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23 Best Appointment Scheduling App Solutions of 2020 For Every Business
(Top Features + Pros + Cons)

Are you running a business where you have to manage unlimited appointments with your customers, business partners, associates, employees, and staff members? You must be giving a lot of effort to plan, manage, and track the daily calendar so that you don’t miss important appointments. Whether it is about the customers, clients, or patients, they will contact you for the appointment and you have to book it for the available time slot.

Managing all these things manually using pen & paper, excel sheets, spreadsheets, Google calendar, and email address for confirmations become outdated. These old school techniques are time-consuming that take much of your daily time. Rather than following old school techniques, you can adopt the best appointment scheduling app that will automate the entire process of creating, managing, and tracking all your unlimited appointments whether it is personal or professional.

There are various best appointment scheduling solutions on the web, so you can adopt one that handles all the bookings as per the different time slots. The app solutions allow rescheduling bookings and cut for no-shows. Now, there is no need to do this work manually and waste a lot of time because appointment booking and scheduling apps will handle it for you. In fact, the available apps can do it with greater ease and less hassle.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the basics of appointment scheduling software solutions for every business, share a list of 23 best appointment booking software of 2020 and what are the benefits of using these solutions. We will also answer some of the most frequently asked questions and conclude it, suggesting the best solution to adopt for your company. However, if you want to read any specific section of this blog, you can click on that section in this given content table.

Basics of Appointment Scheduling App For Businesses

An appointment scheduling solution is one such software solution that is mainly designed and developed for those businesses, which have to manage clients, customers, and business associates and schedule appointments on a daily basis. The software solution allows businesses to view a calendar of your business’s available meeting times and self-book an appointment.

It also enables users to manage appointments with date, time, and agenda, send automatic appointment reminders, and accept deposits online. However, it is quite difficult to find the free available appointment management solution as there are limited versions of free and more versions of paid. When it comes to talking about the features, these types of solutions allow business owners to reschedule, book and cancel appointments.

Being an owner of the company, you can manage the parameters from the backend and set when people can book certain services based on their business hours, time, and date. As per the available resources, the admin can decide on work allocation. Further, the appointment booking app solution also helps in preventing double booking and scheduling the same appointments.

It will block off times when particular services can’t be booked. Moreover, the software also analyzes the total available staff members on a daily basis and accordingly updates you so that you don’t accept more number of online scheduling appointments for the day. Moving ahead, let’s check out the top 23 appointment scheduling solutions that every business owner should check.

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23 Best Appointment Scheduling Solutions

1. Picktime

Picktime is the most popular online appointment scheduling software solution that has secured the first position in our list. This best scheduling app for booking an appointment allows small and mid-sized businesses to manage appointments with their customers, staff members, and business associates.

The app helps businesses to manage staff schedules in real-time with just a few simple clicks. Using this software, the users can manage their bookings and upcoming appointments for the entire day. Not only this but the solution also helps you to manage your entire business activities from invoice generation, manage employees, customers, receiving payments, manage reviews, reports, and more.

Moreover, this online appointment scheduling app is considered as a smarter way of scheduling appointments, meetings, interviews, reservations, and classes. It’s time to ditch old appointments books, excel sheets, and Google calendars so that you can automate the scheduling process using Picktime software. Whether it is about booking appointments, rescheduling, or canceling them, Picktime is the number one solution. Here are some exclusive features of the best Picktime scheduler web software:

  • Scheduling appointments in real-time
  • Managing online calendar
  • Calendar sync
  • Access from multiple locations
  • Recurring appointments
  • Manage customers
  • Secure payment processing
  • Reports and analysis
  • Invoice generation
  • Lack of calendar integrations
  • Expensive
  • Quite tricky to use

2. Appointlet

Appointlet has secured the second position in our list that is one of the most advanced online appointment bookings and scheduling apps. This solution helps you to turn prospects into customers by letting them connect directly from your landing pages, emails, and sales funnels.

Once the bookings are scheduled in the solution, they can be seamlessly added to Google or Office 365 calendar, allowing you to focus on selling. In fact, there are many users of this software who have reported up to a 300% increase in sales and 80% time savings. Now, there will be no more manually adding data, managing excel sheets, Google spreadsheets, and Google calendars.

