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The 10 Best Day Scheduling App to Organize Your Work and Life

Benjamin Franklin once said, "For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned".   It is quite evident that organizing and planning your time increases your productivity.  Whether you are an old-school pen and paper person, who can be more productive by simply jotting down the list of tasks to accomplish in your day or a super organized person who has everything planned down to the exact minute, the best day scheduling app definitely increases your productivity, helping you make most out of your twenty-four hours, and makes you more time-efficient.

We all have been in situations where we made commitments to our loved ones and couldn't fulfill those promises because of poor time management.  Every single person had 24 hours to accomplish daily tasks, but how we use those 24 hours is what makes us successful.  The following day scheduling apps do more than plan your twenty-four hours, it helps you save time, so you can focus on other tasks and spend some personal time with friends and family.  Before we get into details, let's look at the basics of a personal scheduling app, and some important features of the best day planner app.

What is a Daily Planning App?

A daily scheduling application is a mobile app solution that helps you plan your time and increase your efficiency by sending important reminders and notifications regarding your tasks and events.  The applications are designed for all types of people across all industries, and it helps plan your time and boost your productivity, and provide other benefits.

The software helps individuals to organize daily as well as future events in a couple of seconds, track daily time, and manage to-do lists along with scheduled events.  Users are able to see their daily events and a list of tasks they planned to accomplish that day.  The app also tracks time spent on different projects and generates reports which can be used to maximize profits.

Broadly speaking, daily planning software helps you organize and schedule your twenty-four hours, and helps individuals and companies increase time efficiency and productivity.  With our further ado, let’s dive into some of the best daily planner applications.

10 Best Day Scheduling Applications

1. Things 3

Things-3 is a personal task management and calendar app application, available across all Apple platforms like Apple Watch, iPhone, and Mac.  Things-3 is a perfect solution for people who have a lot of tasks to accomplish daily, with a calendar revolving around a to-do list.  It helps you collect your thoughts and organize them by grouping things together by areas of responsibility like Family, Work, etc.

Things-3 can manage repeating responsibilities with ease, by creating repeating to-do lists.  With Things, you can categorize your to-do activities and group them together for better productivity.  Here are a few features of this popular management app:

  • It syncs with your personal calendar like Google Calendar
  • The application allows viewing your calendar events and to-dos together in a window
  • You can break the list of daily activities by the time of the day and create a to-do list for the morning and one for the evening and you can easily reschedule by dragging and dropping
  • You can group to-dos by context, priority or time, grouping by tags for different to-dos
  • Easy to look up past/future activities/events easily with the search feature
  • The Upcoming events show both calendar appointments and to-do list for that day-plan

2. Trello

A perfect planning and organizing solution Trello is ideal for people who work collaboratively with others and help you make the most out of work-day.  Trello lets you stay on top of all work projects, side projects, and other family matters, with the help of boards, lists, and cards to plan your tasks.

With easy integration and availability across different platforms like App Store, Google Play Store, and through its website on other devices, it is ideal for people who have different OS at home and at work.  Let’s look at some of the distinguishing traits of this app:

  • Quick real-time updates for any changes in your activity boards
  • Create different boards for different projects and see everything together in one single screen or split them across multiple windows
  • Easily assign tasks from a project board to someone
  • Easily invite new members through the email address
  • Add details to each card like due dates, attachments, comments, etc
  • Move tasks easily across boards by simple drag-and-drop feature

3. Fantastical

Fantastical is a calendar app that can do so much more than any ordinary Calendar application.  Available across all Apple devices, it syncs all your important events across all the gadgets with the same e-mail address.  Just like all other calendar apps, Fantastical can easily navigate between Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly calendars.

But what distinguishes Fantastical from other calendar apps, Fantastical allows you to group different calendars and task lists together into a calendar set, and you can toggle between them easily.  Let’s look at a few features of this app:

  • Add attachments like photos or files to Fantastical for easy access across all synced devices
  • Automatically opens a calendar set based on your location
  • Add tasks corresponding to any calendar event and when all the tasks are completed, the event is done
  • See the weather for the day and week in the Fantastical app itself; easy to plan and schedule events
  • Supports Google, iCloud, Microsoft Exchange,, etc.
  • Easily see time-zones, and converted time across multiple locations on the Fantastical app

4. is a calendar, a notepad, a board for post-its, a project management tool for small teams, your daily schedule, and a simple organizer for all your tasks. is a to-do app, which allows you to organize all your tasks in lists and projects, color-coordinate them, and sort them according to their priorities.

