best ways is, adopt the best scheduling app for business so that you don’t have to create schedules using manual processes like pen & paper, excel sheets, Google spreadsheets, Google Calendar, and Microsoft Outlook. Instead of using old school techniques, you can make use of the scheduling applications that will automate the entire process of creating and managing schedules. Moreover, scheduling apps are mainly designed and developed for those businesses that have a team of employees and find it difficult to manage their daily workflow.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the basics of scheduling apps for small and mid-sized businesses, top 8 scheduling apps, and answering the most frequently asked questions. To read the specific section of this blog, you can click on that section in the given table of contents.

Basics of Scheduling Apps For Small and Mid-sized Businesses

Whether you have 10 employees or 100 employees in the company, scheduling software solutions are mainly developed to manage, streamline, and automate the whole process of creating and sharing schedules. Using available solutions, you can automate the way your company is handling daily operations like creating a task list, assigning a task, shift planning and managing, check available employees to assign work, clock-in and clock-out time of employees, and other important tasks of the business.

The solutions are also helpful in tracking the total working hours of employees, including their break time, lunchtime, and overtime. It will not only benefit you in automating work schedules but also help you in increasing the overall productivity of your employees and team members, growing your business across the world. Moreover, the software solutions for scheduling come with a range of features and functionalities like applicant tracking, time & attendance management, shift modifications, and onboarding.

When it comes to selecting the best scheduler app for your business, it is a must that you know your current challenges, needs of your customers, problems that your employees face, and accordingly, you can choose one such software that meets your requirements. To help you choose the right scheduling application, we have listed the top 7 best appointment scheduling software solutions that are well-known for their exclusive features, functionalities, and advanced technologies. Let’s get started.

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Top 8 Scheduling Apps That Businesses Need to Check Out

1. Square Up

Square Up is a highly flexible online scheduling software solution that is developed for businesses to help in managing all the bookings, schedules, and payments. Whether you are looking for one such online appointment scheduling solution that allows your customers to book appointments with you or a solution that handles all the headache of creating schedules and managing payments, Square Up is the answer to your needs.

Available for free for an individual and affordable for teams, this app for scheduling has almost all the important tools that you require to run your business successfully. From online booking to managing your customers, a point of sale that tracks customer details to payment processing systems, it offers all the features to take care of your business.

However, if you have some additional staff members and need more calendars, then you can try out with a 30-day free trial and get the best experience. Depending upon the experience you get, you can make your further decision about this software. Moreover, Square Up offers a range of exclusive scheduling features like:

  • 24/7 online booking page
  • Appointment reminders and notifications
  • Client portal to manage class bookings, business meetings, and staff calendars
  • Seamless payment options
  • Calendar integrations
  • Accounting software for payment processing services

2. Time Tap

Time Tap is an online scheduling solution that is designed and developed for those professionals and small to mid-sized companies that have large appointment offerings and bookings on a daily basis. Creating and maintaining schedules using paper forms, spreadsheets, Google calendar, and Google sheets is an outdated process that all the businesses should ditch because it is not possible to stay in sync.

The best schedule app solution will replace the old techniques of a booking process and creat schedules, allowing you to save time and effort by automating things. No matter the type of business you are running like healthcare and gym center, restaurants, administrators, home service businesses, massage therapists, salon & spa, beauty care center, plumbing, cleaning business, hospitals, or any other type of company, Time Tap is easy to use appointment booking software solution that comes with an exclusive range of features like:

  • Automatic scheduling with deal management
  • Staff scheduling and inventory management
  • Real-time calendar sync
  • Group scheduling and online payments
  • Recurring appointments

3. Vcita

Vcita is a feature-rich online scheduling and calendar management software that allows businesses to save time on coordination and increase client satisfaction. It can be accessed from anywhere and anytime, Vcita is one such appointment booking software solution that you can use from logging in its website or download the application in your mobile phone and manage your calendar on-the-go.