Available on a 15-day free trial, Appointlet is a customized solution for online appointment schedulers that allows businesses to customize it as per their business requirements. One of the best things about this software is that your customers and prospects will love the convenience, user-friendliness, and simplicity of this online booking. You can increase the confidence and stand out from the competitors. Check out some wonderful features of this best Appointlet software:

  • Create workflows with other tools
  • Take complete control of your schedule and appointments
  • Seamless calendar sync with Google calendar
  • Robust timezone support
  • Take control of your bookings from Google Calendar
  • Accept payments from your customers using Stripe
  • Highly customizable solution
  • User-friendly and clean appearance
  • Booking link could be more presentable
  • A little bit expensive compared to other solutions
  • Lack of multiple locations

3. Appointmentquest

Appointmentquest is an online appointment scheduling solution for different types of small businesses that have to manage schedules and appointments. The solution helps users to take control of your schedule, accept, and process payments, and do more with less, so all thanks to the online appointment scheduler.

Comes with a complete suite of appointment booking and scheduling tools, this software is mainly designed to eliminate the hassle and help you develop a thriving organization. Further, this software solution was designed and developed from scratch in order to make your life simpler, easier, and smoother, while delivering critical benefits to customers.

As you know that no business can be thriving without happy customers, so it is a must to provide your customers with a rich user experience. No matter whether you are running the University's admissions office or managing a tax and accounting firm, it is a must to ensure that you are providing appointment booking services with utmost care. Let’s check out the top features of Appointmentquest software:

  • Automated scheduling and reminders
  • Unlimited customer database
  • Rescheduling and cancellations
  • Recurring appointment types and management
  • Easy online scheduling and booking
  • Online payments
  • Time and attendance tracking
  • Calendar sync
  • The interface of the solution is quite bulky
  • Lack of multi-location feature
  • Unavailability of group scheduling

4. YouCanBook me

YouCanBook me is an online scheduling software solution that is simple and feature-rich to use. The software eliminates back and forth emails so that customers can book straight into the calendar. You can connect this software with your calendar and instantly share the times that you want with your customers - directly into your calendar.

The software allows customers to get their own notifications, reminders, calendar invites, and much more. With this solution, you can display your team’s availability for bookings from multiple locations. Moreover, it also simplifies the scheduling process, allowing businesses to get back to their work as it syncs with their availability on their cloud-based calendar, get SMS notifications, and personalized emails.

The interesting feature of this solution is that users can design and style their booking page in order to match the colors and branding. So, you can set-up custom availability, padding between appointments, and appointment duration. Let’s have a quick look at the features of YouCanBook me scheduling platform:

  • Reduce no shows with reminders
  • Manage the scheduling and booking of the whole team
  • Supports video conferencing with Zoom
  • Custom availability and control
  • Manage Availability of Your Team
  • Multiple Bookings Per Time Slot
  • Allows to View Booking Records Easily
  • Export Data With a Click
  • Not enough Zapier Connections
  • A quite Expensive Solution for Small Businesses
  • Lack of Online Payment Support

5. SuperSaas

SuperSaas is an online appointment scheduling tool, allowing users to find the level of detail in customizing what kind of business one has and what types of appointments they offer. The setup of this software is extremely simple, easy, and clear; however, the backend interface is quite difficult to access. You can get online reservation scheduling at your fingertips and create your own booking system.

Trusted by 120,000 businesses worldwide, this software has important marketing tools and technologies that are essential for managing daily schedules. It offers a well-rounded bundle of appointment booking tools such as support for a number of payment processing services, confirmation email and SMS reminders for clients, integrations with both websites and Facebook, and more.

Comes with a free tier of service, this software solution is ad-supported; however, it doesn’t offer calendar syncing, ditching Google calendar, email address, and Office 365. For $8/month, you can do reservations for 100 bookings, and save a number of client profiles in the account. Let’s have a quick look at the scheduling features of SuperSaas solution:

  • Integrate multiple payment options
  • A complete customized solution with multiple staff members
  • Sync with other calendars
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Allows to adjust appointments
  • Keep your data safe and secure
  • Email and SMS notifications and alerts
  • Super Users to manage your schedules
  • Issues in UI
  • Quite expensive than other solutions
  • Lack of good customer service

6. Calendly

Calendly is one of the advanced and feature-rich automated scheduling apps solutions that has automated the entire process of booking appointments and scheduling them as per the availability. The tool takes out the manual tasks from your life and allows you to accomplish other important tasks. Works with Google, Office 365 calendar, Outlook calendars, apps like Salesforce, Stripe, and Zapier, this software is known for giving a seamless user experience.

Moreover, it helps you to schedule meetings, do regular bookings without back-and-for the emails with a free plan. It sets buffer times between meetings, preventing the last-minute meetings, and creating secret event types. No matter the type and size of your business, this software is a great solution that can be connected with approximately six calendars, allowing you to check availability and help you connect with contacts, prospects, and customers easily.