The biggest advantage of is undoubtedly its availability across multiple platforms like Google Play Store, App Store,  Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Slack, Windows PC, Mac, Website, etc.  If you are a to-do list person, then the following features will definitely amaze you:

  • Easily assign tasks to any particular date and move them by simply dragging and dropping them
  • Helps you focus and finish tasks with the Kanban Method built in the app
  • gives a great timely reminder and the reminders can also be snoozed to a custom time limit
  • The app also allows you to print your to-dos and any board or save it as a PDF, and share the document with others who don’t have this app
  • Add items like groceries with Siri and Alexa and those items can be shared with family members and friends.
  • Split your grocery or any other list depending on the store you want to shop a particular item from

5. Reminders

Reminders is a built-in app for iPhones, iPods, and iPad, and is perfect for people who don’t need to create lists and calendar events every day.  With easy syncing on iCloud, you can see all reminders associated with that particular email address.  Completely free for all Apple users, the following features make it perfect for casual use:

  • You can create different lists for different categories of duties
  • You can add specific details like location, date, etc.  to any task easily
  • The ability to insert important attachments like pictures, files, etc.  to any reminder can be quite handy
  • Reminders give pop-up auto-suggestions while using the messaging app
  • Works flawlessly with Siri and with other apps as well, like Safari, Apple Maps, etc.
  • You can also view the reminders on Apple watch, and use Siri on your watch to add a new task

6.Microsoft Outlook

Highest rated daily planner app for PC, Microsoft Outlook is a Calendar and Email application, that helps you get things done.  It works perfectly with other Office 365 apps like Skype, Microsoft To-Do, Word, Excel, etc.  With Microsoft Outlook, all your emails, calendars, contacts, assignments are stored in one place and are ideal for people who schedule their daily commitments based on emails.

Available on all platforms like App Store, Google Play Store, etc., you can use a free version of Microsoft Outlook, or try the paid Microsoft 365 package, that gives you access to all premium Microsoft apps.  Microsoft Outlook has the following features which attract the users:

  • Easily send, receive, and manage emails
  • Outlook has a built-in calendar to manage appointments and meetings from email window
  • Advanced search for documents, messages, etc.  from within the app
  • Plan your daily duties with Microsoft To-Do (previously Wunderlist) and sync it with Outlook
  • With the business plan, you can share your work calendar with co-workers
  • Drag and drop an email onto the calendar window, and an appointment is automatically created instantly

7. Toggl

Toggl is time management, tracking, and reporting application, designed to maximize team productivity.  Available on the App Store and Google play store, as well as the Desktop and Mac OS app, Toggl can be used across multiple platforms.

Toggl has a simple time tracking solution that breaks your hours by projects, clients, and duties, to see what is making you money, and thus you can plan your time to reduce redundant jobs.  Toggl has different pricing plans based on the size of enterprises and features required.  The app has the following features that make it ideal for personal planning for team members:

  • The admin/team-leader can see who is spending time doing what, and make the most out of that time
  • One can see their own time spending analytics and plan future assignments accordingly
  • The Toggl extensions for browsers, desktop, and mobile application makes it easy to effectively track time
  • Toggl automatically sends reminders when you forget to start/stop the timer
  • Your calendar entries are turned into time entries in the toggle app
  • With Toggl, you can assign billable rates to your efforts in any project

8. Shift Days

Shift Days is a work tracker app, ideal for people with repetitive shifts/schedules.  Available for iPad and iPhones, Shift work days offers a free version with basic features and a paid version with more advanced features.  You are able to see which days you are working on, and track hours easily.  Ideal for shift workers, you are able to see your shifts for the entire month at a glance, and you can plan your days accordingly.  Shift Days has the following features:

  • You can color-code your shifts and assign short names to easily glance and plan days
  • Add memos for prompt reminders of daily events
  • The Widget allows you to see upcoming shifts without opening the app
  • You can share the schedule with family and friends and balance your life easily without the back-and-forth correspondence
  • Copy-paste feature is ideal to create schedules rapidly
  • Add rotation for repeating shifts

9. Zenday

A relatively unusual calendar app, Zenday, helps users organize their time better, maintain their work-life balance, and be more productive.  It displays your reminders along with your calendar on a Fluid 3D timeline.  Your Timeline displays all your assignments as well as the work hours you set for the day.

