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10 Best Meeting Scheduling App Solutions to Organize Your Day

Being an owner of the business, you must be spending hours of time scheduling meetings with representatives, employees, team members, business partners, or any other businessman to discuss growth strategies. Scheduling meetings, including details like date, time, phone number, and agenda is not as easy as it sounds, you might have to maintain an extra dairy for it and fill it manually using a pen.

Apart from the dairy, many businessmen maintain excel sheets, Google calendars, Office 365, Google sheets, spreadsheets, email reminders, and other tools to schedule their daily meetings. However, one of the excellent ways to schedule meetings is opting for the best meeting scheduling app that helps users to save time and effort on scheduling. The appointment scheduling software solutions are mainly designed and developed to make the process of scheduling meetings quick and easier than ever before.

Not only this but the apps are helping in many ways to businesses in automating and streamlining the way businesses are planning their day. In this blog post, we will give a quick introduction to appointment booking apps and discuss the top meeting solutions that help companies to organize their day in an excellent manner.

Introduction to Meeting Scheduling Apps

In a simple language, scheduling apps for meetings are one such mobile apps that are mainly developed to automate the way people are fixing their meetings. Rather than using a pen & paper, excel sheets, or google spreadsheets to plan meetings, you can make use of work schedule applications that are easy-to-use and offer good value.

Using these types of apps, you can schedule all types of meetings with complete detail like name, date, time, and the agenda. In fact, the apps will send email reminders and real-time email notifications, reminding you about your upcoming meetings so that you get ready for it.

One of the excellent things about such mobile apps is that it will sync with your existing calendar tools like Google Calendar, iCal, or Microsoft Outlook. Further, the apps also help to identify your free time when you can schedule your next meetings.

Some of the apps also provide you tools to invite other people with whom you want to meet, so you can know what’s the right time that works to meet. In short, the meeting apps are blessings for those businesses who find it hard to plan their meetings as per their hours. Moving forward, let’s talk about some of the best and feature-rich scheduler apps that claim to organize your day in an excellent possible manner. So, let’s get started.

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10 Feature-rich Meeting Scheduler Apps To Plan Your Day

1. Doodle

Doodle is one of the most popular meeting scheduler apps that allows users to find the right time for any event. Whether you are looking for a professional meeting planner or personal party planner, Doodle is a great option that proposes potential times, invite a group of people, and get notified once the right time for everyone is found.

It is considered as unique in the space of meeting schedulers as this application helps a group of people in finding the right time to meet that works for everyone. The businesses can integrate this application with their calendar and send a poll to all invited. Once people vote on the poll, they can check the time that works for them.

Available on Android, iOS, and web, this application saves time in appointments. Instead of writing a lot of messages, you can set a poll and send it to everyone to know the right time for conducting a meeting. Here are some of the exclusive features of the Doodle application:

  • Simplified group scheduling
  • Keep constant track of your polls and meetings
  • Get real-time updates and email reminders
  • Decreases no-show rates
  • Calendar integration to easily detect conflicts
  • One-to-one chat option to discuss upcoming events

2. Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling is also one of the top meeting scheduler apps to schedule business meet-ups, events, and appointments. It helps you to manage your calendar anytime and anywhere, allowing you to schedule upcoming events and meet-ups with date, place, and agenda in the calendar. Through this advanced solution, you can allow your online assistants, customers, clients, and prospects to check your real-time availability and book their own appointments.

You can send customized confirmations that will highlight your branding. Moreover, email reminders and updates will be sent on email addresses and text messages. Apart from booking meet-ups, you can schedule employees with their job schedules and workflows in the calendar. Manage multiple locations and employees and show your clients the calendar you want them to check.