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking forward to managing your schedule in the office, home, or on the go, this simple to use appointment scheduled solution gives a complete customer experience on any mobile device, laptop or tablet. Don’t forget to check these features of Calendly solution:

  • Time zone detection
  • Minimum scheduling notice
  • Customization options
  • Centralized billing, reporting, and metrics
  • Available with a free trial
  • Automated scheduling
  • Online payments
  • Ease of use and customer support
  • Lack of good reschedule feature
  • Lack of video conferencing capabilities
  • Email reminders and updates are available on certain plans

7. SimplyBook

Whether you are providing cleaning services, personal counseling, or any other type of service, SimplyBook is an online free appointment scheduling software that keeps up with new appointments, answering the phone, and responding to emails. Using this software, you can simplify the entire process of creating, managing, and tracking appointments. SimplyBook is one of the best appointment scheduling apps solution that will handle the burden of negotiating appointments and allows your clients to choose the service that they are looking for. The appointment booking software solution makes it easy to schedule it without having to do anything further.

Now, you don’t have to manually fill data in the excel sheets, Google spreadsheets, and Google Calendars as it will automate all the things, helping you to save time and effort on creating appointments. With just a single click from the website solution or mobile app, you can assign the task to any team member or employee and keep a constant track on it. It also helps you to stay on top of your business performance through the admin solution.

You can track bookings, sales, provider workloads, and monthly sales, and a lot more. Just clicking on the dashboard, you can manage everything and check daily reporting from the staff members as well. Here are some exciting features of SimplyBook appointment scheduling apps solution:

  • Manage customers with their appointments
  • Accept bookings from multiple channels
  • POS and on-site payments
  • Daily email reminders and alerts for appointments
  • Customized solution with a range of tools
  • 14-day free trial
  • Excellent live chat support
  • Support integrations like Office 365 calendar and marketing tools
  • Monthly fees based on custom feature add-ins
  • The interface is quite tricky
  • Lack of HIPAA compliant

8. Setmore

Have you ever felt that you are wasting time and effort on scheduling appointments and bookings? Setmore is a great online scheduling platform that allows businesses to create, manage, and organize all the appointments and bookings with just a few simple clicks. A perfect software solution for all types of small businesses, organizations and companies that are spending most of the time on scheduling and creating shift planning.

By managing all the things easily, you can bring more customers to your door and turn them into regular ones. It will sharpen your brand image while taking care of your appointment bookings. This scheduler app is also popular for helping businesses to reach their customers, booking appointments with them online, and ultimately grow your business.

So, if you want to access this software anywhere from the comfort of your home, office, or a cafe, it supports multiple devices like mobile phones, tablets, and laptops, syncing with your calendar. Here are exclusive features of Setmore scheduling platform:

  • Recurring appointments
  • Self booking and automated scheduling
  • Online payments processing
  • Integrations and reminders through email and SMS
  • Known for saving time and effort
  • Gives calendar view by daily, weekly, and monthly
  • Ability to schedule unlimited bookings and schedules
  • Manage customers, prospects and staff members with just clicks
  • Lack of customer support feature
  • A Quite expensive solution
  • No PayPal integration

9. 10to8

It is an all-in-one appointment scheduling online software that is known as a 10to8 solution. It is the most popular solution for managing bookings, appointments, and daily scheduling on one place that will reduce no-shows, boost capability, increase employee productivity, and boost repeat business. Comes with a range of features and functionalities, this software has an online payment feature, 2-way calendar sync, group bookings, integration with 1500+ apps, client activity tracking, and maintaining appointment history of employees.

Further, this booking system is a perfect choice for every type of business, organization, and firm that is looking forward to eliminating wasted time, inefficiencies, and delivering a great booking experience to their clients.

Seamlessly integrate with Zoom video conferencing, 10to8 solution allows you to host video appointments without any hassle. Thanks to more than 1500 Zapier integrations, this comes with remote working tools that can be synced up as productive as ever. Let’s explore some wonderful features of 10to8 software solution:

  • Reduce no-shows up to 90%
  • Control and performance tracking
  • Security and compliance
  • Calendar sync and multiple staff support
  • Better Returns From Your Outbound Outreach
  • Scheduling Meetings, Sales Call and Interviews With Just a Click
  • Speed Up the Sales Process and Close More Deals
  • Manage staff members, shift planning, and appointments
  • UX is not as good as it should be
  • Charges on the basis of the number of appointments
  • Lack of advanced features

10. Genbook

One of the most convenient and easy-to-use best online appointment scheduling app solutions, Genbook, is the best appointment scheduling apps for all the small and large-scale business owners, who want to operate their day-to-day operations, schedules, and daily appointments one one place. This software solution is a great option if you are planning to use an application for booking appointments, planning your team’s next schedule, or anything that you were handling manually.

