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The 10 Best Scheduling App for Android in 2020

Do you have a habit of forgetting important appointments, schedules, meetings on specific days, and other important tasks that you have to perform? You are not alone here because there are a lot of people across the world, who forget appointments or find it difficult to manage their work schedules, appointments, bookings, and other important dates of the events.

Juggling with all these tasks and things in the mind, it is quite difficult to give attention to every single thing that you have to manage. Fortunately, the best scheduling app for Android users allows them to create, manage, and streamline the daily schedules, appointments, and task lists. Earlier, businesses used to manage schedules in excel sheets, spreadsheets, google calendar apps, paper forms, and files, filling information manually.

Today, mobile apps for workflow and schedule have replaced the old-school techniques, digitizing everything from managing a list of employees or customers to a list of tasks, schedule work to employees as per their priority, tracking calendars, and stay updated. The best thing about calendar apps is that they can be accessed anytime and anywhere from their smartphones, tablets, and mobile phone.

In this blog post, we are going to discuss schedule apps for Android businesses and individuals and cover the top 10 scheduling apps that can be used by Android users in 2020. We have also answered some common questions that you might have; however, you can check the particular section of this blog in this content table.

Basics of Best Scheduling Application For Android

Talking about scheduling mobile app for Android users, they are mainly designed and developed to automate the way businesses are managing schedules, workflows, worksheets, and a team of employees. The mobile-based apps for Android users are helping different businesses and companies of varied industries to manage their day-to-day schedules, tasks for team members, and increase overall productivity. Not only this but the calendar apps that are also known as scheduling solutions are helping to track daily time and work hours of the staff (be it sick time, vacation time, compensation time, and break time).

Using Android apps as the best calendar and scheduler, the admin of the businesses can make schedule changes, shift planning, shift swap management that was not easily possible manually. Further, the daily calendar apps for Android and iOS-based iPad can be used to collect scheduled data along with complete details and important information.

This data and information will be extracted for payroll in order to analyze the previous activity. Whether you want to track applicants and manage onboarding, time and attendance tracking, or automatic limits on overtime, the work schedule applications will allow you to do everything, giving you the flexibility to block off times when certain employees are not available.

Irrespective of your business types and sizes, if you have decided to download the scheduling solution for Android iOS, here, we have covered the top 10 popular calendar apps for Android users that will replace Google Calendar. Earlier than this, we discussed and covered the scheduling apps for iPhone users, but today, we will discuss Android-based calendar applications that have the best reviews on the Google Play Store and performing well despite heavy competition.

Top 10 Scheduling Apps of 2020 For Android Users


1. aCalendar - Calendar, Tasks, and Schedule Management

aCalendar is one of the most successful Calendar mobile apps that is available on Android devices, allowing users to manage their calendar, tasks, and schedules with just a few simple clicks. If you are someone who is looking for a widget, then Calendar is a great solution.

It offers widgets for different agendas, days, months, week views, and also has a hybrid view to combine the month with your agenda view. Once the widgets are ready as per your customization preferences, you can change different things like color, font size, and a lot more. Further, it has intuitive navigation between day, week, and agenda view.

Further, it has 7 powerful and advanced widgets, making things easier for users of this app. No matter whether you want to check the old data by year, month, and week, you just need to click on custom reports to generate it. Here’re some top features of aCalendar price solution:

  • Invite attendees, link contacts and group scheduling
  • To-do list management, address book, and flexible recurrences
  • Month and week-wise graphical overview through email client address
  • Real-time nfc alerts and notifications about family members or teams

Download link: Android


2. Doodle - Easy Scheduling

Doodle is an easy-to-use group planning application that helps you to propose potential times, invite a group of people, and get notified once the best time for everyone in the team is found. Available on Android and Apple Watch, it’s a completely free and feature-rich application that people can easily download in the device and has an ability to create an account for managing schedules.

No matter whether you are planning your next business meeting, reunions, appointments, or we can say meet-up, Doodle helps you to experience the real power of social platforms without paying any monthly payment functions.

Now, there is no need for paper-based forms, files, and excel sheets to manage your schedules as Doodle will make it easier to manage all these tasks from the comfort of your Android device and benefit in locations, maps, and places for tags. So, save a lot of time and effort so that you can give attention to other important tasks of your business use like growth strategies, expansion, boosting sales, and more. Here are a variety of features of a free calendar app solution:

  • One-to-one chat option for users
  • Calendar integration to easily detect conflicts
  • Push notifications and reminders for appointments through the email address
  • No subscription fees, hidden charges or a reminder

Download Link: Android


3. Setmore - Top Scheduling App

Looking to empower your business with a free calendar platform? Your search ends with Setmore that is the most powerful and advanced appointment booking application. Using this solution, the businesses of different industries can book appointments with just a few simple taps, access customer data at fingertips, and manage multiple staff calendars in one single account.