This tool has all the flexibility that you need to make bookings work easy for you. Now, you can check your real-time schedule and book appointments without wasting any time. Here are some advanced features of Acuity Scheduling app:

  • It allows updating and blocking off your availability in the calendar
  • Customize different appointment types
  • Check your real-time schedules and appointment booking
  • Control your availability 24/7
  • Organize your schedules with just a few clicks
  • Manage payments in a safe and secure manner
  • Real-time updates and email notifications

3. Calendly

Calendly is online scheduler software that is mainly designed and developed for businesses that find it hard to manage their schedules. So, this mobile application has made bookings on-the-go, allowing users to copy their booking page links and paste them into email, text, or any other app, saving your precious time.

No matter, whether you want to manage your schedules on the go, in the office, or at home, you just need to click a few buttons and the rest will be handled by this app. With this meeting scheduler tool, you can view and check upcoming meeting details so that you can be more prepared throughout the day. It doesn't matter wherever it takes you.

Comes with a paid and free version, this solution offers multiple meeting types like one-on-one chat option, round-robin, group meetings, and collective. In short, this scheduling software is great for teams as it provides team pages, metrics, and reporting features to manage bookings in the calendar. Here are some exclusive features of Calendly app:

  • Allows holding all types of meetings in the calendar
  • Streamline meeting and workflow of all the employees
  • Allows to maintain all the reports of the members
  • Copy scheduling links and share them natively on the devices
  • Real-time updates, email reminders, and notifications
  • Cancel or reschedule meetings directly from the app

4. YouCanBook me

YouCanBook me is another popular and simple online scheduling software solution that allows you to connect your Google Calendar or iCloud calendar to set your availability in order to generate a booking grid and booking meetings. After generating a booking grid and booking meetings, you can instantly share it on your website, Facebook page, or via email. You can refer to this article on the steps to take after booking a meeting to make meetings more productive.

Using this tool, you can easily add styling fields and manage your bookings in the easiest manner possible. So, if you are looking for one such scheduling software that reduces no-shows, manage your team’s availability, handle booking, and integrations with other tools like Google & Microsoft Calendars, Zoom, Zapier, Gmail, and Stripe, then look no further as this software is the right solution.

It will handle all these things that we have discussed here without any hassle. You can get complete control over your bookings and accept/reject those bookings before they are confirmed in the calendar. Check out some exclusive feature of YouCanBook me application:

  • Manage the availability of your entire team
  • Get complete control over bookings
  • Cancellations and rescheduling
  • Export data with just a click
  • View your booking records
  • Manage multiple bookings per time slot

5. 10to8

10to8 is considered one of the most powerful scheduling tools that can be used on any device like a smartphone, laptops, computers, and tablet. No matter whether you are planning to start an online presence or just want to get ahead of the competition, 10to8 scheduling software is one such solution that can help you.

While you are working, this tool will handle all the appointments, clients, and keep you up-to-date no matter if you work on the move. Rather than calling each team member for the schedule and its update, 10to8 allows you to share work schedules and worksheets with them in real-time. This all-in-one meeting and appointment scheduling solution will reduce no-shows, boost capability, and repeat business.

It is available for small businesses, offering SMS and reminders on an email address, customizable online booking option, real-time calendar sync, and group bookings. Check out some of the excellent features of 10to8 solution:

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Manage client database
  • Automated and group scheduling
  • Recurring appointments
  • Online payments and invoicing

6. NeedToMeet

NeedToMeet is a simple and easy-to-use online scheduling solution that helps companies, organizations, and different firms to schedule business meet-ups and appointments with groups by simply sharing the availability. Now, you can put an end to scheduling nightmares by using this scheduling tool that is mainly developed to allow you to sync your meetings, contacts, and calendars across different platforms.