Being used by thousands of small scale industries and companies, this software is a great choice for finding, booking, and evening paying right from their Android and iOS smartphone. Considered as a go-to-app for regular appointments and bookings, this solution has a range of tools to take your business to the next level. Irrespective of the type and size of your business, the Genbook mobile app for scheduling allows your customers to book appointments with just a few clicks from their desktop website, mobile phone app, or tablet application.

If you belong to any of this business like spa & salon, hair and beauty care, sports and fitness, education centers, medical and dental clinic, then this solution has something for you to manage and organize your business. Here are some top features of Genbook appointment scheduling apps solution:

  • Instant booking from your favorite list and intake form
  • Check up-to-date business details, services, and prices
  • Manage appointments and booking history
  • Rebook, reschedule and cancel appointments with a click on the screen
  • Book appointments with a few simple taps
  • Multiple calendar integrations
  • Allows rescheduling and canceling appointments
  • A little bit of expensive for small scale companies
  • Lack of an upcoming booking feature
  • Little glitchy and no support for multiple staff

11. 24me

24me is an award-winning online appointment scheduling app and assistant booking software that is available on all the smartphones and smartwatches. It is the most popular web scheduling app that has a number of tools to manage and organize bookings and appointments in one place. Comes with simple and easy to use design, this software makes it easier for users to keep constant track of the weekly report and calendar for appointments. It has a free version that offers limited features and functionalities for businesses.

With this software solution, you don’t have to manage sheets, papers, forms, and Google spreadsheets as this software solution manages customer appointments, clients appointments, and other important things smoothly. It will automate all the procedures, saving time and effort.

Moreover, this mobile app for appointment booking offers multiple views, enabling all the users to check their jobs, events, and notes for any date or task by clicking on a particular date. In fact, they can manage everything by the date on which they are meant to work. Looking at the paid version of this software, it has almost all the advanced features that any businessman needs to manage and grow their business. Here are some exclusive features of the best 24me solution:

  • Voice supports that allow adding jobs, notes, and events
  • Instant sync with calendars like Outlook and Google calendar
  • Smart alerts and reminders for appointment calendar and bookings
  • Customize it the way you want and handle intake form requests
  • Assistant on the go
  • Smart to-do lists and multiple staff support
  • Personal reminders and notifications
  • Manage your list on the go
  • Doesn't automate as many tasks as some competing apps
  • Tricky design
  • Do not support multiple tags in a single task

12. Timely

Timely is a cloud-based appointment scheduling software solution that is mainly developed to cater to individuals, professionals, and small & mid-sized businesses such as beauty salons, hair salons, health clinics, massage therapists, and personal trainers. This appointment booking app is developed in a way that helps to manage bookings and appointments remotely, generate reports, and send notifications and reminders.

Integrated with exclusive features, this software helps users with calendar management that lets users book or rebook appointments, initiate group bookings and classes, manage recurring bookings, and multiple activities to a single booking. Everything can be smoothly managed through Timely appointment scheduling software as it enables clients to book tickets online through links embedded in the website or through Facebook.

It also provides sales and marketing support and reporting features like marketing tools, support with Office 365 calendar per month. It also supports taking full or part-payments for online bookings in order to keep your bank account happy, secure bookings, and settle the bill. Explore some interesting features of the best Timely software:

  • Keep track of your clients and customers
  • Maximize your bookings and appointment scheduling apps support
  • Pre-appointment consultations
  • Make contactless payments
  • Easy to use and ideal for bookings
  • Great integration with Google calendar
  • Access 24/7 from multiple devices
  • Lack of language support and booking page
  • Do not have a floating timer option
  • Do not have a pop-up message or notification feature

13. Time Tap

Time Tap is an online appointment booking app solution that is mainly developed for independent professionals and small-to-mid-sized businesses that have to manage a number of appointments and bookings every month. Being an owner of the service business or company, if you are missing important calls from potential clients and spend hours to track those calls, then Time Tap is the best booking page option that eliminates missed calls.