Now, it’s time to say goodbye to old techniques like empty calendars tools that are tricky to handle. Setmore is one such business calendar app that manages all the appointments through one simple and clean calendar system to provide a business the freedom to grow and expand.

The best thing about the Setmore app solution is that you can take payments for appointments when you integrate your Square account versions. Check some top features that will replace the old Google calendar solution:

  • Schedule your entire business from your phone
  • Book customers with auto email notifications
  • Manage customers details like name, phone number and more
  • Up to 4 staff profiles, each with their own calendar features

Download Link: Android


4. StyleSeat - Schedule Beauty & Salon Appointments

If you are running any type of company, providing beauty and salon services, then StyleSeat is the best application that is available for both Android and iOS device users. The app allows barber professionals and beauty service providers to manage their daily bookings, schedules, and appointments. The app gives an easy and simple way to manage booked services like haircuts and make-up online, and schedule the job for specific time and date.

Beauty Care companies, professionals, and salon centers can organize and manage their business with robust features that allow them to accept different service bookings anytime and from anywhere. Not only this but the app allows us to manage all the customers along with information, including name, address, service-requirement, urgency, and more. Being an admin of the company, you can share photos of the best blowouts, braids, makeup, nails, and haircuts. Here are some advanced features you can check out in this calendar app that replaces Google Calendar:

  • Accept credit card payments
  • Manage all the schedules as per customer’s demand
  • Boost business and get more bookings with verification email marketing and promotions
  • Manage calendar, availability, and personal time

Download Link: Android

Square Appointments

5. Square Appointments

Square Appointments is a one-stop solution for all your bookings appointments, sending reminders, and accepting payments. This is one of the best calendar apps for Android is mainly designed and developed for all those businesses that are finding it difficult to manage schedules, workflows, and worksheets. It has almost everything that is required to run the business from anywhere and anytime. Being a great calendar app, it makes it easy for you and your customers to check schedules, a point of sale that tracks customer details, and secure payment systems. It is considered as all in one place solution that is available for free.

In addition to this, the solution also helps in reducing no-shows with automatic responses to customers at any time of the day with a major purpose in mind. Known for providing a 24/7 online booking facility, the users of this simple calendar app will not face any problem whether they are checking the schedule in the middle of the night or when traveling abroad. Here are some interesting features of the free calendar app that replaces Google Calendar:

  • Enables to check the schedule at one glance
  • Seamless checkout processes for clients and secure payment method
  • Helps to get rid of no-shows with automatic reminders and alerts
  • Customize the way you manage tv schedules, appointments, and color-code

Download Link: Android


6. Visibook: Appointment Planning App

Visibook is a simple and the most powerful appointment scheduler for service businesses and companies, allowing them to manage their schedules, workflow, and daily worksheets. Using this business calendar app also, you can improve overall management and work more efficiently without interruptions to answer calls. This scheduler is mainly designed and developed to automate the whole process of your business, making it easier and quicker. You can use the Visibook solution and receive appointment reminders and confirmations instantly.

The simple calendar app has two-way Google calendar SYNC that allows the admin to work around their personal schedule manager and never double-book themselves again. In fact, it comes with a daily planner and organizer to make it easily transform into a client app. Here are some interesting features of one of the best calendar apps:

  • Easy booking customer tracking made easier
  • Replaces old techniques like google calendar
  • Control your scheduler with company building or your home
  • Payment management functionality and notification

Download Link: Android


7. Calendar+ Schedule Planner App

Calendar+ Scheduler Planner app is a daily planning application that is mainly designed and developed to help Android users to organize and manage their tasks by category and priority. The timetree app has a simple user interface, allowing users to either create day plans from scratch or they can edit by pre-existing plans from external calendars like Google calendar to save time. Using this solution, it becomes easier to create new tasks that need some sequential steps to complete it.

Moreover, this scheduling app for Android allows users to edit and change their individual tasks or by batching multiple tasks. The users can create notes that are attached to every single task if they need more details. In short, the users of this application can also customize their schedules in one step.

So, if users want to synchronize their calendars from Google accounts, they can easily do it to automate display events, programs, and appointment reminders. The best thing about this app is that it allows users to customize their calendars as per their expectations. Here, you can check some top features of Calendar+, one of the best calendar apps:

  • It makes booking and appointments easier than ever.
  • Work seamlessly, synchronizing office, and personal events all in one place.
  • Personalized office planner and work schedule with pop-ups
  • Add calendar widgets to your phone and tablet’s home screen.

Download Link: Android


8. vCita

If you are one of those businesses, who want to keep their business everywhere they go, then they should try vCita that is the best online solution that is mainly developed for managing and organizing day-to-day operations of your business. Using this app solution, you can manage your business like a pro and build a business that you are proud of such as appointment scheduling, invoicing & billing, client management, marketing, and more.