The main thing of this application is that the free version will not sync with the calendar, and for it, you need a premium subscription that integrates with Microsoft Outlook. Stand out from other apps like Doodle and Rally, this solution allows attendees to indicate the preferred date and times instead of choosing it from the list of dates and times set. Here are the top features of NeedToMeet solution:

  • Schedule meetings in just two simple steps
  • It allows proposing dates and times using a visual calendar interface
  • Plan meeting on the web, mobile apps or Microsoft Outlook plug-in
  • Sync with your mobile and Outlook contacts
  • Receive notifications on an email address and reminders

7. Rallly

Rallly is a wonderful scheduling tool that is well-known for making collaborative scheduling and meeting easier and quicker than ever. As you know that finding the right time for a group of people to meet can be a nightmare and it is especially true if your team is large and includes remote individuals.

Using a Rallly solution, you can generate a simple poll, asking attendees to vote on a day for a meeting that works best for them. A great thing about this tool is that it contains an open comment section, allowing attendees to plan the meeting agenda or discuss details before the event.

A completely safe and secure solution that keeps your data secure and never uses it for any commercial purpose. Further, this tool has made it easy to create a page for upcoming events and share it with your team, friends, or anyone you want. So, anyone with a link can participate in the event or become a part of the business meet-up. Here, you can check out the top features of Rallly solution:

  • Collaborate events and meet-ups with team members
  • Share the schedule with anyone by sharing a link
  • Get real-time notifications and email reminders
  • One-to-one chat and message option to discuss the events
  • Check meeting details like date, time, and agenda with just a click

8. ScheduleOnce

ShceduleOnce is an end-to-end scheduling solution that allows businesses, companies, and organizations to schedule prospects, customers, and professionals through all the phases of the life cycle. Rather than shooting hours at someone else’s schedule and hoping for a hit, it is better to share a calendar with someone who is able to see exactly what you are doing and what time to improve efficiency.

ScheduleOnce is an intermediary solution that helps you to create schedules and share it with anyone without any hassle. It allows you to integrate with video conferencing apps like Zoom and has made it easy to do a video call meeting in the easiest manner. The notable thing about this back-and-forth emails is that it offers a complete range of features, making it easier for you to create almost any scheduling scenario.

No matter whether you are looking for solo scheduling or within the team, this solution has covered you. You will get all the tools that you are looking to make online scheduling an important part of your business processes. Here, you can find some top features of ScheduleOnce solution:

  • Automating booking
  • Time and workload management
  • Different time zone support
  • SMS notifications and email reminders
  • Managing resources and reporting from members

9. is another free scheduling application that allows you to work along with Gmail and Google Calendar, enabling you to select available meeting times and instantly share those available slots with the person you want to schedule a meeting with. Directly from the message compose screen in Gmail, you are allowed to select the meeting duration and location.

However, this information is included in an email address, so application users can click on the time that will work best for them. Once you decide the time and agree for it, this application will add the meeting page with the required details directly in your calendar.

The best part of this application is that it automatically detects time zones and also can be integrated with Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, and other important tools and apps. Explore some top features of this solution:

  • Meeting schedules and tracking
  • Salesforce sync
  • Email templates and analytics
  • Follow-up reminders and notifications
  • Keep a record of your most common meeting times

10. Setmore

Setmore is one such free scheduling application that claims to turn time into money and book & manage appointments through the web, Android, and iOS apps. With this solution, you can say goodbye to empty calendars with free online booking, reminders, and payment management. You can manage all the appointments through this simple and easy-to-use calendar management system that will give your business the freedom to grow.

If you want to book appointments through websites, Facebook, and Instagram, then this solution also accepts bookings through social media platforms. There is also a premium version of this solution that has an auto-renewable subscription service, allowing you to turn off auto-renew.

It also reduces no-shows with text reminders and allows you to choose from 4 Account-level languages and up to 14 booking page languages. Here, you can find some core features of Setmore solution:

  • Schedule and manage your entire business using a smartphone
  • Allows to share a video meeting link directly with a single tap
  • Keep all the customers and appointments in one place
  • Check customer details and contact them instantly
  • Get instant updates and real-time notifications through email

So, these are some of the top appointment booking applications that allow businesses and organizations to schedule their meeting, work, and work schedules. If you are still wondering how these solutions can benefit your business, then continue reading this blog.