Zenday automatically reschedules and assigns you tasks in vacant time slots, so you don’t have to manually re-schedule duties.  Zenday doesn’t just list duties, it plans them in a dynamic 3D GPS view of your timeline.  Some additional features of this app are:

  • Sync with your other calendars like Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, etc.
  • Add to-dos to your timeline and plan everything in one place
  • Sync with all iOS reminders
  • Overdue jobs change color based to highlight priority
  • Debrief on the previous weeks and see your productivity and improvement over time
  • Easy to prioritize and set future jobs

10. 24me

24me is an award-winning personal assistant application available on all smartphones and smartwatches.  24me has a simple design and an easy to use interface in which your calendar, to-do lists, notes, and all other personal accounts can all be managed.  It has a free version that offers limited features and a paid version that has all the advanced functionalities.

The calendar has multiple views and you can view your jobs, events, notes for any given date easily, just by clicking on the particular date.  You are able to organize all your duties by the date they are meant to be worked on and view the task list on a single screen.  Here are some of its notable features:

  • Use voice to add jobs, notes, and events
  • Easily sync with personal calendars like Google Calendar
  • Easily capture your thoughts, pictures, videos, etc.  in the notes
  • 24me reminds you about important events like birthdays, anniversaries, etc.  and you can send gifts from the app’s gift store
  • It sends smart alerts like time to leave for a particular meeting, weather alerts, etc.
  • Add conference call details like the phone number and passcode and the application automatically dials and manages your calls

So we have covered the 10 best apps for daily planning for 2020.  These apps are quite unique in terms of the features they offer, and they are all equally ideal for different types of people. If you have any questions in mind, keep reading as we have answered a few commonly asked questions for you.


01. What is the best daily schedule app?

Answer: Regarded as the best daily planner app (Android), Trello is undoubtedly an ideal solution for iOS and Android users.  Trello makes it easy to collaborate with team members and lets you stay on top of all your activities.  Trello is perfect for people who work around to-do lists and for individuals who plan and slot their workday accurately on a calendar.

02. How do I choose the right daily planning application?

Answer: One planning application won’t fit the needs of everybody, and you should ask the following while choosing a daily planning software:

  • Does your schedule depend on your team members or not?
  • Do you need to just schedule your time or both tracking and planning functionality in the app
  • How often are you going to use the app? If you intend to be an occasional user, then free or affordable apps will be ideal
  • Are you a person that needs to-do lists only or a full planning solution to boost your productivity

03. What is the ideal app for people with fixed daily schedules?

Answer: For people with a fixed schedule every day, you do not need to plan or track your time.  A to-do list will boost your productivity if used properly.  For such requirements, is the perfect app, as it is available across multiple platforms and tasks can or cannot have deadlines.  It is free with basic features and for more advanced needs, the paid version is worth the cost.

04. Is Google Calendar a good planning software?

Answer: Google Calendar is a good planning app, with easy planning of activities and appointments.  Simply go on the date you are trying to plan activities for and click on the time your activities are scheduled for and you can name the event and edit details like time, repetition, etc.  But with Google calendar, you cannot manage your daily to-do list of activities, and you cannot track your time.  Also, Google collects user data which is not the most ideal for employees.


Now that we have discussed the best applications for planning daily activities, you can select the most ideal solution for yourself based on your requirements and job structure.  These applications are very easy to use, and it just takes a couple of minutes to plan your day, but it makes your life stress free and organized.  With multiple features that boost your productivity, these applications are definitely worth the time and money invested. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to get in touch with us and share your thoughts.


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