Moreover, this business calendar app has made it easy to get seamless customer experience, enabling clients to book appointments, pay for the services, correspond with business, and share documents through the website, Facebook page, or from Google search. Android device users can download this easy-to-use and best calendar app that has replaced Google calendar and helps you to stay connected with your clients 24/7. Here, you can find some top features of calendar app solution:

  • Manage calendar, scheduling, client management, payments, and marketing
  • Get more bookings from your website, Facebook page or through Google
  • Send friendly automated meeting reminders to reduce no-shows
  • Engage with clients and offer last-minute deals with coupons and campaigns

Download Link: Android


9. HoneyBook

HoneyBook is the best software solution for managing your clients, schedules, and calendars whether you want to manage holiday calendars or work meeting calendars. Using this solution, you can reply to questions instantly, send professional invoices, contracts, quotes, and brochures. Now, managing your clients and growing your business becomes easy with desktop and smartphone mobile apps.

You can seamlessly run your business, stay organized from anywhere, and anytime. The best thing is that you will be able to access client details, get notifications & respond, send invoices & use templates whether you are at your desk or on the go. So, you can save time, get clients the information that they need, create, and send any type of document to give your clients the best experience. Here are some exclusive features of HoneyBook menu bar app:

  • Access your client’s pipeline and tasks syncing
  • Send messages, files, and invoices and get agenda view
  • Send invoices in real-time and get paid instantly
  • Access notifications, calendar, and tasks in different time zones

Download Link: Android


10. Planday

Planday is a reliable calendar app solution that helps in managing employees, schedules, and workflows faster. The app solution has greater visibility by consolidating all related tasks to staff availability. Stand-out from other top mobile app solutions, this easy-to-use Android calendar solution is perfect for all kinds of businesses that make assigning work for the employees easy and provides real-time tracking.

Irrespective of the size and type of your company, you can use this free calendar app for your business and get helping in checking the entire picture of daily operations and ensure that the communication is smooth between the team members. Moreover, the admin of the company can check the total hours of the employees ( be it worked, missed or need to complete), payroll costs, revenue, sales report, analysis, and more. Here are some top features of Planday solution:

  • A complete staff management suite
  • Manage coworkers, combination calendar views, month view of schedules and flows
  • Calendar widget, customization options, customization features, and event templates
  • Planner selection option, reminders, and replace the paper calendar services
  • Natural language processing for color-coding, tv shows, and tv schedules

Download Link: Android

So, these are the 10 best calendar app solutions for Android users in 2020 that allow a company and an organization to manage daily schedules, user interface, to-do lists, productivity tools, agenda views, and group use schedules. Android users can download any of these applications on a mobile device and laptops and start managing their business online with just a few clicks. Have some common questions in mind related to planning apps? Let us answer them instantly.


01. What is the best app for scheduling?

Answer: There are many work schedule apps that are known for their exclusive features and functionalities and make the schedule easier than never before. When it comes to selecting the best one for your business, then Setmore is the excellent calendar apps for Android that have various features for companies and organizations.

02. What is the best planner app for Android?

Answer: The best planner app for Android is Trello that is a visual tool for organizing your work and life. You can join more than 35 million registered users to organize all the projects at work, at home, or anywhere in between.

03. What is the best calendar widget for Android?

Answer: Month Calendar Widget is the best option for Android users that comes with only two standard widget sizes to choose from such as 3 x2 and 4 x 3 — and you are presented with little more than a display of the current month.

04. What are the benefits of using calendar apps?

Answer: Here are the benefits of using a family calendar or business calendar apps for your business:

  • Automate the entire operations
  • Time-saving on schedules of availability sharing
  • Streamlined actions and calendar integrations
  • Relevant insights on a daily weekly basis
  • Increase productivity tips and efficiency replacing Microsoft Outlook calendar
  • Sales forecasts, export timeline, and sales data deadlines with just a click


As you have gone through the 10 best scheduling apps for Android that users can check out and install on their devices to manage and streamline the daily booking of family members or teams. From these search apps or homescreen widget solution, you can select one of the top apps that will meet your requirements and suffice your business agenda. When selecting an easy to use app technology for your company, ensure that it meets the following purposes of your business:

  • Manage and track all the employees’ schedule view
  • Microsoft Outlook calendar apps to streamline the daily work and tracking
  • Track total time and tasks of the employees
  • Real-time updates, notifications, and reminders

However, if you still have any query or confusion like how these best calendar apps help your business to grow and what are the employee scheduling techniques that you can follow, you can refer to our previous blogs for more detailed information on this. You can also get in touch with us through our contact us page and communicate the issue that you might be having. We will comprehend it and try to provide a quick solution.

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