Benefits of Using Meeting Scheduling Applications

Benefits of Using Meeting Scheduling App

1. Allows to Set Tasks on Priorities Basis

One of the main benefits of using such a solution for your business is that it allows you to set a task, meeting, scheduled on a priority basis. This way, you will be focusing on those tasks that are more important to you and complete them on time or before time.

No matter whether you have a meeting with someone, a conference call, meet-up, or any task to complete, meeting scheduling tools help you to decide your priorities and keep everything on track so that you don’t miss deadlines. However, it is not possible without making use of the calendar view application, so it is better to choose one such application that handles everything for your company and organization.

2. Streamlines and Automate Scheduling Work

Another major benefit that you can get is you can streamline and automate your appointment booking work. Now, there is no need to maintain excel sheets, Office 365, Google calendar, spreadsheets, Google sheets, and pen & paper to note down the schedules and business meet-up timings as the app will handle everything for you.

You just need to enter the date, time, and agenda and you will be reminded of that meet-up or conference through the notification. Whether you have a single task to schedule or over 10 tasks, you can use any solution that will take care of scheduling. Without thinking much, you can adopt any meeting scheduler app that has required features and functionalities.

3. Enhance Time Management

Scheduling systems are designed and developed to help you save your precious time and effort that you spent on writing down a task list and schedules in the notebook. Rather than manually writing, including all the details, you can adopt the meeting schedule solution that will quickly show you what is on your list for upcoming days and what you have to prepare.

If required, you can reassign the projects to different days or different staff members who are available. By handling all the schedules online, you can give more time on getting your stuff one and less time on just making lists and planning.

4. Reduce No-shows

Another main benefit that you can get is that you can reduce your no shows. With an ability to get automatic reminders, updates, and alerts about your scheduled meetings, you can ensure that you do not miss a single appointment that you have scheduled.

You can choose an appointment booking software solution that sends email notifications and reminders a day or days before the meetings, alerting you to prepare some important things if any. So, choose any solution as per our requirements and get ready to automate a reschedule message in the case of a no-show.

So, these are some of the top benefits of using meeting scheduler tools that you can get by adopting one for your business and increase productivity tips. However, if you have any query related to meeting scheduler tools, here, we have tried to answer your questions.

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1. What is the best app for scheduling?

Answer: As we already said there are many app solutions for work schedules and plans that are best in terms of features and functionalities, but Doodle is one of the widely used meeting scheduler tools that stand apart from other solutions. Doodle URL is free software that is trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide to manage meeting requests, meeting scheduler, a calendar invite, and a number of sales tools.

2. How do I find the best meeting time?

Answer: To find the right time slots for the meeting that suits everyone, you can make use of the application that allows you to create a poll for the right time to choose for the meeting. All the people will select the meeting time as per their availability and choose the time that is highly preferred by people in the polling system.

3. Is there any free scheduling application?

Answer: Yes, there are many free work schedule applications that make booking conferences, appointments, calls, and tasks easier. You can make use of the free calendar app to manage all the important appointments in a booking link whether personal or professional. Here are some of the free meeting scheduler tools:

  • Calendly (Free and Paid Version)
  • Doodle
  • Rallly
  • Vyte
  • FreeBusy


As you have checked what is meeting booking application, top scheduling tool and solutions, benefits of using such apps, and general Q & A session, we hope this blog post might help you to know why to adopt applications for scheduling and what are the advantages that you can get. In fact, we have also listed top apps that you can explore and test any as a free trial before adopting one on the monthly subscription.

So, analyze your business, your team members & their requirements, challenges that you face while scheduling, and accordingly choose any of the applications that perfectly meet your business requirements. In any case, if you still have any question related to the best meeting schedulers, you can get in touch with us through our contact us form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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