Trusted by thousands of businesses for managing their daily work schedules, appointments, and calendars, this Vcita appointment scheduling software can be integrated with your online assets easily as it requires no technical knowledge or coding. Moreover, this scheduling app only takes 5 minutes to set-up this software solution.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a single individual who is managing the business or a team of employees, who manage the company, this scheduling platform, or software for scheduling has covered you. You can check your employee’s calendar and assign staff members to different services and appointments. Talking about the features of Vcita app, it comes with various advanced features such as:

  • Sync your existing calendar with vCita solution
  • Customer database to manage client information
  • Real-time tracking and attendance management
  • Clock-in and clock-out information
  • Customer service through emails, text messages, and SMS

4. WorkForce

Are you facing problems in tracking your employees, checking their availability, and scheduling them at the right place? Now, there will be no more problem with scheduling and assigning tasks as WorkForce is the world’s most comprehensive scheduling service software solution. This appointment scheduling app solution will make it easy for you to build schedules and assign those tasks to available employees.

No matter whether you have 10 or 10000 staff, you can create schedules using this software. It allows you to check employee’s availability in real-time, check wage costs, and customize it the way you want to manage attendance based upon your business requirements. From calculating the total working hours of employees to creating weekly and monthly reports, this solution will handle everything without taking much hassle.

It has an easy-to-use interface, so any non-technical person can also access this software. Developed in such a manner so that businesses can integrate this software with their current payroll, POS, and HR tools through the cloud. Check out some top features of WorkForce solution:

  • Smoothen staff communication and no-show problems
  • Real-time scheduling page and reporting and analytics
  • Get control of your labor costs
  • Save time and effort on creating work schedules and tasks
  • Customer relationship management

5. Doodle

Doodle is the online scheduling software solution that is mainly developed for businesses to help them to book and organize events with colleagues, clients, and team members. The software solution has all the required tools that will help you to schedule any kind of meetings, booking an appointment, and sync calendars with your existing tools.

Also available with its free version that you can use to create meeting polls and send them to clients and prospects. Filling all the required information like date, time, and meeting agenda & urgency, you can schedule meetings, appointments, and work for your team. The paid version of this software solution also makes it easy for users to find a time to meet that works for all the attendees.

It also suggests different meeting times and invites participants, indicating their availability. Once the time is finalized, a calendar event will be added to the host’s Google calendar. Let’s have a look at the features of Doodle appointment scheduling app:

  • Event scheduling and booking options with schedule changes
  • Allows to find the best meeting times
  • Maximize meeting attendance with ease
  • Synchronization and send automatic reminders
  • Billing, invoicing and payment cancellation

6. ScheduleOnce

ScheduleOnce is a complete tool that can be used for creating almost all types of scheduling scenarios that you can think of. The software solution helps you to handle group sessions, one-on-one calls, in-person meetings, and other important tasks that you are handling manually as of now.

Whether it is about assigning work schedules, creating tasks, checking daily updates, tracking employees, generating weekly and monthly reports, ScheduleOnce is a one-stop solution for your needs. It also provides the capability to directly connect with your website, emails, and payment system. Being a cloud-based software, this scheduling app helps all types of businesses of different sizes when it comes to scheduling and managing online interactions with customers and prospects.

Further, this software solution can be integrated with different third-party applications, including Salesforce, GoToMeeting, PayPal, WebEx, Infusionsoft, and other applications. The best thing about this appointment scheduling solution is that it also offers APIs for website integration. Here are some top features of ScheduleOnce:

  • Fully-featured booking system and appointment management
  • Assign appointments to specific staff members with just a few clicks
  • Ability to integrate with different third-party apps
  • Best communication channel for team members

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7. Deputy

Deputy is an online scheduling software solution that allows all types of businesses to schedule their team members in just a few minutes. Using this scheduling tool or software solution, you can schedule the right staff, at the right time, across different roles or locations. You can easily fill shifts based on employee’s availability, training, and cost. So, if you want to send employee schedules directly to your team members through the desktop or mobile devices, the Deputy is also capable of handling it.