This appointment scheduling app also reduces no-show problems by enabling clients to manage their own appointments. Businesses of different industries can embed a scheduler on their website and customize notifications in order to go out automatically. You can easily ditch a time-consuming and painful process for an appointment scheduling using this best software that is made for all types and sizes of businesses. Equipped with a range of features, Time Tap provides following features such as:

  • Appointments calendar reminders
  • Calendar sync and group scheduling platform
  • Multi-location support
  • Recurring appointments
  • 24/7 Online Booking
  • Automated Appointment Waitlists
  • Repeating Appointments
  • Multiple calendar integrations
  • Quite tricky to understand and navigate through
  • Processing payments is quite slow
  • A little bit of pricey software

14. AppointEze

Scheduling software for small and large business companies, AppointEze is the best solution as it allows the admin and the manager of the company to create schedules, bookings for appointments, manage a team of employees, task lists, and their daily reporting. Being an admin or the manager of the company, if you are thinking that scheduling an appointment and work are time-consuming tasks, then AppointEze is a great solution for the small business.

Using this free appointment scheduling software, you can handle almost all the important things from managing the online scheduling data to customers’ requirements, and providing them a wonderful experience. It doesn’t matter the size and type of your company, this solution is available for different businesses. This scheduling app is a custom-made solution that has a booking page and customized as per your company’s needs.

Once the appointment scheduling software knows the type of services you provide and the availability of your employees, it will help you to attend clients with the utmost care and help you to fulfill their needs accordingly. From managing appointments to receiving payments from the booking page, scheduling to creating leads, this software will take care of everything. Check out the top features of AppointEze solution:

  • Has appointed scheduling and booking widget
  • Client portal for client management and client information
  • Calendar integrations
  • Real-time push notifications, alerts, and email reminders
  • Group scheduling
  • Client database
  • Recurring appointments
  • Online payments
  • Quite expensive
  • Lack of advanced features

15. Fresha

Fresha is another most popular scheduling app and appointment booking software solution that is mainly designed and developed for spa and salon businesses, helping them to manage their daily bookings, staff members along with clock-in and clock-out time, total hours of work, daily work schedules, and more. Fresha is a simple, flexible, and advanced booking appointments app solution that is known for handling everything related to bookings, appointments, and scheduling.

Used by thousands of businesses worldwide for managing their business, Fresha is considered as the world’s number one staff and appointment scheduling software. It claims to automate the entire business operations no matter the size and type of your beauty and spa center. When it comes to managing, streamlining, and automating daily tasks, Fresha is all-in-one software to opt for.

Now, you can easily receive the payment once the appointment finishes as it is a completely secure solution that takes care of the security. So, stay in complete control of your time with features like a book, cancel, reschedule, and rebook. Check out some top features of Fresha best appointment scheduling app solution:

  • Managing online booking and appointments
  • Reschedule, cancel, rebook appointments with just a click
  • Track employees with their clock-in and clock-out time
  • Get real-time notifications and alerts and email reminders
  • Point of sale
  • Payroll management
  • Inventory management
  • Employee engagement and customer portal
  • A little bit complex to understand compared to other solutions
  • Do not support to add calendar entries
  • Difficult to cancel and reschedule appointments

16. Arrangr

Arrangr is intelligent scheduling of appointments platform that enables users to book a meeting in just 30 seconds. In addition to this, the software solution helps users to find the best agreed upon time to meet and it seeks to prevent all the meeting miscommunication by allowing contacts to determine places and different ways to meet all within the platform.

Being a part of the HubSpot ecosystem, the solution allows you to launch and send invitations to different contacts from directly within HubSpot. The best thing about this one place online booking solution is that it plugs into all the most popular calendars, including Apple Microsoft, and Google using safe industry-standard protocols.

Further, this tool also reserves tentative meeting times, releases all of them when rejected, and handles the entire meeting from start to end. One of the best things about this best scheduling app solution is that it not only schedules conference calls, meeting spots, or video chats, but it also integrates these tasks using preferred services. Ready to explore advanced features of Arrangr appointment scheduling and booking page software:

  • Allows to view, manage, and edit multiple users and administrators
  • Booking and appointment notifications
  • Multiple users and administrators
  • Different calendar views
  • Automated process for booking and scheduled appointments
  • Turn-key conferencing and flexible invitations
  • Cross-calendar ability
  • Timely, customizable email reminders for you and your invitee
  • Lack of advanced features
  • Quite expensive for small-scale businesses
  • Lack of multiple locations

17. Bookeo Appointments

Bookeo is an online booking and best appointment scheduling software that is mainly designed and developed for those businesses that have to manage daily bookings and scheduling with multiple locations. Show your availability in real-time as this software accepts reservations and payments from your website and Facebook page.

Whether it is about booking appointments with your customers, business partners, or associates, Bookeo appointments offer a number of tools that serve thousands of businesses in over 120 countries. Available in more than 35 languages, Bookeo software saves your time and money while creating and managing work schedules. You can create reservations for phone, in-store bookings, or directly accept from the calendar.

Available for a 14-day free trial, the paid subscription of this best solution starts from $14.95/month. There are no hidden charges for using this software solution. Here are some advanced features of Bookeo Appointments tool:

  • Automated scheduling and booking
  • Group scheduling and customer database
  • Real-time notifications, alerts, and email reminders
  • Resource scheduling
  • Feature-rich and advanced solution
  • Safe and secure online payment processing
  • Simple to use software with no frills
  • Lack of accountability
  • Do not provide customer support

18. Schedulicity

No matter whether you are running a beauty care studio, gym and sports club, salon and spa center, healthcare providers, fitness and nutritionist, and fitness center, or any other small-scale business, Schedulicity is a one-stop solution for all types of businesses that are looking for online booking management software. Comes integrated with a lot of advanced tools to manage your entire business, this software helps you to handle all the clients with varied demands and requirements.

Instead of managing schedules and appointments in the paper book, you can opt for using a Schedulicity solution. Widely known as a booking platform for small and mid-sized service-based businesses and companies, this Schedulicity solution allows companies and clients to stay in touch and book appointments and employee schedules whenever it requires.

Filters down the results using its special booking filters like date, location, and price, this mobile app solution changes the way businesses are handling appointments and taking care of their customer’s demands. Ready to explore the advanced features of this best software? Here’re:

  • Book local appointments and manage schedules
  • Search for any specific appointment by date and time
  • Avoid no-shows and boost customer satisfaction level
  • A single click on the screen to reschedule and cancel appointments
  • Allows to accept payments safely
  • A complete solution with a lot of advanced tools
  • Manage your calendar anywhere and anytime
  • Email reminders for booking pages, reports for per month, and services
  • The inability for clients to add identical schedules
  • Time-consuming to access it
  • Moving super slowly

19. AppointmentPlus

AppointmentPlus is an online appointment scheduling software solution for all those healthcare centers and businesses that are finding it difficult to manage and track appointments. This software solution automates and streamlines the entire appointment scheduling process, making it easier the way companies schedule and manage their inbound and outbound deliveries and shipments. Considered as a perfect appointment scheduling apps software solution for service providers, AppointmentPlus matches the needs of all types of companies such as large enterprises that have different locations.

Well-known for transferring the entire delivery process by giving an ability to schedule their own delivery times, this software solution gives a more efficient and organized process, saving total time, effort, and extra money. Comes with a free trial version, this appointment booking system and booking solution allow you to manage daily, weekly, and monthly appointments that you can view in the listing form. Check out some exclusive features like AppointmentPlus software:

  • Manage clients with their details
  • Send appointment reminder emails to your customers
  • Support for multiple appointments per time slot
  • Quickly move between appointments and reserve time
  • Provides an entirely way to engage with employees and customers
  • Omni-channel appointment scheduling apps
  • A multinational corporation with thousands of locations
  • UI/UX is not good as it should be
  • Navigation is quite confusing
  • Little bit expensive software compared to other solutions

20. Doodle

Doodle is an online scheduling software solution that has gained much popularity in the market with its exclusive range of features, functionalities, and advanced technologies. The free version of this software allows businesses to create meeting polls to send to clients and prospects. Talking about the paid version, the meeting hosts suggest meeting dates, times, and invitees vote on the dates that work for them.

In order to remove ads from the polls, set a deadline for the poll, and collect contact information from meeting guests, you need to upgrade to the premium pricing tier. The tools of this software solution help you to schedule any kind of meeting, book appointments, and sync them to your calendar. Used by 30 million people every single month, Doodle is the world’s leader in online scheduling software that has almost all the features like:

  • Sync your online calendars to your account
  • Meeting preparation tools
  • Scheduling tool and booking management
  • Smoothen internal meetings
  • Great way to share Calendars with co-workers
  • Excellent software to create a poll to ask employees when they want to meet
  • Instantly and easily find the best meeting times
  • UI is not the most attractive
  • A user page is quite basic
  • Lack of multiple locations support

21. HotSchedules

Well-known as the most powerful and feature-rich scheduling system for service providers, HotSchedules, is a perfect software for restaurants, healthcare centers, spa and salon, and other such small businesses. Developed for managing, streamlining, and automating your daily work and appointment scheduling, this integrated and actionable analytics solution helps companies to automate the daily operations and make data-driven decisions that give positive results.