Comes with the advanced feature, Deputy offers an AI-powered Auto-scheduling feature that will reduce unnecessary wage costs with accurate labor forecasts. Once you plan shifts as per the employee’s availability, you can share it with your team through the software. Further, you can allow staff members to apply for the shift and select the right candidate for the job.

In case, if you want to track the total hours of your employees, you can track break time, total hours, lunchtime, and overtime, and on the basis of the total time, you can get help in the payroll of all the employees. Have a quick look at the other features of Deputy appointment scheduling tool:

  • AI optimized class scheduling with a single click
  • Fill empty shifts quickly
  • Manage schedules and task assigning from any location
  • Monitor attendance & breaks
  • Automate business processes, give booking confirmations, and deliver a rich user experience

8. Setmore

Not exactly the employee scheduling software, Setmore is the best pick for small businesses that are looking for a way to enable their clients to book appointments with their staff members. If you are running any business, where your customers need to book an appointment with you for the service, then Setmore is the solution. This scheduling app will allow your clients to schedule appointments in real-time and fill the required information.

With real-time SMS reminders, and the ability to set recurring appointments, online payments, and other important features, this scheduler software ensures that you serve your customers’ needs through integrations with social media platforms. Now, no more manual calling and writing the appointments in a book or excel sheets, Setmore is a new age solution to handle everything automatically. Moreover, the appointment scheduling app solution comes with a lot of advanced features, including:

  • Create invoices and track payments in real-time
  • Check the group bookings, meeting types, and calendar with everyone’s schedules
  • Rescheduling appointments and booking pages
  • Real time updates, notifications and reminders about appointments
  • Marketing automation platform and no-show fees management

So, we have gone through the 8 best apps for scheduling, allowing small and medium-sized companies to handle customer’s appointments, work schedules, and employee scheduling. The listed solutions are highly known for its top features, advanced technologies, and functionalities to advance your current business.

Apart from these business scheduling software solutions, Acuity Scheduling, Appointlet, Simplybook me, Square Appointments, Jobber, Appointmentplus, Calendly, and Schedulicity are some of the other appointment scheduling apps that come with various marketing tools, allowing organizations and enterprises to have a rich scheduling experience. Further, we have also answered some of the most frequently asked questions. So, let’s have a look.


What is the best way to schedule appointments?

One of the best ways to schedule appointments is to make use of the appointment scheduling software solutions that will automate the way we create, manage, schedule, and track appointments, ditching old techniques like office 365 calendar and Microsoft Outlook. There are many software solutions that are known for their features, helping the small business owner, operators, and entrepreneurs to manage their schedules with just a few clicks.

Is there an application for scheduling employees?

Yes, there are many applications that allow business owners to schedule employees with some of the simple clicks on the screen. You can opt for any of this mentioned appointment scheduler or appointment booking app for scheduling employees, workflows, and other essential tasks as per the requirement. Talking about such apps for work scheduling, Square Up is a great option that has secured the first position in this list due to its customization options.

What is the scheduling system?

The scheduling system is nothing but one such method, technique, or solution that we use to schedule your time and the time of your employees as per their availability. An efficient scheduling app solution mainly refers to a software or application that handles everything related to work schedules.

What is the best scheduling app for business?

Setmore is one of the best scheduling apps that manage all the appointments through a simple and clean calendar system that gives the freedom that your business needs. With this software solution, you can automate bookings, payments, integrations, text reminders, and recurring appointments.


We have gone through the basics of best scheduling software solutions, shared top 8 scheduling solutions that businesses can check out, and answered the most frequently asked questions that might answer your question too. The mentioned software solutions are selected on the basis of their advanced features and functionalities that allow small-scale businesses to automate their business and manage it with just a few clicks.

When it comes to selecting the right software for your company, you can analyze your business needs and accordingly choose the solution that meets your business requirements. In case, if you want to share any feedback and views on this article, you can get in touch with us through our contact us page. To get such informative-based blog posts in your inbox, you can subscribe to our newsletter with just one step.

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