Used by over 2 million users, HotSchedules comes with a range of business management tools for multi-store, enterprise-level, and franchise organizations. This book an appointment scheduling software or system allows all the small business owners, operators, and admins to handle schedule changes, job scheduling, employee, and staff management with their shifts and shift changes.

The admin of the company tracks business performance, daily operations, and other essential tasks that used to take hours before. In addition to this, customers can book appointments using a booking system. Employees can check their pick-up and drop-off shifts, request time off, all from their mobile devices. Here are some top features of HotSchedules solution:

  • Manage all the employees under single platform
  • Time and attendance management
  • Labor management
  • Shift planning and management
  • Makes managing requests for staff members easy and efficient
  • Automatic updates and scheduling
  • Time and attendance management
  • Great UI
  • Lack of scheduled/automated reporting
  • Messages are not easily accessible
  • Not good layout for the employees to check their schedule

22. GigaBook

Gigabook is a feature-rich online scheduling tool that is mainly designed and developed for those service providers and businesses that are looking for managing appointments, daily bookings, and clients without any hassle. This scheduling software helps companies to schedule client services, group and employee activities, accept payments, sends appointment reminders, and more.

It is a one-stop solution to provide an online assistant as it is more focused on web development and integration with programs like WordPress, Squarespace Weebly, and GoDaddy. It is considered as the best software for freelancers and small businesses that are running their own websites through those platforms, which are making scheduling an appointment reminder management easier than ever before.

It comes included with all the account levels, including project manager, business tools, downloadable reports, email and text appointment reminders, to-do list add ons, payments, and more. Here are some top features of GigaBook software that you can check out:

  • Improve overall communication with team
  • Reduce no-shows with appointment reminders
  • Take payments online
  • Manage your business from anywhere
  • Booking page to manage bookings
  • To-do lists and client rescheduling
  • Customized settings
  • Third-party calendar sync
  • Unable to have a live conversation
  • Lack of automated scheduling feature
  • Do not have recurring appointments

23. ScheduleOnce

ScheduleOnce is one of the most popular and feature-rich scheduling software solutions that put your schedules on autopilot. Just set it and forget it as this solution is there to handle all the scheduling, bookings, and appointments. ScheduleOnce is one such software solution that helps you to manage incoming leads with ease. A complete solution for all the scheduling needs, this software has 40+ unique features and functionalities.

You can integrate your appointment booking pages scenario on your website, marketing campaigns, and email campaigns. Further, ScheduleOnce is the most integrated platform that can be synced with Salesforce, PayPal, Your website, Office 365, iCloud, Office 365, and other tools.

No matter whether you are in the medical field, the beauty care industry, or the fitness and nutritionist industry, ScheduleOnce is a complaint and a secure solution. With its advanced security, you can add-on any extra security and compliance to your company that needs HIPAA compliance, FERPA compliance, and PCI compliance. Apart from this, check out the top features like:

  • Fully-featured booking system
  • Easy to use with great support
  • Ability to book a meeting space calendar
  • Connects with Gmail calendar and other tools
  • Rich customer service and support
  • Handle the most demanding scheduling requirements
  • Automated scheduling and booking services
  • Lack of client database feature
  • Do not support recurring appointments
  • Quite expensive for small-scale companies

So, we have listed the 23 best appointment scheduling software solutions of 2020 that are not popular for automating the daily scheduling process but also known for advanced features and functionalities like shift planning and management, tracking, online payments, comprehensive-time zone support, and many other advanced features. Moving ahead, let’s have an instant look at the benefits of using the appointment scheduling software for your business.

5 Benefits of Using Appointment Scheduling Software

Important Benefits of Using Appointment Scheduling Software

1. Gives a flexible communication channel

As you know that most of the online traffic comes from mobile devices to any small business, but do you know that clients always don’t want to call to contact your business even though they are already on the phone. Using an appointment scheduling solution, you can integrate the calendar on the mobile website, allowing clients to schedule appointments themselves.

It turns about your website from an information resource to a complete platform of communication and planning. Clients are allowed to call, email, or set their own appointments based on their preferences. They can make changes in appointments during their lunch break or in the middle of the night without delay.

2. Makes it Easy For Customers to Reach You

Another main benefit of using an appointment scheduling solution for your small business is that it will make it easy for your clients to reach you for your services. But with online scheduling software, the clients can instantly access your services without any hassle. Whether they are booking the appointment for now or later, they can instantly connect with you from anywhere and anytime.

The software will remove the necessity of a telephonic conversation, allowing the admin and the clients to communicate online through messages or live chat option. In case, if you are selecting same-day or next-day sessions, the solution is considered as one way a client makes the last-minute appointments if their schedule opens up.

3. Keeps You Up-to-date With Client’s Expectations

With technologies changing rapidly, you might feel that you have just become accustomed to connecting through emails and other advanced ways in your business. Being an owner of the small business, if you are thinking that tackling the new technology like online scheduling software solution is not worth your business then you are wrong because the solution will benefit your business in many ways.

It will not keep you updated about your appointments but update you about the entire business, reports, and status. From the total number of appointments to customers’ requests, employees’ requirements for payments, you can keep track of almost all the important things about your business and get updates instantly in your email address. You can manage the reports by per month and week and differentiate by services.

4. No Need for Maintaining Paperwork, Excel Sheets, and Notes

Irrespective of the type and size of your small business, if you are handling a team of employees, customers, and staff managers with their daily schedules, then you must be wasting a lot of time on the paperwork, maintaining excel sheets, and paper notes.

But now you can save all those hours and time by using appointment scheduling software. The mobile and desktop-based scheduling apps will handle all the hassle of creating, managing, and sharing schedules. The booking software solution will automate and streamline the entire process, making it easier for you to save time and money. In short, you can replace all the paper-based work with online software and focus on expanding your business worldwide.

5. Advanced Quality Service

With an exclusive range of features in the scheduling appointments software, all the parts of the business process will be organized and managed smoothly. From booking to payment processing, customer feedback to track, every single thing will be managed online. Thus, your team members and employees know their function and duties clearly.

Because of this level of the process, there will be almost no room for the error to occur, and hence the degree of customer service and support will be high. Moreover, there will be no room for misunderstanding the scope of work because all the appointments with client’s profiles will be sent to staff members in their calendars through app integrations.

There are many other benefits of using appointment scheduling apps for your business that you can explore in one of our articles that is the surprising benefits of appointment scheduling software. In any case, if you have some common questions regarding the appointment scheduling apps and booking software for your business, continue reading. Here, we have answered some frequently asked questions related to appointment scheduling apps.


How to schedule appointments?

To schedule appointments, you can make use of the advanced appointment scheduling apps that will streamline the entire scheduling process. The software will handle almost everything related to scheduling so that you don’t have to waste time and effort on it manually. With available scheduling solutions like Acuity Scheduling, Square Appointments, Setmore, Humanity, and more, you can choose any software that meets your requirements.

How to book appointments?

To book appointments for the particular date and time, just enter the details in the software, it will book with the available service provider. There will be no need of writing it or booking it manually or in the Google calendar, the software allows booking it in just a few minutes.

Which is the best appointment scheduling software?

There are many best appointment scheduling software solutions that are known for their advanced features, functionalities, and advanced technologies. As per your company’s needs and customer’s demands, you can end-up selecting the appointment booking solution that meets your requirements.

In case, if it is about selecting the one common platform that is popular in the market, then Setmore is one of the well-known solutions. It comes with various tools, technologies, and capabilities, it allows you to handle almost everything related to your business.

What are the most common advantages of using appointment scheduler solutions?

Here are some of the common yet important features of online appointment scheduling software solutions:

  • Automate the entire process of scheduling and managing
  • Helps to track all the members at one single platform
  • Work remotely from the comfort of the home or anywhere
  • Keep constant track over the business activities and insights
  • Save time and effort and give more attention to the growth strategies of your business

Which companies and businesses need appointment scheduling software?

All the companies and organizations that have to deal with customer requests, appointments, and daily service requests need appointment scheduling software in order to manage and automate their daily scheduling. They can save their time and effort by automating all the processes using scheduling software like Acuity Scheduling and Square Appointments. Here are some of the companies and businesses that need scheduling software:

  • Gyms and Fitness
  • Nutritionist
  • Beauty care
  • Spa and salon
  • Restaurants
  • Campaign workers

How much does appointment scheduler software cost?

When it comes to the cost of appointment scheduling software, it varies from solution to solution. All the companies have their own software solutions to provide and cost to charge. Generally, a solution charges approximately $150 to $250 per month. However, the investment in such solutions is worth something that will be such an important part of your business and its daily operations.


We went through the basics of appointment scheduling software, a list of 23 best scheduler solutions that helps you in booking, benefits of using these software solutions, and answered some of the most asked questions. We hope that you found this information useful when it comes to selecting the right software for your company.

However, if you have any feedback or comment related to this blog, you can share it with us through our contact us page. We appreciate all the feedback we get and respond to our readers as soon as possible. To get more such detailed and informative blog posts directly into your inbox, you can subscribe to our newsletter by following just one simple step.


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